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Sam Ronson

Paris Hilton Is a Disgrace

To DJs

7/9/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton
is a money-grubbing record-spinning FRAUD, whose recent attempt to enter the DJ business is an insult to the real professionals -- this according to actual DJ Sam Ronson.

Sam Ronson was out in L.A. Thursday, when she unloaded on Paris launching a DJ career, telling TMZ, "That sh*t with [Paris]. It's like, c'mon man. She's tried everything now. Just put some quality behind the sh*t that you do. Put some effort into it."

Ronson's advice, if Paris really wants to do it right, she should "be an actual DJ." Ronson adds, "If you're just like, oh I want to figure out how I can make more money this week, it insults the people that work really hard at it."

Ronson says, "It's like me calling myself a doctor from reading WebMD twice."

And Ronson's not the only real DJ pissed at Paris Hilton -- who's teaming up with AfroJack on a new album -- DJ Jane Bang already released an anti-Paris diss track.

And when Deadmau5 caught wind of Paris' DJ debut, he tweeted, "It's over."



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Yeah, cuz stringing some tunes together and scratching some vinyl is a real skill. Learn to play a real instrument and then get back to me.

746 days ago


For once, I agree with the she-male. It sure does take a lot of talent to play songs off an ipod; when pear-ass had her debut, she actually set her ipod to play, then stepped out in front of the table to get people to notice her. Someone should have told ol' wonky mcvaltrex that DJ's stay BEHIND the dj table. I guess not being the center of attention & not having people fawn over her got the best of her...

746 days ago


She is not the only one. There are other stars out there who think they are something that they are not. Look at Tori Spelling. First she is a tv star, then she tried to run a B&B, then tried to be a wedding coordinator; now she tries to host a craft show. The Kardashians are the same way. Hire people to create fashions and cosmetics to put their names on and call themselves designers. Next they will open a restaurant to run and call themselves chefs.

746 days ago


Since when did Sam Ronson become the spokesperson for dj's? Paris can do whatever she wants. Reality people make records and can't sing. Reality people go on DWTS and have no rhythm. Reality people act on tv and movies and have no talent. Is Paris going to take your gigs?

746 days ago


Look at all the idiots that play crappy club music getting worked up over nothing. Honestly, who gives a f***. You play awful "music" for a living. Get a real job.

746 days ago


that was painful. it was like two socially inept people attempting to have a conversation but both tripping all over their words and slurring and mumbling.

746 days ago


Jesus, do everyone a favor and tell Lilo to put some quality behind the sh*t SHE does instead.

746 days ago


Paris doesn't do it for the money though.. She does it to get back in the limelight and it sees to be working because people continue to talk about this as$hole.

746 days ago


Pot, meet kettle. She and that other skank are just jealous that someone else is getting attention for doing the same thing they do.

746 days ago


And that, ladies and gentlemen, are the problems of two rich, spoilt brats that never ever had to worry about getting a real job to pay their bills. YAWN.

746 days ago

Fat Mike    

and you are a disgrace to women

746 days ago


I couldnt agree with you more Sam. Shes a rich b*tch who has no talent whatsoever. She cant act, she cant sing, she makes lousey porn videos but she thinks shes all that. Look at me I'm Paris Hilton. Ugh! What a disgrace to the Hilton name. She is NO D.J.!!!! Just a big joke.

746 days ago

Hervey....Hervey of Arabia...He was a single guy...    

DJ's are people that wanted to be musicians but have no talent.

746 days ago


Ha ha ha Sam Ronson talking about other peoples talent of lack there of. Sam is only known for using people..She is known as the I Pod Dj. Did you ever hear her sing??? She has a terrible,terrible voice TMZ you should have asked her how many records she sold. one more thing is she sick???? she looks awful. not that she ever looks good.

746 days ago


Why even bring deadmau5 into this Paris Hilton crap? He's a producer, not a DJ.

746 days ago
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