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Kevin Costner Sued

You'll NEVER

Take This Beach!

6/19/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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File this under: "The Problems of VERY Rich People."

Kevin Costner has been dragged into a nasty legal war with his neighbor in Carpinteria, CA -- an upscale beach community near Santa Barbara.

Long story short -- the neighbor, Rick Grimm, claims he bought a SICK beach property back in 2009 with KILLER views of the ocean and coastline ... and it happens to be located right behind Costner's pad.

Problem is ... the neighbor claims Costner is paranoid about his privacy and planted a bunch of trees and shrubs to make sure nobody from Grimm's property can see into his home ... trees which are now blocking Grimm's once-spectacular view.

Grimm filed a lawsuit, obtained by, claiming he TRIED to play nice -- sending multiple requests to Kevin and his wife to trim the hedges -- but the Costners blew him off ... and planted even TALLER trees.

Grimm says Costner is contractually bound to NOT plant trees which obstruct Grimm's view ... but Kevin doesn't care. According to the suit, Kevin made it clear to Rick's people he would not "back down" and would "do everything in his power to secure his privacy."

Grimm is now asking a judge to force Kevin to chop down his trees ... PLUS he wants at least $150,000 in damages for loss of enjoyment and $500k for damage to his property value if the trees don't come down.

A rep for Costner had no comment.


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i have a simple solution. get the money you spent on your property from Kevin and stop complaining. if your land and home didn't cost you anything, then it doesn't matter what kind of view you have.

823 days ago


First of all, Harvey: Tell your employees to STOP using slang. YOU ARE NO GOOD AT IT, IT ONLY MAKES YOU LOOK MORE STUPID.
Secondly: If someone was planting trees wouldn't you go out and say " hey, what the hell are you doing dude"
Thirdly, I don't think he has that bad of a view. I can still see water from his deck. And I would be happy just SMELLING the ocean.
Fourthly: I am fan of Kevin, particularly his baseball movies. Never see Waterworld and do care too either.

823 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

Hatfield will be 1 for 2 after this case

823 days ago


poison the trees

822 days ago


It all comes down to the details in the contract they have with the homeowner's association. If he's worried about his privacy, there are other ways he can go about protecting himself. But if he's breaking the contract, he's going to have to give in.

822 days ago


Love thy neighbor as thy self. Play nice rich people. You can't take your riches to heaven. Have some real problem like me and you'll see what a wonderful life you rich people have.

822 days ago


I looked into it and Kevin and the trees where there LOOOOOOONG before this guy bougt the house. Hence, Team Costner

822 days ago


First of all what Costner is doing is obviously unlawful. You CANNOT ruin the "use and quiet enjoyment" of someone's else property because your paranoid. Not to mention the probable covenants/hoa restrictions etc. that would prevent someone from destroying a person's view. Secondly, if Costner is sooooo paranoid about someone taking a picture (who really cares about you anymore Kevin?) then maybe he should not have bought a fishbowl property that sits directly under other homes that could potentially see onto your property!!!

822 days ago


Well hell, if you can sue for loss of enjoyment, I'm taking my ex husband for all he's worth! Trust me, it isn't much...and never was.

822 days ago


Grimm's Fairy Tales

822 days ago


I am sick , sick of all the troubles of the ultra rich, Costner is a PRICK, oh yes he is, I watched some outtakes of things going on as he made a movie , and all he did was look like a sour faced old beatup fool, people were laughing and having some fun but not him.He has invested his money in oil and oil cleanup some say he he is worth over 60 million and he has to guard this ONE PROPERTY , dude your nuts and do not deserve that money, he blew up the sound stage where westerns are made in Az. and he will not fix it.why? he is done making westerns his old body can't take it.Yet for under a few million he could fix what he broke. What a waste of human life, though I wish him no harm But all in all he will be judged.

822 days ago


Kind of side with Costner on this one. He put up the hedges, etc. after his neighbor Grimm bought to use as a vacation rental. I read through the entire complaint and kind of interesting that Grimm claimed he relied on the development docs when he purchased that said no more than 6 foot hedges, etc. but in those same development docs it can be argued that is says residents can NOT rent out their properties. So it will be interesting to see if Cosnter counter-sues for breach of contract with a right back at you to get Grimm to stop renting. These same docs also say only 2 cats, 2 dogs, and 2 pet birds are allowed!.

822 days ago


Who knows what the facts are, but if the properties indeed came with en***brances, then Costner is not too important to abide by his. And if he truly wants privacy, then perhaps he should purchase all of the adjoining properties.

822 days ago


If the homeowner's association contract says he can't plant trees that block views, then he's in the wrong and will lose.

822 days ago


It's possible the property does have limitations on it due to arrangements made to retain the value of adjacent property. Loss of view could reduce the value of the neighboring property. If there is nothing in place legally, then he can do what he wants to and plant a tree that grows to the outer stratosphere, if he can find it.

822 days ago
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