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Dr. Conrad Murray

How DARE You Judge Me

6/25/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the Conrad Murray video you were never meant to see -- a secret, emotional recording made days after Michael Jackson died ... in which Murray lies through his teeth about his relationship with the singer, blasts the public for blaming him for MJ's death, and even says he's a victim of MJ's deceptions.

The video -- which was never released -- was shot the very same day Murray recorded the infamous "Do not worry" clip he released in August 2009 ... his first address to the public after investigators named him as a suspect.

In this clip, Murray appears much more emotional -- with tears in his eyes, ranging from sadness to anger -- saying, "I can find no words satisfactory to summarize my affection for Michael."

He then proceeds to tell a bald-faced lie -- saying, "Despite our relationships and conversations, I am now made aware through recent media reporting that he failed to share with me any problems involving his alleged addictions with medications."

It later came out during his manslaughter trial ... Murray was intimately familiar with MJ's drug addictions -- and claimed to use drugs as a means to ween Michael off Propofol.

Later in the video, Murray gets aggressive -- saying, "No man, no woman, with the exception of innocent child, is absolutely free of hidden skeletons."

He continues, "Therefore, next time you look in the mirror, before passing judgment or condemning someone, take a good look at yourself, and if you're not 100% sure that when scrutinized no faults can be found, then you may have earned that right to criticize."

Sources close to Murray tell TMZ, Connie's lawyers eventually decided to bury the video because they felt it could only hurt him.

You gotta hear Murray's tone and anger in the video.

FYI -- today marks the 3-year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death.



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821 days ago


Having followed some MJ-threads I notice that some posters have a close to fanatic interest in pedophiles. Anyone is free to think whatever they like about MJ, but constantly returning to the topic of childsex says more about the accuser than the accused.

It´s not uncommon that people feeling sexually attracted to kids try to handle this by accusing others of the same "crime", thereby reducing their own guilt.

Take a look at the man in the mirror....!

821 days ago

Jimmy jamz    

The freak had not and has not released relevant music in years. His later works sounded more like Peter Pan squeaking than anything anyone would want to buy. I mean look at his sales while he was living in his later years, no one gave a sh*t. Now that he is dead everyone loves him sooooo much. Its a complete joke and shows how the loons are not as loyal as they feed you. They are all full of sh*t.

821 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

"And if you're not 100% sure that when scrutinized no faults can be found, then you may have earned that right to criticize." What kind of logic is that? Only people who make mistakes have the right to criticise other people's mistakes? I have to off a drug-addicted pop singer through greed, vanity, irresponsibility and negligence myself to be allowed to say what he did was wrong? Or does he have his double negatives mixed up? Do I have to be completely flawless and infallible to have the right to criticise him? Which is even more idiotic...

I still can't decide whether he's a narcissistic sociopath or just a sociopathic narcissist. I'll just go with "total *******" for now.

821 days ago


Sandusky and MJ are two peas in a pod.. Just like Sandusky, MJ started up charities which catered to underprivileged, easily manipulated children.,, many from broken homes... It was their playground to find victims easily.. Sandusky and MJ had the exact same M.O..


MJ was obviously haunted by the things he did in his past.. I watched Murray's trial and I can guarantee I wouldn't have convicted him, if I was on that jury..


MJ killed himself.. The pervert obviously couldn't live with the things he had done in his life and needed to escape...



821 days ago


I didn't see any anger that you are talking about, TMZ--no aggression, no tears in his eyes. But I was listening to a sociopath and narcissist, who thinks he is incredibly special. And yes, we all have faults and make mistakes, but we don't drug people to their deaths.

821 days ago


There are over ten thousand roses for MIchael Jackson at his final resting place today, out there through the efforts of his fans.
That would have made a nice story ...
Unfortunately for MJ , he makes too much money for media for him to ever be left to just rest in peace.
Pretty tasteless to put this video up today just to stir up hits,:((
Have a nice day all:)

821 days ago

Flying Blind    

this story is so yesterday!

821 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Why do the fans get angry at this?

Most of what he said is straight from the book of Michael Jackson propaganda that they believe in.

Don't forget 2 years and 364 days ago, Murray's biggest supporter was MJ.

821 days ago


He sounds like a 1st grader who got caught doing something bad and his excuse is,"He did it too!" Murray acts like a child. Be a man you quack!

821 days ago


He is NOT a doctor.

821 days ago


The people here condemning Conrad Murray are stupid. Michael was addicted to pain medication so at the end of the day, if he didn't get it from his doctor, he would have gotten it from someone else. Michael was a great person but don't overlook his wrongdoings and put the blame on someone else when it was just as much his fault as it was the doctors.

821 days ago


Michael Jackson killed himself -- contributors were all the doctors that allowed him to use Propofol the way he did. In hotels, at home, etc. They are the ones who
knew better how dangerous this stuff is when it's not
being used the way it's supposed to. They might as well have poured 100 lethal pills down his throat. Murray, I believe, for the most part, was just another one of Jackson's lackies.

821 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Many fans like to denounce the accusations of Michael Jackson trying to turn himself white through bleaching. Vitiligo, which he did have, was often used as the reason for his ever increasing lighter complexion, and some whitening may have been done to even out his appearance along with makeup and tattooing.

Fans will often say that MJ was a proud black man and would not deny his heritage by altering his appearance to be more "white". If that is the case, why didn't he darken his skin instead of lightning it? That could have been done more easily and naturally and with proper use of makeup, his appearance would have looked more normal. Why did he use such hazardous bleaching chemicals and terrible makeup?

821 days ago


Murray cheated on his wife and girlfriends, avoided child support payments, shipped drugs over state line, didn’t pay his vendors, lied to police detectives, hid evidence in front of witnesses, hung out in stripper bars, didn’t know how to perform CPR, withheld critical information from emergency room doctors and OVERDOSED his patient while out of the room on the phone. No other drugs showed up in the coroner’s tox report except the one’s Murray administered to him. Murray admitted he knew MJ was addicted to propofol and his job as a doctor was to wean him off of it, NOT give him more !!!! That is the difference between a professional caring doctor versus a greedy quack.

821 days ago
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