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Bad Ass Congressman

Attacks AZ Law

... Using Justin Bieber

6/28/2012 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This. Is. AWESOME.

Justin Bieber, Jeremy Lin and Geraldo Rivera were thrust right into the center of the controversy surrounding Arizona's "Show Me Your Papers" law ... courtesy of one pissed off congressman.

Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) took the floor of the House of Representatives yesterday and played a game called, "Pick Out the Immigrant" ... in an effort to prove it's impossible for law enforcement to determine someone's citizenship based on their appearance.

Gutierrez -- clearly fired up about the recent Supreme Court ruling backing parts of the SMYP law -- explained, "In Arizona today, all that stands between you and a legal nightmare is whether a police officer feels there is a reasonable suspicion to inquire about your country of origin. Yet, Arizona politicians will tell you with a straight face no less, that they can apply this law without using racial profiling."

To prove them wrong, Gutierrez showed several pictures featuring two famous people and challenged congress to "Pick Out the Immigrant."

Gutierrez concluded, "The point is simple ... the idea that any government official can determine who belongs in America and who doesn't simply by looking at them is completely ridiculous, unfair and un-American ... and yet this absurdity is the law of Arizona."

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He made a very good point. there are illegals from every freakin country living in America. and yet their just gonna pick on the Hispanics. how is that fair to the people who are Hispanic and yet were born in America? they don't deserve to be treated like they don't belong in the US. when they were born there. they say their not gonna racial profile. but how? if their just gonna focus on the hispanics. and only the hispanics. that is just sad. AZ is an embarrassment. soon, celebs aren't gonna be doing concerts there anymore.

847 days ago


20 million illegal mexicans--20 million illegal mexicans--20 million illegal mexicans--20 million illegal mexicans--20 million illegal mexicans--20 million illegal mexicans--20 million illegal mexicans

847 days ago


FREE welfare, food stamps, Medicare and
FREE SCHOOL @ $10000 a year per child

847 days ago


This story and media coverage is everything that is wrong with this country at the moment. This is NOT about immigration. It IS about ILLEGAL immigration. If the moron congressman had put up pictures of a pool cleaner, a landscaper, a fruit picker, and an attorney, and said pick out the ILLEGAL ALIENS, that would have been a fair comparison. Instead his little pea sized brain and the media turn this serious situation into a mockery of the law and and the criminal activity it's meant to prevent.

847 days ago


Thank god someone gets it! This is for the people who feel and believe that every single mexican here in the USA is here illegally is THE DUMBEST PERSON EVER! Im a 21 year women with a french last name but a mexican descent who is an AMERICAN CITIZAN who lives 2 minutes away from the US/Mexican Border and guess what...I DONT SPEAK, READ AND WRITE IN SPANISH! but when i speak what I do know in spanish and cops(Outside my border town) hear me or can hear me listen to the few mexican songs that I do listen to, look at me funny! but when they hear me talk prefectly clear English, they dont do anything. THIS LAW MY STUPID SS STATE OF ARIZONA "Show me Your Papers" IS RACIAL PROFILLING!! and im glad they are saying NO to not pass this law, because our Police shouldnt have to waste their time and our tax money and stopping every Mexican they see and ask for papers!

847 days ago


I don't like the part where you can just go up to any brown person and ask for papers. That seems like racial profiling to me. We need to find other ways. Tell business owners who employ illegal immigrants that their business will be fined a massive amount of money that may put them out of business if their workers are illegal. Up border security, or at least have highway check points that ask EVERYONE. I just don't like the idea of singling out people who are of Spanish, Purto Rican, Colombian, or Mexican descent just because they "look" illegal. There are plenty of white, black, and asian ppl in the US illegally, but no one seems to be profiling them.

847 days ago


STUPID...that is the media and liberals spinning it the wrong way. The reason for the law is that when someone is stopped (say for speeding) they can verify that they are here legally. They are not going to be prowling the streets, pulling over people for no reason, like at the ice cream shop like our lousy leader indicated. Give me a break! If that were the case then it would just be a continuous non stop checkpoint because of all the spanish population there....How about really listen to what the Governor says and not the liberals. They want the illegals here because then it just gets them votes one way or another.

847 days ago


OK This Congressman is a dogged jacka$$. Big Difference between Justin Bieber and oh I don't know the Gang banger who Stabbed me a few years ago is Justin Came here legally and the ones people want out DIDN'T do it the right way. **** man by there logic transplant lists mean nothing waiting in line at airport means nothing. "Oh well the line is to long and the processes are to hard so I'm gonna go around them break the law because I can always whine that I have constitutional rights even though I don't" I MEAN CHRIST! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

847 days ago


I can't understand why after 911 the Americans are to blame only the HISPANICS for the US ecomomy. You need to see where the damage is done. First od all if the US president would pull out the troops which costs billions of tax dollars to the US yearly fighting over sh*t, the economy would not be so bad, why poke your nose in whats none of you business US needs to keep themselves within the US, not over other countries looking for more trouble. As per illegal immigrants they do all the dirty work that an american citizen would not do. All i have to say is that this country runs on all the illegal immigrants that bust there ass to have the amercian citizens living a better life than the illegal immigrants are, because you will never see an american picking grapes, or tomatoes, they want to sit on a desk and earn their money without sweating drop of sweat. The illegals dont have it easy in this country, they are here for the AMERICAN DREAM which = to them a NIGHTMARE.

847 days ago


This guy is from Illinois. He is clueless about the illegal problem in Arizona. The problem is Arizona is not immigrants. It is illegals who are hiking across the border daily with their backpacks of drugs. Guitierrez is a dumb ass not a bad ass. The day he goes and hangs out along the border and deals with illegals who would just as soon shoot him, he MIGHT make it to bad ass.

847 days ago


Goes to show how stupid the "American" people are. !st of all your not American you are "Citizens of the United States" 2nd you are fooled that Illegal immigrants don't pay taxes, look it up, the truth is out there, they pay billions, they keep the system going..please do some research before you bite the hand that feeds you. 3rd this congressman is not really defending the immigrants, he is defending your right by the the Bill of Rights and The Constitution of the United States. these are basic right you "American" should know, but your to busy watching American Idol to pay attention to your rights being violated and taken away, Our founding fathers will be turning in their graves to see what you have allowed to happen to the land of freedom..showing your ID or drivers licence or papers is illegal, they ask you to do it, but it's a choice, they can't force it because they are violating your rights. Please study your Bill of Rights!! we need to be protected from our Government, to create stupid laws that take our liberties away, 1st this and then what is next? If you American don't wake up, you will continue to be slaves to your system.

846 days ago


Illegals should come here the PROPER way...NOT ILLEGALLY!!!! Send them BACK!!!!

846 days ago


What legal nightmare, exactly? Regardless of whether you're upset that you're getting asked for papers (and I really do not see why you should be, Americans get asked for their passport and visa information in other countries where they look "out of place" such as Asia or the Middle East...) if your papers are in order then you show your papers and you're done! no legal nightmare. Why should you feel bad that someone is going through a "legal nightmare" because they were stopped based on their race if they are a CRIMINAL who is staying illegally? If we have to stop 100 Mexicans who are either here legally, or US citizens, just to catch 1 that is here illegally, then that's what we have to do! Who cares! Stop being so self-involved. There is a huge problem of illegal Mexicans crossing the border in the southern states; Mexicans who immigrate to the US should realize and respect it, and do everything in their power to better the country, that includes showing their papers when asked. If they're legal then why would it bother them? After all, illegal immigration is one of the reasons the economy is in the crapper, and Mexicans come to the US to make more money than they would back home..do they WANT the US to become as messed up as Mexico? If not, let law enforcements find the illegals and send them home even if it means incoveniencing you for 3 seconds of your life.

I think it's funny the congressman doing this has a hispanic last name, too....obviously this argument would only come from one of them.

845 days ago


Maybe he should learn about Arizona local government laws before he tries using the "race card".

while the federal government is obligated to enforce immigration policy by patrolling the borders, it is under no obligation to routinely inspect do***ents the way Arizona law authorizes state and local officials to do.

845 days ago


Bieber looks like KD Lang, another Canadian, so there is a pattern there

845 days ago
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