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Christie Brinkley

Taunts Ex's New Wife

Outside of Court

6/23/2012 7:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0623_christie-brinkley-peter-cook_gettyChristie Brinkley showed a little bit of crazy Friday in her never-ending legal war with ex Peter Cook  ... when she snapped at Peter's new wife outside court, saying, "When you find out he’s been cheating on you, I'll be here for you."

Brinkley followed up the insult, says the NY Post, by then tapping Suzanne Shaw on the head in a sign of "mock tenderness." Shaw then allegedly shot back, "Get a new line," before standing up to confront Brinkley. She was blocked by court officers.

The supermodel also reportedly told Shaw -- who married Cook back in February -- that she "pitied" her.

Cook and Brinkley were in court arguing over rude emails and small sums of money each allegedly owes the other. 


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Attention Christie Brinkley if your reading this:

No one cares about you anymore, the hatred in you is not that this man is a cheater it is because he cheated on you with a young hot looking girl that blows you away in body and looks. Ha ha you dried up old bag your day on the throne evaporated years ago.

818 days ago


Once you become indifferent towards your ex you have a better control of yourself and gain a sense of peace. Sounds like she may never get there.

818 days ago


She has a love/hate for her ex. She would love to hate him, but her true feelings won't let her.

818 days ago

Fat Mike    

haha, just looked up Suzanne Shaw on Google pics and can see why Brinkley is so bitter. She is hot, and Brinkley's not.

818 days ago


Her ex is an ass, and he has put her through a lot. But his new wife didn't deserve the comments. Tacky.

818 days ago


Christie should try acting like a lady. Just because her man was a dog is no reason she should lower herself to Bravo-style confrontations, unless she's jockeying for a reality show.

818 days ago


wasn't she just on the Today show saying she wants this madness to stop?
2 chicks from TMZ said they walked out of the play christie was in cuz she was so bad.

818 days ago

South Beach    

Nothing a lawyer loves more than never-ending hassles between ex's..Billable hours!

818 days ago


Christie Brinkley has been married how many times?? And I highly doubt that it's all her ex-husbands faults. She is getting older and cannot just rely on her good looks anymore, or having everyone cater to her. IF he cheated, the bitterness is understandable, but she needs to move on. Everytime she does stuff like this, it just makes her look/sound bad and pathetic.
Move on, and stand on your merits instead of expecting golden and pampered service for your name/looks-you're still pretty but it's was paid for-not natural.

818 days ago


Christie was winning public opinion about all this.. up till now.

818 days ago


She and her ex are both crazy and narcissistic. They must have attention. That is what motivates them. The spotlight.

818 days ago


It's time for her to grow up. While I understand it can be hard to let go, it's easy to not do crap like this in public.

818 days ago


Which brings us back to the 'Today' show cryfest for public sympathy. Yeah, we know he's an adulterer. But, Brinkley has to move forward, but instead she wants to stay bitter and full of hate. She's probably even taking her hostility out on their kids. I bet every single day she wonders how she can get back at him. This is not healthy...move on.

818 days ago


1. I don't think Christie is near as nice as she wants the public to think. In fact, she may be a real female dog.

2. If she's moved on with her life, why is she obsessed with his new wife? There was no need to confront the woman, it just makes Christie look petty and bitter.

818 days ago


Men always move on to the next ,easier than woman can. Male advantage, Hasn't anyone noticed,except for the hair color, the new wife looks exactly like Christie Brinkley?? Men are so funny that way~

818 days ago
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