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'Big Lebowski' Stranger

My Cat's Crap Don't Stink

6/27/2012 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0627_sam_elliott_NPGA way out West there was a fella, fella we want to tell you about, fella by the name of Sam Elliott -- whose cat takes massive stinky craps in his house ... that require a butt load of kitty litter.

The "Big Lebowski" actor tackled his poop problem head-on yesterday in Malibu -- hitting up a local supermarket for some Arm & Hammer Super Scoop kitty litter. Oh yeah, Sam also bought some Coors Lights.

Well, we lost our train of thought here. But aw hell, we done innerduced him enough.


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I have a big crush on him. Sigh.

785 days ago


Sam Elliott would be great as a cast memeber of Sons of Anarchy!! SO many different ideas are possible. He & his wife kathyrn could ride into town together! :)

785 days ago


Wonder how he and Katherine Ross spend their time,as they seem to be retired and have not appeared in anything of late? She really disappeared from the screen for some reason!

785 days ago


Dumb headline TMZ, by the way. You need a more articulate writer for sure.

785 days ago


And this is all you have to say about Sam Elliott and your only point of reference for his career roles?

785 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Sam ya needs to come out of retirement and make another cowboy movie.

785 days ago


Seriously SICK of A&H's viral kitty litter campaign - I'll bet money that Sam was PAID to buy that **** and load it in front of the camera. It has been on every blog - hell, I have a friend who doesn't even have a cat who is blogging about how great this stuff is. Seriously, time to be truthful about what you are doing.

785 days ago

Big D    

One of my favorite actors

784 days ago


fresh step is WAY better. i've tried every single kind out there, including A&H and nothing keeps the odor under control like fresh step. just sayin...

784 days ago


"'Big Lebowski' actor"...really? That's the best you can do? If you were going to reach into the past for one of his old performances why not "Road House" actor or "Mask" Actor? Or better yet still, one of his more recent roles, "The Contender" actor or "The Ghost Rider" actor or "The Big Bang" actor? Common guys, you can do better.

784 days ago


Your MOM? Hell I'M infatuated with Sam Elliot!!!! His voice makes my panties wet. Makes me wanna go out and buy a RAM!! mmmmmmm Gorgeous beautiful man. Gaaaaaaah. When I hear his voice, I literally STOP everything and drool. I adore you Sam. Do you like hot redheads? lol

784 days ago


Oooo what a man. I'm getting all crampy just lookin at him!

784 days ago

Terry Bradley    

Sam taught me how to jump off the roof of a building without getting hurt about 54 years ago. Yep, we're related, but haven't seen each other since the day of Grandma Margaret B (Elliott) Bradley's funeral. He was "Sammy" back then, and adamant about becoming a cowboy. Never saw anyone so focused on their future. His dad had to call him several times to get in the FANCY car when they left. Sammy & his Pa didn't seem to get along well at all. He sat erect and mad as hell in the back seat when they left, and didn't even wave goodbye to us. I thought he was a little crazy back then. Yea, crazy like a fox!

751 days ago
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