TMZ Live Tom Cruise Divorce ... Katie's Scientology Fears

7/2/2012 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Tom Cruise Divorce ... Katie Holmes' Scientology Fears

TMZ Live

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' divorce comes down to one thing -- Scientology ... and Katie's fears about Suri getting more involved in it. We'll explain when and why things took a turn for the worse in the Cruise household.

Plus, Mel Gibson's accused of losing his cool -- again ... this time with his 78-year-old stepmom. Even by Mel standards this is a crazy lawsuit.

Also, Brad Pitt's brother gets his turn in the spotlight ... it's hysterical -- and a new addition to the TMZ Live fam joins Harv!

(0:00) Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce is already getting nasty -- because she made an incredibly calculated legal move in order to increase her chances of getting custody of Suri ... and away from Scientology.
(10:30) Katie was just photographed without her wedding ring on ... and it looks like she wanted everyone to see.
(13:00) Stop us if you've heard this before -- Mel Gibson was just accused of being a raging lunatic. But this time ... he's being called that by a member of his own family.
(17:00) Beyonce is ticked off about a joke that was made last night at the BET Awards about Lauryn Hill's tax problems ... and we know what happened behind the scenes at the show.
(20:00) Octomom's boyfriend has a past -- that proves the loves cameras, and older women. What are the odds their relationship is just a publicity ploy?
(24:30) Brad Pitt's virtually unknown brother shoots a hilarious commercial for a phone company ... that is as funny as it is brilliant marketing.
(26:20) Major controversy at the US Olympic trials -- two women finish the 100m dash in a perfect tie ... and now one of the is throwing in the towel to avoid a run-off.
(30:00) Rev. Al Sharpton makes Rodney King sound like Martin Luther King ... and Harvey couldn't agree less.
(35:10) Justin Bieber goes off on a radio DJ for saying he sounds just like Justin Timberlake -- is it justified ... or is he acting like a brat?
(36:10) "Good Morning America" is looking for A-list players to fill in for Robin Roberts ... and we mean A-list.
(39:20) The bullies who harassed the elderly bus monitor get suspended from school for ONE YEAR ... too harsh?
(40:10) We take your calls!