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Karen Klein

Bus Monitor Takes a Stand

6/22/2012 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


School bus monitor Karen Klein fires back at the God-awful kids who verbally attacked her -- and one TMZ staffer. Gary states his case with Karen ... we'll see if she forgives him.

Plus, think Justin Bieber knows what the Sistine Chapel is now? His hysterical slip of the tongue with Letterman has us wondering if JB is any smarter -- or dumber -- than an average 18 year old.

Also, LeBron James disses his fiancée and kids right after winning the NBA Championship! Maybe. Is winning the title really the most important moment of his life??

(0:00) Justin Bieber catches hell from David Letterman for not knowing about the Sistine Chapel ... so much so that the "Late Show" host apologized to him at the end of the show.
(5:22) LeBron James finally wins an NBA championship -- and calls it the best day of his life! Errrr .... so what about the birth of his two kids?
(9:35) Karen Klein -- the school bus monitor who was terrorized by a group teens -- calls in ... and says she does NOT forgive the kids after their lame apologies.
(20:20) Tony Parker sues W.i.P nightclub for $20 MILLION over the Chris Brown/Drake fight ... after his cornea was scratched by some flying glass. Did he goes a little overboard with the lawsuit?
(23:06) Is there any difference between Mary Kay Letourneau and Woody Allen?
(26:55) Ann Curry -- NBC's $30 million mistake.
(32:30) Hillary Clinton lets loose again -- Harvey thinks her newfound cavalier attitude makes her a prime candidate for POTUS in 2016. Charles ... not so much.
(36:45) Jessica Simpson -- finally photographed in all her glory. Can she really lose all the weight?
(38:00) Pregnant Snooki falls down again because of her heels ... is fashion really that important?
(42:00) We take your calls!

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Bubbles The Chimp    

LOL!!!.... Mike was that big?

HE STILL IS!!!!!!!

820 days ago


and Harvey, Hilary Clinton is not a CHICK...have some freakin respect. You called another professional that the other day and it shows your immaturity and lack of character.

820 days ago

Flying Blind    

maybe "Daisy Poops" in Jessica's futher, not Daisy Dukes.

820 days ago


TMZ staff are just the grown up version of those kids on that school bus that made fun of the monitor.

820 days ago


Raquel or Raquelle or Ra-Kell, however she spells her name, is an uneducated moron who has no place on television or in any media outlet in the Universe. She speaks like a cavewoman who's been clubbed too many times.
And wtf is up with that dead animal that's on her head? Is that supposed to look like hair? It looks like she took it out of the garbage.

820 days ago


It's easy to sit in judgment after the fact... hard to tell what you would have or could have done if you were the monitor on the bus.

820 days ago

Flying Blind    

Bieber's Concert on NBC only had .08 rating with 3.1 Million total viewers. A big Fail.

820 days ago


Harvey is a big idiot on his solution it is a catch 22 if the bus driver were to stop the bus and not go until there is an apology and not leave parents would be calling the school district and the police to find there missing kids and criminal charges would be brought against the bus driver and the moniter. for child endagerment and possible kidnapping. holding the kids against there will. In todays day and age it is alot harder for Parents and the school to discipline kids even if you have huge bodygaurd on the bus the kids can still do whatever they want. The best solution if the kids can not behave on the bus than the school should stop giving bus service and make the parents drop off and pick up there kids and spend the bus money in other departments.

820 days ago


A letter? I wouldn't have accepted that trash either. My daughter is only two years old and already I can throw the evil eye her way and she stops the bad behavior and starts saying she wants to be good. I don't even have to say a word. You have to start early and let kids know in no uncertain terms who the adult is. That way they know not to mess with you. This lady needs a lesson from a black momma.I don't have time for no one elses bad ass kids. I have my own to worry about. I would have simply picked up my phone and had the cops waiting for them at what ever stop they had to get off on. Had a report taken and sued their asses off in court. Then sat back and enjoyed the sad faces that appeared on the bus thereafter. Or enjoyed not seeing their faces at all because their sorry parents prolly won't let them ride the bus after that. Tee hee. You can still whoop dat ass with out whoopin dat ass.....You just have to go after their parents. Then let the parents rip their own kids apart..... :o) Oh what joy I would have had on this bus.....

820 days ago


so by looks of it harvey you don't have a kardashian story today? i guess you'll be getting a call from kris jenner and/or seacrest, who probably kick some money to you from time to time to keep the douche family in the news everyday. i bet you do it 'cause you like seacrest, dirty old fart. you and fat mike are really far up the kardashian ass. someone should remind raquel that she is a grown women with a job, and that she is not ghetto. get her off, please. that ryan guy is the dumbest person ever. total idiot, get him off too.

819 days ago


Karen Klein... I think Charles is the only one in your studio that gets it! and Harvey your the worst! When you don't know what you are talking about just shut-up! I know your type... you will talk in circles all day to try to appear to be either right, or in your mind not wrong! Ask around the room, does anyone ever buy into your supreme knowledge of all mankind? MONITOR: to watch!, observe!, check for a special purpose!, report to authority for whom you are monitoring! NOT STOP THE BUS and antagonize possibly a physical altercation! That's why these punks did it on the last day of school, because of Mrs. Klein "MONTORING" these punks had to mind their manners all year OR BE REPORTED! Could I get 15 min. on that bus with these little pissant punks? I'll teach them about Woopass Karma and manners. "Take Control" Only if she was stupid? She did exactly the right thing even though she was tormented!

819 days ago


what ever happened to the first, black guy with glasses who ust'd air on daily TMZ???...he graduated and left town ?...ANYONE???... ( the quiet dude who stood in the back ) THAT DUDE!!!

816 days ago


I read in another article that Jessica Simpson wants to breast feed her newborn girl until age of 5?
What the f-u-c-k is wrong with her?

808 days ago
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