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Chris Brown / Drake Fight

W.i.P. Nightclub

Loses Liquor License

6/27/2012 5:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0614_getty_chris_brown_drakeFrom now on, the only bottles flying at W.i.P. nightclub will be of the non-alcoholic sort ... because officials in NYC have officially suspended the club's liquor license.

The New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) ordered the booze ban last night, citing "ten separate assault and altercations beginning on March 11 2012, and leading up to a large brawl at the club on June 14, 2012" -- the night of the Drake vs. Chris Brown fight.

The SLA says it has hit the club with 17 Alcoholic Beverage Control Law violations ... including drug activity (twice) ... lack of supervision ... using the name "W.I.P." without SLA authorization ... and  "becoming a drain on police resources."

According to the SLA, the ban is "effective immediately ... no alcohol can be served or consumed on the premises."

Following the brawl, the club was shut down by the NYPD ... now it seems highly unlikely the place will ever open its doors again.


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That's the end of that club. Too bad for all the innocent employees hoping to make a living.

812 days ago


"just thugs with money who don't know what to do with themselves. so, they go out and drink and throw money around and try to kill each other. Pathetic and now some weeks afterwards we're still talking about them." -- So true -- send all the Monkey Thugs back to the jungle..... Black rich trash.....Aholes!!!!!1

812 days ago


The club should lose their licence. Anyone with an 1/8 of a brain knows you had better have a significant police presence anytime you have a room full of black folks and booze. That's common sense. That neither Drake or Chris Brown or their peoples were charged is no surprise. I know I'm talking out of my ass but both those piece of sh1t should reimburse the club for damages and compensation---and YOU KNOW that would never happen unless they're FORCED by the court. But it appears that the club is pretty shady and under the cir***stances they're glad they didn't get shutdown altogether. So what if they lose their liquor licences for a few months, they'll still the drug trade traffic that apparently is their side business---and probably make more money with that anyway.

812 days ago


I hope Chris Brown and Drake are SO PROUD of themselves! They have managed to put a hopping nightclub out of business, and the employees out of a job. AND FOR WHAT SOME DUMB PUISSEY!

812 days ago


This happens a lot now days since blacks are above the law. Wherever they go things get ruined and become useless. Shopping malls, neighborhoods, and any form of recreational establishment. Once the black hordes of uncivilized hood rat s***bags show up all of these things become uninhabitable by humans.

This club is no different, now the lives of the people who depend on this club are wrecked and in turmoil, everyone down to the janitor, and the two groids that caused it all wont miss a beat because of it.

We as a society need to stop letting blacks off the hook because hundreds of years ago when none of us were alive some of their DISTANT dna had unacceptable working conditions and were treated less than fair. WAYYY past time for that to be left in the dust. Nothing but an excuse to act like an animal and stick your hand out for all the gimme they can get. Stop letting them off the hook and hold them to the same standard that the rest of the civilized world must meet. They have even better chances and opportunities than any other race due to the massive amounts of "programs" only they can take advantage of. But isnt it obvious that no matter what you give an animal that you cant stop it from being an animal? If we keep bending over, here very soon we will be ran over.

812 days ago


I don't understand why it is so hard for celebrities to get punished for their actions!!!!

812 days ago


if clubs owners are stupid enough to allow these kind of troublemakers in their clubs, they need to loose licenses, damn shame regular folks can't have a good time because of rap thug battles and their diseased skanks they can't keep a leash on.
Close the clubs down like they did back in the day with LIMELIGHT and THE TUNNEL, and call in the IRS, that oughta shake em up

812 days ago


Why aren't these two jerks in JAIL?

812 days ago


I feel badly for the innocent people who were harmed and lost their jobs because of these two self absorbed *******s.

812 days ago


That's like the kiss of death to a club. Oh well their fault for letting both groups in.

812 days ago


It happens to the best clubs. Where I live, a hot spot club will be doing good next thing you know they are closed down for a while then they are back up in a matter of months. I blame the people who don't know how to act right when they are drunk as hell and bring the attention to themselves then have the audacity to throw the race card.

812 days ago


These two arrogant jerks sure hurt and cost people a lot. All because of their sick ego trip.

Sure the club is to blame too, but so are these two jerks and their silly puffed up "little man syndrome" bodyguards. They think they are all that, they really aren't.

812 days ago


I imagine these two arrogant jerks will never think about those who just lost their jobs at that club (who is going to go to a club that does not serve alcohol.) So this club will be shut down, and bet those two jerks could careless what their actions and egotistical behavior did to the employees of that club and to those that got cut with glass.

812 days ago


They're making a disgustingly unfair example of this place instead of holding responsible those who are at fault, but that's how NYC has always operated.

812 days ago


Another example of these thugs taking over and destroying a persons business and livelihood. They should sue Chris Brown and Drake and the rest of the thugs.

812 days ago
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