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Princess Diana's Death

Controversial Documentary

AXED Permanently

7/8/2012 3:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The controversial documentary about an alleged cover-up surrounding Princess Diana's death is being shelved indefinitely by the film's producers.

The docu-film called "Unlawful Killing" raised some major conspiracy theories about the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Princess Di and the car's other passenger Dodi Al-Fayed ... even placing a lot of blame on the Royal Family.

The film -- a 4-year project financed by Al-Fayed's father -- sold last year to several foreign markets at the Cannes Film Festival for 2012 distribution (not in the U.K. of course) ... but has now been shelved permanently.

A producer for the film told The Hollywood Reporter the problem was the uninsurable nature of the documentary -- no company could guarantee protection from losses stemming from lawsuits that might occur due to the film's controversial content.

The producer says, "It became undoable. We are all disappointed."


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How could Princess Di be killed while chased by paparazzi when according to Halle Berry in france the Papparazzi are respectful and they do not follw people so how did she die it now is a real puzzuler if you believe one word out of Halle Berry's MOUTH

840 days ago


The prob dropped the movie because they realized the number of books, papers, and do***entaries on the subject that have already debunked pretty much every conspiracy theory that has come up. Let this woman RIP for God's sake. I don't think her kids need to keep reliving this.

840 days ago


there was and likely always will be those who believe there is just something not right with the investigation and findings surrounding the death of the beloved Princess Diana. this is a subject anyone can comment on but unless you are brit, you don't have a dog in this fight. my dog is named rees (yeah, like the bodyguard that survived)

840 days ago


That's because the british empire killed her because she wanted to disconnect with them and once your in you can't get out specially when it comes to bloodlines we all know about the illuminati or world government trying to globalize the world into one world government

840 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

The truth of the matter is... someone got an offer they simply could not refuse.

840 days ago


Another theory to throw out there is what better way for their Royal Hinies to nix the film than to buy the rights through channels & then have it shelved to permanently make sure the film is not made.

Also now that public opinion of big ears Charles has softened & apparently people are more accepting of horse face Camilla, talk is Queen Eliz now wants Charles to be her successor instead of William. That film would put a wrench for Charles to be king.

840 days ago


I wish someone would insure it because its absolutely the truth!!! Read the book "The Murder of Princess Diana" - when you do you will understand that the car crash was NOT an accident but a very well planned assassination. I hope the ba*tards that planned it and carried it out will ROT IN HELL FOR ETERNITY. She was an amazing woman and the royal family made her life a living hell for many years. Charles is a piece of sh*t and has no feelings or empathy because of the cold-ass queen who never gave him any attention or affection. They are a horrible, despicable family. Land mines and Diana's fight to have them banned all over the world was a big part of why she was murdered. Read the book. You wont be sorry. Lots of juicy secrets in there too. Old Charlie boy goes both ways!!!!!

840 days ago

It's Dave    

I don't really think that Dodi's dad is in this for the money. He firmly believes this stuff. As such he should just release it for free on to the Internet for the world to see.

840 days ago


I KNOW that the family has something to do with it; she didn't fit their "royal image" well enough. God knows who you are.

840 days ago


Look, Diana was a grown woman, racing around the streets of Paris in the wee hours with her boyfriend and his staff. Everyone knows they called the driver in to work at the last minute and he'd been drinking. Of course there was a wreck. A drunk driver racing around in the dark?!? Mohammad al-Fayed just wants to deflect the blame elsewhere to keep from being sued. That horrible Spencer family would be all over him if he was to blame for Diana's death. In the meantime, why would the Royal family kill her? Don't you think William and Harry would find out and leave? No way would they be a part of an organization that killed their mother.

840 days ago


Problem is Dodi's dad makes all sorts of claims without any proof as does this film. The film has been shelved as they would be sued into poverty. Her sons have no problem with the people this film claims engineered their mother's death. I trust their judgement more than a film maker who has never met any of the key players.

840 days ago


Some of British's own rock royalty came out saying they believed she was murdered. Then... they collectively shut up. One HAS to wonder why.

840 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Somebody awoke from their sleep to find a prized camel's head in their bed.

840 days ago


This is a good decision. Most people aren't aware about the history of Mohamed al Fayed. He has an ax to grind against the British establishment. He was denied citizenship based on his own nefarious business dealings-- not a good thing for a man who thinks he can buy himself acceptance from people.

al Fayed also bears culpability in the crash. He owns the Ritz Hotel. Henri Paul was an employee of the Ritz Hotel. Workers at the Ritz had a duty to stop Paul from driving.

Most of al Fayed's ravings have been proven false.

Diana was not pregnant, nor was she engaged.
Autopsy and testimony by close friends proved these facts. Diana had had her period and she told several people that the ring was going on her right hand. She also stated that William did not like the Fayeds because he saw that they were trying to buy Diana's affections.

Diana wrote a letter that is often misreported because the media doesn't bother to print the entire letter. In this infamous letter that al Fayed likes to talk about, Diana, then at her most angry and paranoid self, stated that there was an accident planned so that Charles could marry --Tiggy Legge-Bourke, not Camilla! Diana was very jealous of Tiggy Legge-Bourke, the children's nanny, so jealous that she forgot about Camilla. This shows Diana's paranoia and anger, her inability to think straight during difficult times.

And here is a lesson for everyone to learn:
There was no such person as "Princess Diana." Commoner-born women assume titles and stylings of their husbands through marriage. They DO NOT use the title with their given names unless they are born or bestowed a title in their own right. Diana, the non-peeress, which means commoner,(even non-peer royals are commoners), was a princess through marriage alone. Her proper titles and stylings were HRH,Diana, Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of Rothesay, Countess of Chester, Countess of of Carrick, Baroness of Renfrew, Ladt of the Isles and Princess and Great Steward of Scotland, the Princess CHARLES of Wales.

Diana was Lady Diana Frances Spencer, not "Lady Di," a media-generated name that she HATED.

840 days ago


"losses due to law suits" imply that the suits would have merit which mean the story is BS. Simple.

840 days ago
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