Rodney King Death The 911 Call

6/19/2012 3:45 PM PDT

Rodney King Death -- The 911 Call


TMZ has obtained the emotional 911 call placed by Rodney King's fiancee moments after she discovered his body at the bottom of his pool in Rialto, CA Sunday.

When asked to identify the body, his fiancee Cynthia Kelley tells the operator, "He's Rodney King. The guy that got beat by the police."

The operator asks if Kelley can go in and get King's body -- Kelley tearfully replies she can't swim. Kelley says she tried to rescue King with objects surrounding the pool -- including a shovel -- but he wasn't moving.

TMZ broke the story, Kelley told cops she heard King banging on the window around 5AM, then heard him fall in the pool. She also said he had been drinking and smoking weed soon before his death.

Right now, King's death is still being investigated as an accident -- but King's friends believe foul play was involved.