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Dr. Conrad Murray

How DARE You Judge Me

6/25/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the Conrad Murray video you were never meant to see -- a secret, emotional recording made days after Michael Jackson died ... in which Murray lies through his teeth about his relationship with the singer, blasts the public for blaming him for MJ's death, and even says he's a victim of MJ's deceptions.

The video -- which was never released -- was shot the very same day Murray recorded the infamous "Do not worry" clip he released in August 2009 ... his first address to the public after investigators named him as a suspect.

In this clip, Murray appears much more emotional -- with tears in his eyes, ranging from sadness to anger -- saying, "I can find no words satisfactory to summarize my affection for Michael."

He then proceeds to tell a bald-faced lie -- saying, "Despite our relationships and conversations, I am now made aware through recent media reporting that he failed to share with me any problems involving his alleged addictions with medications."

It later came out during his manslaughter trial ... Murray was intimately familiar with MJ's drug addictions -- and claimed to use drugs as a means to ween Michael off Propofol.

Later in the video, Murray gets aggressive -- saying, "No man, no woman, with the exception of innocent child, is absolutely free of hidden skeletons."

He continues, "Therefore, next time you look in the mirror, before passing judgment or condemning someone, take a good look at yourself, and if you're not 100% sure that when scrutinized no faults can be found, then you may have earned that right to criticize."

Sources close to Murray tell TMZ, Connie's lawyers eventually decided to bury the video because they felt it could only hurt him.

You gotta hear Murray's tone and anger in the video.

FYI -- today marks the 3-year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death.



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He's more whacko than Jacko

850 days ago


I am curious as to why did CM use words from Man In The MIrror, in this video???? and why he DID NOT seem angry or sad during this video or at any other time...... and Why have we not heard from any of CM real family about all of this and the trial. All we have heard from is CM baby momma's and other Girl friends. How do we know he is even in jail?? I'd like to see proof of this. and I'd like to see proof he was even a Cardiologists, something other than these few people claiming to be his patients/paid actors.

850 days ago


Yet again I say "are we still talking about this" If I have to hear one more thing about child molester Michael Jackson and Conrad Murry I might be sick!

850 days ago


Conrad Murray couldn't have said it better:
"Therefore, next time you look in the mirror, before passing judgment or condemning someone, take a good look at yourself, and if you're not 100% sure that when scrutinized no faults can be found, then you may have earned that right to criticize."

850 days ago


The quack will forever be known as the man who killed Michael Jackson.

850 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

If it wasn't Murray it would have been someone else.

850 days ago

Laura Munroe    

STFU Murray! No one wants to hear your lies! Your "deceptions"....rot in jail with your ****ty underwear, natty hair and dirty fingernails! #RIPMJ

850 days ago


It’s unfortunate that we live in a society which tears apart an artist’s life while they’re alive and makes a martyr of them after their death. Hopefully Michael is resting more peacefully than he lived, under the intense heat of the media. Who was the man in the mirror and behind the television screens? I addressed MJ’s legacy with a portrait on my artist’s blog at Drop by and let me know how his music affected you. While you’re there, we’ve posted the Top 10 music videos of All Time from the King of Pop!

850 days ago


"If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change"

850 days ago


ok, so Murray's lawyers decided to bury the video because they felt it could only hurt him - now who decided to make it public today, and why?

850 days ago


Three years ago today we lost one of our greatest entertainers and humanitarians, and the best you can do is post a clip of his killer and a post script at the bottom that says "FYI today marks the 3rd year anniversary..." ? WTF? I know this is TMZ, but come on!! This day is about MJ, not his pathetic, lame ass killer, whom you guys would probably side with if it weren't for the fact that he's an even more fun punching bag for you than Michael ever was.

850 days ago

What I Think    

Happy National Pedophile Day.

850 days ago


Why is this 3-years-old-video appear now ? on this day which marks the 3-year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death ??? Is nobody find it strange ? At a time where every exclusivity is anywhere on the web just in a few minutes. I think this video is recent. Since the beginning, 3 years ao, I think ALL this is a LIE. I'm tired of pretending to believe a lie, enough to pretend. Tired of playing a game. It's a trap for the blind, deaf and heartless. To teach us a lesson. Don't judge each other without getting to know the other person first, because in our time, this is a criminal act. This is a Revenge, This is a lesson, This is a clarification, This is a back to basis, and many other things but above all, This is Love.

850 days ago


Never hated anyone as much as I hate You..why did you do this? whyyyy!!? for money!!? takin' a great man's life for money, is that fair? well you took so many lives by killin' our Michael too, Congrats!!

849 days ago


If i ever see You,You discusting 2 meters monkey.,i will forget that i ever took the Hipocrathic outh to just help people and i ll crack your head in two, not just because of what You did to Mike, but because You made me feel ashame for my profession, for my diploma that i ve worked so hard for. If You re ever thinking of comming to Europe seeking for job ,think again ,we do not need incompetents killers. And so that You know in our profession important îs clean hands not the manicure You moron .He(MJ) did very well not exposing himself to B or c virus or any other s.. That are on the scissors . I ll Home You ll have fun manicuring yourself in jail and regards to your worthless mommy Who brought to You on this earth just to cause disasters aroud You. Rot in hell

849 days ago
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