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Beanie Sigel

2 Years in Prison

for Screwing Uncle Sam

7/12/2012 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Rapper Beanie Sigel has been sentenced to spend two years behind bars for stiffing the IRS out of more than $700k in back taxes.

Sigel -- who's worked with some of the biggest names in rap including Jay-Z and Snoop -- had previously pled guilty to not filing federal tax returns for the years 2003, 2004 and 2005.

During today's sentencing hearing in U.S District Court in Philadelphia ... Beanie told the judge he accepts "total responsibility" ... but griped about family members who allegedly spent him dry while he was serving time for drug and gun crimes back in 2004 and 2005.

"I haven't been able to get my career back on track since" ... Sigel told the court.

Beanie has until Sept. 12 to surrender to authorities to begin his sentence.



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Silly hoodster... math skills aren't so good...

803 days ago


Now, more than ever we need the black community to pay their fair share of taxes, seeing how the entitlement race is growing at a record pace and we need the funds to carry their lazy a**es....

803 days ago


HA HA HA HA HA HA.... Dats Right... WaHooooo..... This is what happens people when you have a 1st grade math education..... Dumber than a box of dumb looking rocks.....

803 days ago

Who Knew    

Come on brathas pay them taxes.

803 days ago


If blacks followed the examples of white people, they wouldn't have so many problems.

803 days ago


You notice only black celebrities have tax and money management problems. Not a very smart race of people.

803 days ago


What people seem to be missing here is that he was in jail in 2003 and in prison in 2004 & 2005, which are the years he missed filing and didn't pay. While he was in prison, the people running his affairs, umm, didn't. And his family members (and probably the people who were taking care of his business affairs) spent all his money.
I think what the real problem for him here is, is that he didn't sue those family members and business associates when he got out of prison 7 years ago. Because of that he doesn't have the money or judgments he could use to pay those taxes or to offset them. He chose not to sue, so he screwed himself with the court by essentially forgiving those debts and misdeeds.
In any case, it really sounds like he didn't have a very good lawyer at all.

803 days ago


You really are one stupid MF what the hell does race have to do with a PERSON not paying his taxes

803 days ago


In Pollock v. Farmers' Loan & Trust Co., the Supreme Court declared certain taxes on incomes — such as those on property under the 1894 Act — to be unconstitutionally unapportioned direct taxes. The Court reasoned that a tax on income from property should be treated as a tax on "property by reason of its ownership" and so should be required to be apportioned. The reasoning was that taxes on the rents from land, the dividends from stocks and so forth burdened the property generating the income in the same way that a tax on "property by reason of its ownership" burdened that property.

After Pollock, while income taxes on wages (as indirect taxes) were still not required to be apportioned by population, taxes on interest, dividends and rent income were required to be apportioned by population. The Pollock ruling made the source of the income (e.g., property versus labor, etc.) relevant in determining whether the tax imposed on that income was deemed to be "direct" (and thus required to be apportioned among the states according to population) or, alternatively, "indirect" (and thus required only to be imposed with geographical uniformity).[12]

In his dissent to the Pollock decision, Justice John Marshall Harlan stated:

When, therefore, this court adjudges, as it does now adjudge, that Congress cannot impose a duty or tax upon personal property, or upon income arising either from rents of real estate or from personal property, including invested personal property, bonds, stocks, and investments of all kinds, except by apportioning the sum to be so raised among the States according to population, it practically decides that, without an amendment of the Constitution — two-thirds of both Houses of Congress and three-fourths of the States concurring — such property and incomes can never be made to contribute to the support of the national government.[13] " SHOW ME THE LAW THAT SAY YOU ARE REQUIRED TO PAY AN INCOME TAX ON LABOR AND WAGE,INCOME WAS DEFINED BY CONGRESS AS " PROFIT AND GAIN" BESIDES THAT TO FILE A 1040 WILL "INCRIMINATE" YOU THAT WILL "VIOLATE" THE "FIFTH AMENDMENT" WHICH SAY "No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; "NOR shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a( Witness Against Himself), nor be Deprived ofLlife, Liberty, or Property", without due process of law; Nor shall Private Property Be Taken For Public Use, without just compensation.

803 days ago

John J Pecchio    

Prisons were designed to discipline criminals for their crimes and reform them to return back into society to live productive lives.
For over a century of reforming criminals lawmakers and prison bureaucrats continue to ignore the right discipline that will reduce repeat felons and Illegal Immigrants from committing most of the crimes in the United States.


This article will inform the mind and startle the soul. Federal and State Prisons have deteriorated to their worst condition in the history of these institutions? They have changed from being run with dignity and strong security into a hellish nightmare where corruption is the norm. With the loss of positive leadership in our prisons came the increase of prisoner’s power, primarily caused by their ability to hide behind highly-defended “Civil Rights”, which has now taken precedence above all else. These rights allowed them to live without fear of strong retribution for their actions, thereby leading to a breakdown in inmate behavior and resulting in riots, fights, and physical and verbal abuse of prison workers.

In the early 1970s, when prisons started failing to reform criminals, a lack of administrative and prisoner developed. After many decades experimenting with several reform systems, lawmakers and prison bureaucrats still have a failing prison system, and have turned prison reform into just a name to keep the tax-dollars flowing into these institutions. There is no turning back the clock to what prison were intended for as long as these institutions continue to be so contaminated with flaws, imbedded with unthinking, unknowing or corrupted officials and political bureaucrats. The fear in prison staff is so devastating because they are forced to move daily between freedom and captivity, while walking a delicate line between administrative politics and the threat of inmate violence.

For years I survived many altercations with my superiors and dangerous inmates in a maximum-security prison. I finally reached my 25th year and was ready to retire. Prison security was now at the lowest point in prison history. And it all started years ago, when security leaders kept getting directives from Central Office’s to downplay misbehavior reports because they were backlogged with frivolous lawsuits and grievances from inmates, claiming, that their rights were being violated and correctional officers were using excessive use of force to control prison security.

In general, prisoners are now in control and manipulating the system. What I always feared would happen did happen. One morning in my shop I was brutally beaten by a 275 pound muscular prisoner. He was a cold-blooded serial killer serving two life terms for killing several people. Weeks before I was attack, I wrote several misbehavior reports to my boss and security heads that read; “Please remove this inmate from my shop because I could not control his behavior and he’s a threat to security.” All those reports were ignored and the inmate continued being hypocritical and dominating.

During the time I was writing those misbehavior reports, the inmate was setting me up. He threatened me in a letter to the Deputy Superintendent of Security who responded the same day in a return letter saying, “I will take care of it” but he never did. Nor was I warned of the inmates intentions to harm me. As a result of administrators lack of security, deceiving and cynical responses; I was almost beaten to death and would have never seen my loved ones again. Prison bureaucrats are a master of covering up their blunders when involving prison staff. In my case, they put me on accidental state disability for the rest of my life.

For therapeutic reasons, I begin writing about working in dangerous prisons and why our justice system is failing in our society.

My first book {Hell Behind Prison Walls} is my autobiography of working 25-years in a Maximum-Security Prison for the New York State Department of Corrections.

My second book, {The Devil’s Den of Prison and Justice} describes various crime stories in and out of prisons, why our Justice System and their courtrooms, have become a playground for criminal’s rights.

I became a writer, author and have written books about prisons and crime in this country. You can check my Website to view my position and how I feel, “IT IS TIME TO ACT. I HOPE THE DIVERSITY OF MY TRUE, COMPELLING AND GRIPPING STORIES WILL BE A POSITIVE INSTRUMENT IN PRISON REFORM.”

John J. Pecchio

802 days ago

smalley biggs    

Lets hope he stashed summa that 700 k....once he gets's all his! id do a 2 yr bid for 700 large.

779 days ago


My *****..he about to go out now

40 days ago
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