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Kim K's Sex Tape ...

Directed by Mom??

6/21/2012 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Kim Kardashian got sex tape tips from her mom, Kris Jenner -- if you believe Kris Humphries. You gotta hear what he's alleging about Kim's porno past ... and how his big mouth could blow up his divorce war with Kim.

Plus, that viral video of middle schoolers ripping into their school bus monitor sparked a massive debate -- with some TMZ staffers actually BLAMING the elderly woman!! This one got ugly.

Also, Miley Cyrus' super short shorts ain't so shocking ... to the fashion freaks in our newsroom. Yeah, we've got one or two of 'em. Ok. One.

(0:00) Kris Humphries allegedly told his ex-gf the following ... that Kris Jenner made Kim Kardashian -- you know, her daughter -- reshoot her sex tape in order to up the quality. We'll tell you why it's not the craziest thing we've ever heard.
(9:55) Octomom has a new job -- that's not porn ... but this is the one you'll want to avoid most of all.
(13:20) Alec Baldwin continues to do what he does best -- make a massive joke out of a negative PR situation.
(19:10) Video of George Zimmerman telling cops about his deadly encounter with Trayvon Martin was just released -- and Harvey thinks it can give enough reasonable doubt to keep George out of jail.
(26:56) The "Today" show is finally giving Ann Curry the ax -- but the lady they wanted most to replace her isn't biting.
(29:55) Incredibly sad video -- a group of teenagers relentlessly taunt their elderly bus monitor ... but she's not getting any sympathy from some people in the newsroom. You gotta hear this argument erupt.
(36:30) Miley Cyrus flashes her butt cheeks by wearing a tiny pair of daisy dukes ... you won't believe how old-person angry one young staffer gets about it.
(40:45) Meg Ryan is unloading a beautiful multi-million dollar mansion -- and we have photos of it inside and out.
(42:00) We take your calls!

No Avatar


WOW it's been a slow day around there. hope they have something better to tell us then about miley's tant

853 days ago

Rufus Greenjeans    

I wouldn't be suprised if those Kartrashian ****s DID stage the whole thing.

853 days ago


So what if Ann Curry doesn't go quietly from the Today Show? If they yank her off the air, how will Matt explain it away. I get a creepy vibe off of Matt and Savannah.

853 days ago

who dat    

More kartrashian news. I'll be back in 15 when the stench clears out.

853 days ago


He said, she said.

853 days ago


Re: Kardashians... The tape was given to the Vivid guy by a 3rd party. That still doesn't prove Kris J wasn't behind it. It's pretty sleazy to have your mother shopping you sex tape, of course she/they would use a 3rd party.

853 days ago


miley look like a 15yr old.....

853 days ago


Not sure about directing but she was totally behind that playboy shoot...she even had to get in on the action in that stupid flag..member that?

853 days ago


"You got a problem now"....I would have said the same thing if someone was following me around, watching me.
George Zimmerman had no business....none...following people around watching them, confronting them and acting as if he was a moral authority and they were a lower criminal character.
This isn't a race issue, it's a control issue, Zimmerman got a big head about himself and became controlling towards others.
George appointed himself a hall monitor and decided to start following other people around as if he was on a pedestal, in a position to assess others, judge others, and try and get others in trouble.
The bottom line is Treyon would not be dead if George hadn't have appointed himself Mr. Cop and caused suspicion of himself by following people around.
Kid was just trying to get some Skittles.

853 days ago


after the shoot, Kim replies, "is that all you got?? i could have taken you and you brothers either way back to back or all at the same time!"

853 days ago


I am not surprised that Harvey is being biased against Trayvon. He, everyday makes subliminal racist comments and tries to pass it of as wittiness. Trayvon was obviously defending himself. Zimmerman's call to the police indicates that their was some form of malice and premeditation. How can there be any form of reasonable doubt be presented here. Is Harvey being paid for this? When is TMZ gonna air "Black Baby?" Harvey is a racist a'hole.

853 days ago


Harvey, YOU and your team create those type of kids on that bus. You make fun of people left and right, even when they don't ask for it or put themselves in the position for it. You make fat jokes, you bag on people's looks.
Slade and Gary should feel shame for taking the position they did. It doesn't surprise me that Slade would, but it surprises me that Gary would act like that is okay.

853 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Gary needs to die of a heart attack for being fat.

How's that...Gary?

853 days ago


For The Glory, Of Old State

There's a report thy the hotel rooms booked for th jurors for tonight have been cancelled, all signs point toward them having already made a decision.

853 days ago


For The Glory, Of Old State

There's a report thy the hotel rooms booked for th jurors for tonight have been cancelled, all signs point toward them having already made a decision.

853 days ago
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