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Michael Vick


a New Dog

7/18/2012 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NFL star Michael Vick wants to own a dog again -- and five years after his conviction for illegal dog fighting, he can legally get one -- but the question is ... should he?

The Philadelphia Eagles QB was on Piers Morgan's show last night, and said he would like to get a dog for his kids.

After Vick served 19 months in federal prison ... he was banned from owning dogs for 3 years. That ban is about to expire, and Vick thinks having a dog could be "therapeutic" ... for his children. He told Piers, "I can't take that dream away from them. That's selfish on my behalf."

One positive? Vick says he won't let his kids get a pit bull.

Still, we gotta ask ...

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No Avatar


NO F*cking way!!!

829 days ago


NO way! A Leopard never changes his spots!

829 days ago


I wouldn't trust him with a gerbil much less a dog !!!

829 days ago


Animal advocates go too far. Now they don't want him to have a dog. I've seen people do less time in prison for killing a human. How many animals are killed by the ASPCA? Not because they're sick, because they don't get adopted. They're still killing the animal,I don't see them putting any one of them in jail.

829 days ago


If he does get one at least the public and media scrutiny will be such that if he mistreats the dog everyone will know about it. That should help keep him on track.

829 days ago


Surprised they only banned him for 3yrs. Pets are great for kids, but I don't know that it would be right for him to own a dog again after that. Why not look into other pets instead.

829 days ago


No he should not get a dog and he's a coward for using his children as an excuse. He tortured and beat a dog to death with his bare hands because she wasn't mean enough. Can you imagine him dealing with the frustrations of house breaking a dog? He should grow up, concentrate on his kids and realize not all people have the right temperament to have animals.

829 days ago


I'm a huge animal lover and have volunteered with my share of animal organizations, but I still think he deserves a second chance. He does seem like he's changed and I'm sure people will be keeping a close eye on him so I highly doubt he would be dumb enough to get involed in dog fighting again. And like he said it's for his children. There are tons of dog in shelters so hopefully he decides to adopt from one!

829 days ago


Micheal the "Hitler DOG MUTALATER" You should have thougt about you kids before you decided to breed Pitbulls for the one and only reason to Bet on dog fighting and then viciously mutalting the dogs by drowning them and electricuting them you should not be allowed any where near dogs again.

829 days ago


OF COURSE all of ur statistics show white people in the higher numbers....cuz there are MORE WHITE PEOPLE THAN BLACK PEOPLE! do u know the definition of "Minority"? or do they not keep it printed on menu at 'roscoes chicken n waffles"?

829 days ago


Wow, the poll is 50/50.

I gotta give him the benefit of the doubt. He served his time, made all the restitution he was required to, he did all his volunteer time at the animal shelters.

He's been an IDEAL citizen since his release and I think he has EARNED the right to get A dog for his kids.

Now, the breed issue is going to come into play. Clearly if he gets a pit bull, people will freak.

Get a nice yellow or chocolate Lab or Golden Retriever and he WILL realize the love that these dogs can bring into a family.

I know his past, and if he hadn't done everything required of him and then some, this dog lover wouldn't be on board.

People can change, and I believe Vick has, his actions and behaviors only serve to prove that fact.

Get a friendly family dog and let them man get on with his life.

829 days ago


I wonder if the jerk is going to get them from a puppy mill too... he is all sorts of fail!

829 days ago

deborah Dillon    

All of the reports on Vick indicated that his love of watching dogs rip each other apart for sport spanned decades, since he was quite young. He also joined others in his dog fighting ring when they would electricute the dogs that were losers or who were badly injured. Vick clearly takes pleasure from the pain of these animals and shouldn't ever be in close proximity to them again. Paying his "debt to society" has nothing to do with whatever sick part of him enjoyed decades of participating in dog fighting.

829 days ago


Just because a child molester claims to have learned their lesson we don't let them become foster parents. This man commited a horrific, violent crime against living, breathing creatures that would have defended him with their lives if given the chance yet he chose to drown and electrocute them. In my opinion he shouldn't even be allowed to have kids.

829 days ago


I don't give two ****s what his kids want. Those dogs wanted to live.

829 days ago
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