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Justin Bieber


911 Calls

7/7/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


L.A. City Councilman Dennis Zine was not the only motorist who reported that Justin Bieber was flying down the freeway at breakneck speed ... TMZ has learned, a total of 10 drivers called 911.

We broke the story, Zine -- who was an LAPD motor cop for 18 years -- believes Bieber was traveling faster than 100 mph. Bieber's people dispute Zine's estimate, noting that the singer was cited for ONLY going 80.

But when Bieber was finally stopped by CHP officers, he was several miles from the point Zine spotted him, and Zine told us Friday night his100 mph estimate was "conservative."

And get this ... we're told someone from Bieber's security team was a passenger in his car and allowed Justin to put the pedal to the metal. Mind you, Justin was weaving in and out of traffic, baring squeezing in between moving vehicles.

As we reported, Bieber was being chased by paparazzi, but Zine maintains the 18-year-old jeopardized his life and the lives of others and he should have slowed down and pulled off the freeway.


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Time to jerk the little PUNK'S license before innocent lives are taken or, maimed for life. He obviously isn't responsible enough to have earned the privilege of driving.

834 days ago


If this silly twit wants to act like a grown-up, then he should be treated like one, and accept all the responsibilities that go with it, including getting ARRESTED for reckless driving!

834 days ago


Perhaps if little Mr. "I'm so hot/I'm so cool" Bieber would drive a LESS CONSPICUOUS vehicle, he wouldn't be as easily chased by fans and paparazzi. But then that WOULD require that he conduct himself in a 'grown-up' manner. OMG. WHAT was I thinking???

834 days ago


he needs to change his name to lindsey lohan

834 days ago


I have never heard Justin Bieber sing so have no idea if he is talented or not but should have nothing to do with him speeding, he was stopped by CHP and issued a traffic ticket the same as you or I would get and that is the end of the story.

Now I have to ask what is wrong with you people making comments here? You wish death on an 18 yr old who is driving too fast? I think it has much more to do with the fact that your jealous he has some level of success in his life at such a young age, America really has fallen off a moral cliff and I blame the far right wing and tea party for most of the nonsense in the news over the last 4 years.

Lets stop making rash judgement on other peoples lives.

834 days ago

sam jones     

i am sooo sick & tired of hearing about justin bierber! aren't we getting sick & tired of him yet?!! i am sick & tired of hearing about his antitics & him getting away w/ everything. just like lindsey lohan. i agree w/ the other person who said he's turning into a hollywood brat. he is! when are these celebirties (especially young ones) ever going to realize just cuz they're celebs, doesn't mean they OWN THE WORLD?!! they are human beings just like us. they should HAVE to follow the same exact laws as we do but they should also be professional. they ARE celebs & lately, it seems like NOONE cares about their images anymore. all they care about is getting publicity! there's such a thing as BAD PUBLICITY!
so justin bierber if you're reading this, straighten out your act or you will loose everything!! & i really am sick & tired of lindsey lohan. enough already!!! can we talk about SOMEONE else for a change?!!
sam jones
lindenhurst, illinois

834 days ago


All u guys do is build up a rock star n then just break him down to shreds I think Justin should have his own life thank you

834 days ago


Justin you really need to grow up and start acting like you have sense. You are going to end up killing someone or killing yourself. They should have taken away you license. You are a dweeb.

834 days ago


I can't believe the comments here. Are you idiots actually believing this media crap... He is one of the most grounded kids in show business. DO YOU NOT THINK THESE HEADLINES IS TO JUST GET YOU TO READ THIS CRAP...PLEASE....
Jealous people really are an ugly lot. You have killers getting away with murder, Child molesters getting a slap on the wrist and everyone has their knickers in a knot going a little fast. At least he wasn't under the influence of drugs or booze like most hollywood types. You see road rage everyday, yet you spew hate because of who he is. He will get fined like all of us for going over the speed and he will pay. Big deal, his Momma will make sure it doesn't happen again and if he had security with him, I guarantee he will be fired if he encouraged this action.

834 days ago


If it werent for teens this dweeb would be in Canada livng with his parents. Send him back! He is an immature, untalented celebrity. I hope this career ends soon

834 days ago


lock his ass up, and let bubba have fun with him.......... little boy isbnt old enuf to shave, let alone drive an expensive car like that...... dumbass kids these days will do ANYTHING for attention.....

834 days ago


Here's another case of inability to handle fame and fortune at too young an age. Hope he wakes up before we have to read about yet another tragedy of a young talented life gone too soon.

834 days ago

shafim alam    

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834 days ago


Bieber's so-called Bodyguard let him drive recklessly because if he protested he probably would have been fired. Tough job. Bieber himself is letting his fame go to his head and if he's not careful. He's going to ruin his life before it really gets started. Young sometimes equals dumb.

834 days ago


this little arrogant s.o.b. thinks he can get away with anything, just because he's a big star ( in his own mind ). He's been quoted as saying he'll never become an American citizen, that American people are evil and that Canada is the best country in the world. Do us all a favor and move back there and stay there. This country doesn't need anymore little big shots like you here. As for your music, you're not all that.

834 days ago
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