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Sage Stallone

White Powder

Found In Bedroom

7/18/2012 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Authorities found baggies of white powder in the room where Sage Stallone died ... TMZ has learned.

Our law enforcement sources confirm detectives found "several little baggies in the bedroom." One law enforcement source says the powder is being tested and suggests it could be cocaine or crushed Vicodin.

We're told there were no obvious signs of white powder on Sage's body when he was found.

As we first reported, authorities found "huge" empty prescription bottles in Sage's bedroom. A law enforcement source has now elaborated, telling TMZ they found "more than 60 gigantic bottles, like the ones in pharmacies."

Authorities know the bottles contained Hydrocodone -- generic Vicodin.

Investigators are baffled at the quantity of the bottles and are trying to figure out where Sage may have gotten them. They say it's possible he got them online, but they're also looking at several doctors.



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Tigers Wood    

Where would those stains on his teeth come from? Looking at the BIG Gigantic photo and BIG headline "WHITE POWER"

794 days ago


This would be a good time when TMZ used a good writer. A pharmacy bottle of medication can hold up to 1,000 pills and usually have all the information a pharmacist needs to fill a script, also a cop could read and process with little knowledge. Vicodin , if that is what the bottles contain usually have acetaminophen (from 325-500mg) in with the codeine and it is a useless way to ruin your liver, myself I do not know why it is still given this way, very outdated.I do not know Doctors to prescribe in such large quantities? Online? nah hard to believe. The perks (and that is the only word I can think to use?) celebrities have is unbelievable. His own dad brings steroids into the country, yes they were called Human Growth Pills....for Stallone. Anyone else steroids, this is how he keeps fit, no drug testing so he can get away with it.As I said the writing is bad so you have to guess, the pills they speak of are big old are they? did he sell? It is half of a story.

794 days ago


Who cares? This kid was a chump! Good riddance!

794 days ago


The next headline will be "Bong found in Sages Room" Ok we get he used drugs, can you just wait until all the info is collected then one article? Give the Stallones some breathing room his son is dead and you act like your story is the most important thing. Let the family try to pick up the pieces before you come and knock them down again.

794 days ago


What happened to Sylvester kindly asking you to respect his families privacy and leave this alone?

794 days ago


I can't help but think the same thing..... Way to respect the simple, single request of a man whose son just died TMZ.....

794 days ago


That P.I. was too slow, couldn't hide the drugs !

794 days ago


Between the days it took to discover the death and the kid holed out in a druggy dungeon, I can see why they would want to keep it under wraps? Something really fell apart with this kids life for this tragedy to unfold and come to such a sad ending.

794 days ago


I can't believe some of the things that are being said about Sage. How would you like it if someone referred to your child as a burnout, druggie, or a chump? Seriously people show some respect you know nothing about this man, he's dead and his friends and family are grieving. Just say rest in peace and move on. No one knows the cause of death or what was going on in his personal life so until then stop judging and even after they announce it you are still in no place to judge nobody is perfect.

794 days ago

Skippy La Rue    

Look..this guy had some serious issues! Living like a hoarder while your dad has milloions doesnt make sense and the cleaning lady isnt allowed to clean his room?? This guy OD'd plain and PI needed!

794 days ago


You all are so 2 faced! Just a day ago you were repoorting respecting his dad wishes of letting him RIP...You all some malicious bastards!

794 days ago


I see you took Stallone's appeal for privacy to heart as usual, TMZ...

794 days ago

Throwback kid    

Didn't you listen to the Stallone family's lawyer who probably hasn't seen Sage since the late 90's. He didn't drink or use drugs, the drugs that were found in his room must have been someone else's. This whole thing stinks, why is homicide division now involved? They weren't for Whitney Houston>

794 days ago

Max Smart    

You've gotta laugh. A couple of days ago TMZ posted that Sly Stalone had begged the media to back off and let the family grieve in piece, while providing TMZ with an 'exclusive' photo. Dudes!! Is that your 'back-off sized font" in the headline?

794 days ago


Why can't you just wait for the autopsy results.

794 days ago
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