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Jerry Sandusky

Attorney Says He Is Under Suicide Watch

6/23/2012 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0623_jerry_sandusky_getty_2An attorney for Jerry Sandusky said Saturday his client has been placed under suicide watch for his own safety. 

Karl Rominger told CNN that Sandusky is being held in protective custody -- separate from other inmates -- as he awaits sentencing.

He explained, "The judge in this case and the warden in this case decided to take a measure not meant to suggest in any way that he is suicidal, but simply to put the precautions in place first and then evaluate later."

Sandusky was found guilty yesterday on 45 of the 48 counts against him. He will be sentenced in about 90 days.

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No Avatar


He should have done that 30 years ago and spared these children from a fate they never deserved.

796 days ago


Instead of banning people for using thier domain as a username they could save themselves some time by actually not allowing it within the code. lol

796 days ago


Yes, please make sure he does not take the coward's way out. He has the rest of his miserable life to endure non-ending pain for the crimes against all those little boys. He has to pay dearly for what he did.

796 days ago

voice of reason    

Of course he is under the suicide watch, tomorrow there will be the news about how they do not feed him with enough nutrition and day after that how he is depressed or not given proper medicine...if it doesn’t work we will hear how his health declined and he is not fit to serve his sentence etc. His defence will pull all the tricks from the book no doubt...let’s face it cheap gimmicks is all this paedophile has left.

796 days ago


This guy is a coward from the word go. Doubt he'd ever do it. But please keep him alive just in case so he can rot with his needs unfulfilled.

796 days ago


So he starts a "foundation" under the guise of philanthropy for young boys, which gives him an endless supply of victims. Let him live so these victims can rightfully sue his ass for ruining their lives forever, and so Sandouchy can be tossed into the general pop and get raped, beaten, and tortured for years. Also, his wife needs to be charged as an accomplice.

796 days ago


Sicko. Self preservation tactic! Easy way out, when he knows he is guilty. He should be feeling horrible for what he did to those boys' lives and their families. Sociopaths like him don't have feelings though, no conscience, no soul, no remorse. They only think of their own gratification, what they want and will hurt others to get sick pleasure.

I hope his wife is also feeling horrible, and all of the Penn state people who covered for him and minimized the sexual abuse, re-victimizing the victims.

The victims probably have PTSD after what he did to them, I hope he has to live every day knowing he is a demonic POS!

796 days ago

South Beach    

They have to do it, all the finger pointing if he manages to off himself now, not good. Personally, I don't think he's got the guts to hanging himself with sheets or such. He's a coward,, preys on kids. Not yet. Once it sinks in he's never getting out, maybe then. At $22k per year maintenance, it's a tax break.

796 days ago

There's a problem here    

What a crock. Not the suicide watch news, the bull.zhit your idiots put there. He is being processed. He is in a holding/intake area. He is being evaluated. He's on suicide watch just like many, many others until it is decided where his cage will be. There is no way this 68 year old guy is going into gen pop. Too bad. But TMZ your story is so far beyond the pale. Seriously you have a bunch of morons writing your copy.

796 days ago


Very soon, he will wish he had committed suicide a couple of days ago. If he promises to donate his brain to science, I might consider house-arrest after castration. On second thought, let the bastard rot in jail.

796 days ago


Suicide watch? Sure, I'd be happy to watch this guy commit suicide.

Was funny...as he was being led away in cuffs last night, it was the first time he didn't have that creepy smile on his face.

796 days ago


I'll be happy to deliver whatever tools he needs to get the job done. Die, you pice of Sh*t!!

796 days ago


So what if he is under suicide watch, This is a victory to all the victims out there who he destroyed. This monster is now finally going to be locked up so he never, ever, hurts any one else again.

796 days ago


I have no problem with his killing himself. Or putting him in a rubber tube out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Either one works.

796 days ago


My only hope is those brave victims that stepped up and testified have found some bit of peace knowing they did the right thing and that this specimen of the worst garbage will never ever get away with destroying young lives again.

796 days ago
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