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Ann Curry

Negotiating Exit From NBC

Savannah Guthrie A Lock

6/26/2012 6:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ann Curry
and NBC are negotiating her exit from "Today" and the hang-up is money ...  sources connected with the network tell TMZ.

Our sources say Savannah Guthrie has already made her deal with the network to succeed Ann as co-anchor of "Today," but the snag is the amount of money Ann will get.

As we first reported, Ann gets $10 million a year. She is one year into a 3-year contract, and from what we're hearing NBC does not want to pay her $20 million for the balance of the contract.

Sources tell us Ann wants the full $20 mil and her exit papers. NBC wants to pay her $10 mil and give her a foreign correspondent job. And therein lies the hang-up. 

The network could pay her the $20 mil and then prohibit her from working anywhere else for 2 years.  But we're told they don't want to shell out that kind of dough, so Ann's lawyer and NBC are haggling.

NBC wants to make the switch quickly ... certainly before the Olympics so they can showcase Savannah. We're hearing the goal is to make the announcement late this week or early next.


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Like Savannah but she is better at answering questions than asking them! I think Today will get the same ratings drop with Savannah. My choice is Natalie Morales, (Upbeat, comfortable with camera)

817 days ago


Savannah Guthrie is no better than Ann Curry. In fact, she is far worse. Ms. Guthrie has an annoying voice and delivery and, if anything, she comes across like a Maria Shriver manqué. And Ms. Shriver was bad enough, especially when it came to delivering "serious" news.

817 days ago

L Stafford    

GMA has better ratings because they have a great smart likeable team with chemistry. The GMA team is fun, seasoned and George S knows politics. Ann Curry is not the reason ratings are down for the Today show. Management failed to find the right co-anchor for Matt and are now losing a seasoned veteran. When Katie and Meredith were around everything worked. I was a faithful Today fan. Love Matt, Ann, Al, and Natalie! Savannah G is a smart woman but not in the Katie, Meredith league. Ann Curry you have a contract get your 20MIL!

817 days ago


I always liked Ann but Matt and his crew didn't. We are not stupid. We could see that even when she was reporting the news. Matt is a rather large, bald blowhard. I don't watch because of him.

817 days ago


Toss Matt, and KathyLee... The Today show so SUCKS and needs a complete OVERHAUL

817 days ago


I really like Ann. She is what keeps me at Today show. The day she leaves is the day I go the Good Morning America for good.

817 days ago


Ann's voice is like nails on a a chalkboard. She had no business as a lead on this show with her FORCED enthusiasm and INTERRUPTING of guests. I'm welcoming Savannah's more educated style of journalism.

817 days ago


Ann should get the remaining balance of her contract, who would want to hang around where your not wanted?! Take the money and get the he!! out of dodge.

817 days ago



I use to watch the Today show only because of you. I enjoyed the professionalism and whimsical fun you brought to the show. I did not care for Kati Couric, she was unprofessional. Matt Laure is just as bad as Brian Williams. I unfortunately have not watched any of the 3 major network morning show because of the lack of factual reporting vs political view they take. I do watch Fox News and would love to see you on Fox News. :) Just a thought. I don't think the lack of viewers has anything to do with you as the network will see when you are gone. Best wishes to you!

817 days ago

Dee Ledbetter    

Keep Ann and let Matt go!!!
When Ann goes I will switch to another morning news show!!
Ann, good luck. Hang in there get your 20 million!!!!!

817 days ago

Mother nature    

I love Ann! She's not the reason the ratings went down. Sometimes the show is BORING. She was the logical one to replace Meredith, she has been on the show long enough to earn the position. Hope they snatch her up on another show, and Today's ratings will still drop!

817 days ago


Ann, stay strong for that 20million dollars and exit. I have already switched to GoodMorning America. Good-bye Today show.

817 days ago


Do you notice that Ann Curry was there virtually the whole 16 years the Today Show was on top--not just this last year ? Her only crime was perhaps some awkwardness. She was the older sister in the morning show cast as the 'family' America wakes up to. The other networks cast themselves as the NPR or the jolly neigh ors of the morning. Looking at it that way, the pea**** network just kicked out an integral part of the family in the cruelest way,making Savannath Guthrie look like Rielle Hunter or the new trophy wife. So messy and unkind. Not very familial. Not t your American ideal of fair play. Only Hoda could have the warmth, maturity and appeal to fix this. I grew up as a child of the pea**** network and spent a career in news. I don't think Today can recover.

817 days ago


Did you notice that Ann Curry was there virtually the whole 16 years the Today S

817 days ago


Did you notice that Ann Curry was there virtually the whole time TODAY was on top? She was cast as the older sister in the show that cast itself as the 'family' of the morning while the other networks were the NPR

817 days ago
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