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Kim K's Sex Tape ...

Directed by Mom??

6/21/2012 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Kim Kardashian got sex tape tips from her mom, Kris Jenner -- if you believe Kris Humphries. You gotta hear what he's alleging about Kim's porno past ... and how his big mouth could blow up his divorce war with Kim.

Plus, that viral video of middle schoolers ripping into their school bus monitor sparked a massive debate -- with some TMZ staffers actually BLAMING the elderly woman!! This one got ugly.

Also, Miley Cyrus' super short shorts ain't so shocking ... to the fashion freaks in our newsroom. Yeah, we've got one or two of 'em. Ok. One.

(0:00) Kris Humphries allegedly told his ex-gf the following ... that Kris Jenner made Kim Kardashian -- you know, her daughter -- reshoot her sex tape in order to up the quality. We'll tell you why it's not the craziest thing we've ever heard.
(9:55) Octomom has a new job -- that's not porn ... but this is the one you'll want to avoid most of all.
(13:20) Alec Baldwin continues to do what he does best -- make a massive joke out of a negative PR situation.
(19:10) Video of George Zimmerman telling cops about his deadly encounter with Trayvon Martin was just released -- and Harvey thinks it can give enough reasonable doubt to keep George out of jail.
(26:56) The "Today" show is finally giving Ann Curry the ax -- but the lady they wanted most to replace her isn't biting.
(29:55) Incredibly sad video -- a group of teenagers relentlessly taunt their elderly bus monitor ... but she's not getting any sympathy from some people in the newsroom. You gotta hear this argument erupt.
(36:30) Miley Cyrus flashes her butt cheeks by wearing a tiny pair of daisy dukes ... you won't believe how old-person angry one young staffer gets about it.
(40:45) Meg Ryan is unloading a beautiful multi-million dollar mansion -- and we have photos of it inside and out.
(42:00) We take your calls!

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I always suspected that Kim created & leaked the tape for publicity. While a sex tape may be a death nail to an A list actress, it actually can help propel someone into becoming famous who would otherwise not have had such fame (Kim K, Paris Hilton, even Pam Anderson are names that come to mind)

I do NOT however believe Kim's mom had anything to do with it. This looks more like the rebellious actions of a young woman than the mastermind of a family. But that's just my 2 cents.

821 days ago


Who turned who out?? or were they born that way? either way "Great job mom, remember $$ only buys cartier and sasoon, lol not a reputation or self respect. which are the only thing that have worth.

821 days ago


Watched the video of the elderly lady on the school bus getting bullied by mean, horrible, violent middle-schoolers, threatened to cut her up with a knife, Then they hit her, poked her in stomach, This was beyond disrespect, it was criminal. It was sickening!! They are Psychos!!

821 days ago


I think,since Anna made the comment about her BF liking the short shorts & she feels it's OK, we should see her in those style shorts, bending over just like Miley.

820 days ago


can be true
that KimKLeaked . com site says the same

813 days ago


These kids have too much freedom. The teachers are being treated like ****. And it's a real shame.
Where I live, nobody ever would say such thing to an elder woman. Because they know that there will be big consequences.

Something's really wrong with USA.

808 days ago


that sextape is great.
actually that's the only thing Kim is great at ))

807 days ago


wow that is gross and sicking

799 days ago
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