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Michael Vick


a New Dog

7/18/2012 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NFL star Michael Vick wants to own a dog again -- and five years after his conviction for illegal dog fighting, he can legally get one -- but the question is ... should he?

The Philadelphia Eagles QB was on Piers Morgan's show last night, and said he would like to get a dog for his kids.

After Vick served 19 months in federal prison ... he was banned from owning dogs for 3 years. That ban is about to expire, and Vick thinks having a dog could be "therapeutic" ... for his children. He told Piers, "I can't take that dream away from them. That's selfish on my behalf."

One positive? Vick says he won't let his kids get a pit bull.

Still, we gotta ask ...

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God I despise this guy. What an arrogant prick. What he should have said is, "My Kids DESERVE a new dad!"

No Vick the Dick, you do NOT deserve a dog. That's like a child molester saying he should be able to adopt a kid! Jesus! Every time I see your face I want t puke! You tortured and brutally killed with your own hands beautiful, loving animals, God's creatures, and you should NEVER be allowed to get near a dog again. Disgusting!

791 days ago


Have you all lost your mind ? He knew he was wrong the whole time, He has got you all fooled cause he's a football player. He doesn't need or should have any animals again, He is sorry cause he got caught bottom line ! Have all of seen the story? seen what his back yard looked like ?Seen the picures of all the dogs and I mean seen all of them ? So it's ok if he did this to animals when they couldn't ask for help besides the crys that Michael Vick and his buddies heard but if it was human how would you feel ? just because they can't speak like us doesn't give anybody the right to do what he did. They feel , bleed and have a heart just like us . Everytime you see a animal or if you own one I want you to look them in the eyes and think if your animal was there how the hell would you feel then ? would you forgive so easily ? Its easier to forget when the victim doesn't have a voice. I used to believe in second chances but the things I have seen and read I don't anymore. HE DOESN'T NEED TO OWN ANY ANIMAL EVER AGAIN !!!!!!!! kids or no kids.
" Vick thinks having a dog could be "therapeutic" ... for his children. He told Piers, "I can't take that dream away from them. That's selfish on my behalf."

One positive? Vick says he won't let his kids get a pit bull.
He took that dream away when he killed and tortured dogs ! Selfish -by all means be selfish you should of thought of your family instead of getting off on dogs fighting all the abuse you put animals through all the ones you killed . Positive - kids will not have a pit bull why ? You turned then evil they didn't. Look at the ones that made it through the hell, totally different when they have people who really cared and loved them.He ran his hell for 5 YEARS !!!!!!

791 days ago

Penny Gregorio    

Your kids deserved a good role model and they didn't get that either! Like all over paid athletes I'm sure he'll get what he wants, but my question is when the dog does something wrong does he get to punished the dog? He certainly doesn't know how to correct a dog, his from of correction (punishment) is electrocuted, hanging or being beat to death. Sorry kids, no way , no how !

791 days ago


Why is it a positive that he won't let his kids have a pit bull? What difference does it make what breed of dog he gets? And with a statement like that creating even more stigma for "pit bull" breed dogs, he clearly hasn't changed his feeling that they are only good for one thing. Its a shame. And just for the record, there is no such thing as a pit bull. Its just a mutt. A combination of terrier breeds, boxers, bulldogs etc. It is not a recognized breed.

790 days ago


I swear if I ever see him I will smile and be like "Can I have your signature?" Then hand him a picture of his abused dogs. Then I shall smirk.

789 days ago


And he DESERVES a kick in the ass. He should have thought of his kids when he was electrocuting dogs. I know, why doesn't he sit down with his kids and tell them exactly why they can't have a dog.

789 days ago


"As the Little Red Dog lay on the ground fighting for air, Quanis Phillips grabbed its back legs. They swung the dog over their head like a jump rope then slammed it to the ground. The first impact didn't kill it. So Phillips and Vick slammed it again. The two men kept at it alternating back and forth pounding the creature against the ground until, at last, the little red dog was dead" --- do you really think an individual that willfully has done this to another living being should be the guardian of another dog?

787 days ago


NO WAY should he EVER have a dog ever again. He shouldn't even be allowed to have KIDS. He's disgusting. I'm disgusted by the fact that he's playing football again and people are actually PAYING to see him play. The poll on this site shows that 81% of people voting say he should own a dog? NONE of those 81% should have a dog, either.

783 days ago

Jess End BSL    

Hell no should he have a dog! That would be like allowing a peadophile to work with children, ie stupid and dangerous. It may not be fair on his kids but he has to learn that that is his own fault.

781 days ago


Michael Vick did NOT serve time for animal abuse. His sentence was for other crimes. Once an animal abuser always an animal abuser.

781 days ago

inez pattison    

His Kids had a dog didnt they ??? .......... didnt he kill it too ???

781 days ago

Jamie FitzGerald    

Only if we should also give Casey Anthony a second chance. Let her adopt a baby. After all, she "did her time in prison". She must be changed too, right?

781 days ago



781 days ago


The man should never be allowed near animals again...period.He gave up that right when he tortured and murdered all those dogs. Doesn't matter what the law says about "time served" We all know there is no justice for animals in this world and the law is unfair when it comes to them. His kids can have a dog when they move out of the house on their own. He created that injustice for his kids...no one else.

781 days ago


If his children deserve to have a puppy (and I'm not about taking out on them what their Father did) they also deserve to know and someday see what their Father did to dogs. And I know they will someday but the only way I see him justifying what he did to those helpless in their eyes will be to making excuses for himself to cast himself in a different light. Don't even take a chance....they will survive life without a puppy until they are old enough to understand the TRUTH!

781 days ago
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