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PISSED Over Lauryn Hill

Diss at BET Awards

7/2/2012 7:35 AM PDT UPDATED: 7/2/2012 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1:00 PM PT -- Mindless Behavior
just apologized for the diss, tweeting, "We meant no disrespect to our girl Lauryn Hill last night, it was a bad joke. We're big fans and hope you're not mad!"

Beyonce wasn't laughing when a boy band DISSED Lauryn Hill at last night's BET Awards ... in fact, Bey was so upset, she changed her acceptance speech (on the fly) to HONOR the former Fugee.

So let's start with The Diss -- Comedian Mike Epps and the group Mindless Behavior were co-presenting the award for Best R&B Artist when Mike jokingly tried to sing.

One of the members of the group quipped, "You sing BAD ... like Lauryn Hill's tax accountant bad."

The diss drew gasps from the crowd ... and pissed off Beyonce, who ultimately WON the award that was being presented.  

But TMZ has learned ... B was so upset, she scrapped the speech she had prepared and defended Lauryn's honor instead ... saying, "I want to thank all the talented R&B women that came before me like Lauryn Hill and Mary J. Blige."

When B walked off stage, there was a woman waiting for her -- possibly a BET handler -- and B began to vent about the insult, saying the Lauryn Hill diss was "disrespectful" and "not cool."

The woman complimented Beyonce for adding Lauryn Hill's name to her acceptance speech ... to which Beyonce replied, "I just felt [the diss] was wrong."

We called Beyonce's rep for comment -- so far, no word back.


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Beyonce is a moron just like I suspected all along. The joke was about the LH's accountant NOT LH. Learn how to LISTEN Beyonce. BTW I am black and Beyonce makes me sick. She's a pathetic soul and a mediocre singer at best.

813 days ago


It was a great "burn" indeed. Everyone on here who has time enough to point out racial problems or bash other people's races on this UNRELATED topic is lame, uneducated, unemployed, and clearly picked the wrong website to take a break from Internet porn. Beyonce is one of the most talented artist in the industry hands down. Please put the top back on the milk when you finish your cereal tomorrow morning. We all know being 40 and living at home with mom can be rather trying, and that could very well send her into a fit.

812 days ago

Johnnie Green    

I am proud to see the Black American are been successful. But most I see today is not the one I want to see to lead the generation like we have today President Obama, I am proud of him. Most of the men should get rid their rings, pull up their clothes and act like gentleman. To mush high fashion and not enoug common fashion. MLK would turn over in his grave to see what he pave the way for to follow.

810 days ago


yet again, blacks show they are humorless racist that can't take a joke, about anything.

807 days ago


Oh please. From what I've heard about Lauryn Hill, she is not a nice business woman. She has screwed so many people over it's time that bitch got some pay back. I think they got her right where it hurt. Beyonce, shut the **** up. Every bitch has their day!

807 days ago


Did Bey hear it correctly? They dissed the "accountant"...not Lauryn. Oh hell what do you expect when someone writes a horrible letter to the First Lady lol

802 days ago


Beyonce does not listen to songs like mystery of iniquity. she is the mystery of iniquity in her own little way

800 days ago


How is Lauryn Hill a racist because she told the record company she wouldnt change her style to appease a White Audience. She doesnt make music for white people. Sorry White people did not create rap music... She is making her music for her hood and her community if you like it and buy it Awesome but at least she was being Honest. Hip Hop does Kiss a lot of arse to be included in POP Music. Thats just a fact. Blacks make their videos and their music inclusionary to get more sales from a larger audience. Dont be so sensitive that Lauryn Hill is not a ass kisser. I dont know why the rap community even wants the Fickle pop audience. It kills their longevity. Look what the Pop Audience did to Rock Music and their artist. The same thing is happening to rap.

799 days ago


Sorry Bey, but what's disrespectful is Lauryn Hill not paying her taxes and not providing a reasonable response for why she failed to file her tax returns for three years! Give me a break, its okay for former/current musicians not to pay taxes and those of us working hard to support your music career, Lauryn's and countless others should just get over it??? I don't think so...I've earned a degree that needs to be paid for, but I still file my tax returns excuse...If Lauryn was miseducated, she definitely miseducated herself!

799 days ago


Oh please! Lauren Hill is one of the fakest R&B singers ever!! She is a criminal who hasn't paid her taxes. What they said was the truth and sorry the truth hurts, B!

799 days ago


You people need to stop hating.. & please stop being so "R" and judgmental...get a life already... with all that trash talk about Bey not being pregnant!

799 days ago


Actually, they just dissed Lauryn's accountant. Still, classy response by Beyonce. Would have been even better if Kanye had interrupted B's speech, though.

797 days ago


There was nothing wrong with the side comment MB said at the Bet Awards.The joke wasn't directed to Lauren Hill.The boy said ''You sing bad.Like Lauren Hill TAX ACCOUNTANT bad! So why does such a big deal have to be made about it? It wasn't a big deal whenever Kanye West stood up on stage and dissed Taylor Swift!

791 days ago


Lauyren's Miseducation of Lauryn Hill won eight grammys. She was the first female to do so. These young boy groups has no clue. I love Lauryn Hill. Big ups Lauryn. Beyonce knows who came before her, and she acknowledged it.

779 days ago

Treva Martin-Scott    

"I want to thank all the talented R&B women that came before me like Lauryn Hill and Mary J. Blige."
If this is what she said ~ what was she going to say?!? I want to thank all of the little people who made it possible... What was there to scrap? This should have been in the speech as a given. Granted maybe not those names - she could have said Etta James and a whole laundry list of others and still kept her original flow going.
And let's not get too testy here. Lauryn's a friend cool but the accountant is NOT. We can only shelter a friend from so much. If that had been said by Richard Pryor or Whoopi or Dave Chappel not a damn thing would have been said.

707 days ago
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