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Church of Scientology

Suri Is NOT a Candidate for Sea Org.

7/2/2012 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Church of Scientology is adamant ... nobody under the age of 16, including Suri Cruise, is allowed to join its elite Sea Organization.

The Church's lawyer has released a statement ... saying in addition to the minimum age requirement (16 years old), minors must have "consent of both parents and/or all legal guardians" in order to join.

The lawyer adds, "There are no exceptions to that policy."

As TMZ first reported, Katie Holmes is concerned Tom Cruise will put 6-year-old Suri in the Sea Org. in the very near future ... and she clearly does NOT want that to happen.

Nonetheless ... the Church is adamant ... no one under 16 can become part of Sea Org.


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Gladys Co    

If I were in Katie's shoes I'd fear for my daughter too if Sea Org is mentioned by my husband! What I'd like to know is how many teenagers are in Sea Org on their because their parents are following Scientology orders? Is this even legal to have teenagers submitted to a place that is far from government eyes?

840 days ago



Shut up.

840 days ago


@HarleyHarlett-The SPECULATION is that Katie is divorcing Tom because she didn't want Suri to be turned over to Sea Org. This is all designed for Harvey's next post to challenge her reason and make it appear that she's rushed into ending her marriage over nothing. Hence, poor blindsided and saddened Tom is vindicated. This increases traffic on this site(as evidenced by my 2nd post) and this fattens Harvry's wallet. Bottom line, if Katie is found to be a legal resident of New York, and their relationship is found to be volatile, New York family court will give Suri to Kate and there is nothing that Tom can do about it. Both Kate and Suri now live in New York and Tom would have to prove Kate was some unfit monster to win custody of Suri. In any event, TMZ should stop speculating about her reasons for divorcing Tom and wait for the facts to come out in court.

840 days ago


So no one under 16 can become a member. They aren't saying that they can't go to the "school" much younger. Its a matter of symantics. And at #2 or #3 in the power hierarchy, I'm sure that Tom Cruise could find ways of getting his wife to agree to signing a piece of paper.

840 days ago


No judge in his right mind would give complete custody of a child to Tom Cruise in lieu of the mother.

840 days ago


Scientologists are notorious liars, and Cruise is pulling their strings.

840 days ago


isn't sea org where they send morons that are stupid enough to sign over all their assets to the cult to live out the rest of their days as slaves?

840 days ago

Linda Mirch    

Feeling Katie really thought this out so she probably kept a diary of her whereabouts with Suri.

Let's face it: Tom's a workaholic.

840 days ago


I hate liars. Groups (especially religions) who can't be up front and honest with their beliefs or actions make me sick. The last person you should ask about Scientology is a Scientologist. They act like multi level marketting businesses when explaining their beliefs. They spew out a bunch of double speak BS like they're trained because they know they have to suck you in first and gauge how dumb you are before lettting you in on the real deal.

840 days ago


According to an article written a couple years ago in the New Yorker (about director Paul Haggis), children that age don't go into Sea Org...just like the "church" is saying. They go into Cadet Org (for kids age 5 and up)!!!!! YO! "church" reps, don't play word games or try for technicalities! It didn't work for Clinton and it won't work for you!

840 days ago


Google image Tom Cruise and Tom and Suri.
Tom smiles a lot.
And laughs a lot.
Tom's a happy guy.
Tom-haters don't smile much.
They don't laugh much.
Tom-haters aren't happy people.
If Scientology turns people into miserable slaves...Why is Tom Cruise always so happy and free looking?
Is Suri really in "danger" if Tom teaches her Scientology?
Or...are Tom-haters just some of the biggest delusional nuts on the planet?
Things that make ya go Hmmmm ;)

840 days ago


Ask any ex-$cino and they'll tell you this "no one under 16" business is another ridiculous fabrication. The ship is loaded with children, who are pretty much enslaved by the Miscavige Mafia. Allegedly. ;-)

840 days ago


I am an ex-Scientologist. The cult of Scientology is telling, yet another, bold-faced lie. There are Sea Org members as young as 9 years old living & working like adults. I recently filed a police report that led to an investigation of a 9-year old boy in the Sea Org in Clearwater, FL. The mother, who lives in Colorado, surrendered custody of him to the cult. Don't be swayed by Scientology's lying PR machine.. in over 40 years of operation, they have yet gotten a clue what telling the truth means.

840 days ago


TMZ isn't big on researching anything. In fact last week Harvey didn't even understand the difference in the custody laws between CA and NY. It wasn't until a NY lawyer called in and told him that in NY when there is a conflict between parents, the court goes with the parent it determines is best suited to make decisions for the child.
So don't expect TMZ to do much digging as to whether the Scientology reps are telling the truth or are just playing with semantics.

840 days ago


I am an-ex Scientologist. I would love to know the name of the boldface lying lawyer that made the claim of the age limit. The lying lawyer is most likely aware of the recent police report that I filed (I was one of two that filed complaints) about a young mother in Colorado gloating on her Facebook page that she surrendered custody of her 9-year old son to Scientology's Sea Org in Clearwater, FL. In the 40+ years, Scientology has been issuing PR releases, they have yet to learn what telling the truth actually means to most "normal" people.

840 days ago
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