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Ann Curry

The Final Cut

Is In the Works

6/27/2012 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In the case of Ann Curry and the "Today" show -- the writing is not only on the wall, it's in the editing room, because we've learned producers are already preparing Ann's farewell montage ... network sources tell TMZ.

Our sources -- and they are impeccable -- tell us they are determined to cut a deal with Ann by week's end.  We're told the deal is not closed yet -- as we reported, Ann wants her contract paid off in full to the tune of $20 million.  She also wants to leave the network.  NBC offered her a measly $10 mil and a diminished role in the news department.  We're told there has been "some movement," but the parties haven't struck a deal ... yet.

We're told NBC wants Savannah Guthrie -- Ann's replacement -- firmly in place before the Olympics so they can showcase her next to Matt Lauer.

One more thing ... There are reports "Today" news anchor, Natalie Morales, wants to leave the network because she's pissed off that she's now been passed over twice for the co-anchor job.  We're told -- by people who absolutely know -- that story is "total baloney."  We're told Natalie "loves her job and she's completely happy with what she's doing."

Maybe Natalie figured it out -- co-hosting "Today" is high risk.


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Scott Guiher    

I would really like Natalie Morales to take Ann's place. She has earned her chops and would be great with Matt full time.

849 days ago


This why the Today Show is going in the toilet, I think a lot of people like Curry and trust her, get rid of ****ing Al Roker nobody is watching the Today show to get weather news anyway, bring him out if there is big weather related news story and thats it, the show is becoming more like Acess Hollywood or Entertainment tonite, and hell maybe Lauer needs to go too, the only reason they want Guthrie is becasue she is cute and better looking than curry, anyone who watches the show can tell shes not very bright

849 days ago


Ann was a god-awful choice for co-anchor and the ratings prove it. Matt is fantastic at his job. Savannah will be equally as disasterous. Natalie was the obvious choice. I moved on to GMA a few months ago because I could not tolerate Ann's milquetoast, careful interviews. I guess I'll be staying w/ABC.

849 days ago


I don't give a crap. I ain't crying for ANYBODY fired who gets to walk with millions.

849 days ago


I started watching the Today show when Dave Garroway and J Fred Muggs were the stars. I watched it until they stabbed Jane Pauley in the back. I lost trust then and haven't watched it since.

849 days ago


too bad i can not get paid for this advice.......Tamara Hall.

849 days ago


too bad nbc is not smart enough to take my advice.....Tamara Hall.

849 days ago


Savannah, Get a makeover before you make your Today debut. That way you will make sure you look real good next to Matt Lauer. Also, ppl don't like change so might as well look good girl.

849 days ago


Natalie Morales is a MORON and a phony. Can't stand the sight of her. Guthrie is not much better. Their biggest mistake was letting Merideth get away.

849 days ago


So, the most normal person on the show gets CONANED. Where have we seen this before. And you know, they already know who is replacing her. She must be felt loved.

849 days ago


I've been disgusted with NBC ever since they screwed over Conan.

849 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

If you have time to watch TV in the morning, something's really going wrong with your life.

That's all.

849 days ago


A shame. I liked ms curry and it seems wrong to replace her with some girl younger, cuter, yada yada yada. Hope she knows many liked and respect her.

849 days ago


Can you only imagine how much $$ Merideth was offered to come back? Her hubby is ill and she quit etc. but I'll bet the hubby would want the best and said take it if you want to. There must be very good reason why she would turn it down. GMA turned in to tabloid media when they took on that Lara Spencer woman. Suppose the NBC thing wants to follow suit with the hiring of the chick that is rumored to have had an affair with Matt. Even if it isn't true rumors make ratings so they think. Oh well, cross your arms and wait, this one will bite the dust. What about CBS, don't they have a news show that can compete with all this nonsense. I used to love the Today show with Meridith. It doesn't occur to them to hire a new face, someone with huge education. Oh well, who cares it's not like any of us who have plowed through college, blood sweat and tears would get the job.

849 days ago


So long TODAY! It's been a nice 40+ years watching your program. What you are doing to Ann Curry is unjust and misguided. She is not responsible for the ratings. The show has outlived its previously successful formula. I am reminded of the poor treatment of Jane Pauley, Joan Rivers and Connan O'Brian. You've finally convinced me you are really true ba$tards and will be now watching GMA!

849 days ago
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