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Bad Ass Congressman

Attacks AZ Law

... Using Justin Bieber

6/28/2012 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This. Is. AWESOME.

Justin Bieber, Jeremy Lin and Geraldo Rivera were thrust right into the center of the controversy surrounding Arizona's "Show Me Your Papers" law ... courtesy of one pissed off congressman.

Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) took the floor of the House of Representatives yesterday and played a game called, "Pick Out the Immigrant" ... in an effort to prove it's impossible for law enforcement to determine someone's citizenship based on their appearance.

Gutierrez -- clearly fired up about the recent Supreme Court ruling backing parts of the SMYP law -- explained, "In Arizona today, all that stands between you and a legal nightmare is whether a police officer feels there is a reasonable suspicion to inquire about your country of origin. Yet, Arizona politicians will tell you with a straight face no less, that they can apply this law without using racial profiling."

To prove them wrong, Gutierrez showed several pictures featuring two famous people and challenged congress to "Pick Out the Immigrant."

Gutierrez concluded, "The point is simple ... the idea that any government official can determine who belongs in America and who doesn't simply by looking at them is completely ridiculous, unfair and un-American ... and yet this absurdity is the law of Arizona."

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Personally, I believe that every person that receives welfare should be EARNING their paychecks by doing the jobs that the illegals come here and do. Y'all do realize that most of the illegals here are working cheap doing the jobs that many americans feel they are "above" doing, right?

825 days ago

danish fareed    

825 days ago


its not the fact that we dont like immigrates coming to this country.it is the manner some do so.they sneak over here ILLEGALLY and reap the benefits many legal citizens get denied.

825 days ago


also many legal immigrants are against the illegals as well.they hate the fact that they had to go through the process the right way.mean while the illegals are getting the red carpet

825 days ago


TMZ and this Congressman FROM ILLINOIS clearly either have zero understanding of the Arizona law or are intentionally misrepresenting it.

"Reasonable suspicion" cannot be based on racial profiling under this law. In fact, a cop could get in big trouble for doing that.

A citizenship check can only be made if the person who is stopped is missing identification such as a driver's license or vehicle registration that can only be obtained by citizens.

825 days ago


I am legal and I have had run ins.. crap the Gov is the biggest group of dingbats that treat me like I am a illegal.

825 days ago


Makes me sick that I am a mother still with my sons father who works 60 hours a week, and a full time student who is going to contribute to society....and I can not get any help. Food stamps, free housing, college, nothing. But, somebody whom has 12 kids and is not even legal can get the world handed to them. Enough is enough this has got to end. I am not racist so do not give me that bull...I just really think something need serious attention.

825 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Simple solution: Everyone who is pulled over for a traffic violation should be asked to prove citizenship.
Then profiling is completely taken out of the picture.

825 days ago


As a Japanese American, I have no problem showing that I am an American Citizen. I have nothing to hide. When I apply for a job, when I get a new driver's license, when I want to get a passport, when stopped for speeding (the one time I got a speeding ticket) I was asked for the same thing. Proof of American citizenship or being allowed to be in America. That's how it is for all Americans no matter what race. If you apply for a job, or license or try to get insurance or whatever, you need to prove your identity, citizenship, or right to be in the country.

825 days ago


They CAN'T tell if someone belongs in America just by looking at them! That's why they want the law! So they can have to ability to stop them and find out! It can't be that damn hard to understand. If it is, you don't belong in congress.

825 days ago


The government has every right to know who is in our country. I'm not saying that we can assume people who come here are going to do something unlawfull BUT if they DO then we need to know who they are. Besides every other nation carries the right to randomly ask for identification and proof of the right of being in the country. Why not America!?

825 days ago


WoW as if God listened and answered... thank u.. the common sense i was looking for here and would not have known about with out U... Nothing to add... he broke it down. If U don't get... U never will. I am told from some.. "my heritage is German or Irish"... makes me more American... wtf? Neither Germany or Ireland is America... this place is a melting pot..that's what happened after we stole it from the natives. if U want to come here~ do it legally like so many have in the past.

825 days ago


As usual, the libs are lying about how the Arizona law functions. ANYONE who commits a crime can be subjected to a citizenship verification, plain and simple. This is not racial profiling but hey, it's the only card in the deck the liberals can play, which they do incessantly. Sorry, but we're not buying it anymore and we welcome LEGAL immigration.

825 days ago


He might have had a point IF he had shown 2 pictures of random people and not celebrities.

825 days ago


You can't tell by looking; that's why you have to ask for papers.

825 days ago
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