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Fred Willard ...

Fired Too Soon?

7/19/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Fred Willard says he wasn't doing anything wrong in that porn theater -- problem is ... PBS already 86'd him. Did they jump the gun ... and is this kind of arrest a waste of time and money? We have some answers that might surprise you.

Plus, there's NO WAY Michael Vick should be allowed to own a dog again! That's what the ASPCA ... and a lot of other people think about the news Vick wants to get a puppy for his kids.

Also, Taylor Armstrong drops by to explain why being trapped on a boat with hundreds of 'Real Housewives' fans is actually a good thing. If she says so ...

(0:00) Fred Willard was arrested for allegedly pleasuring himself in a XXX movie theater -- and as one poignant caller put it ... what else are you supposed to do in those places?
(8:40) New developments surrounding Sage Stallone's death -- cops are wondering if he was a drug dealer due the massive amount of pills found at his place.
(10:20) Michael Vick says he'd love to get his kids a dog -- Harvey doesn't think Vick should get near another dog for the rest of his life.
(19:00) Taylor Armstrong from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" drops by to talk about her new cruise.
(22:35) Yahoo!'s main lady Marrisa Mayer says she's gonna be working from home after giving birth -- and women are up in arms at her for not setting the right example ... by taking 12 weeks off.
(31:00) Katie Lee Gifford disses Aretha Franklin -- by saying she'd be a bad judge on "Idol" because young people don't know who she is. Aretha's rebuttal rubs Harvey and Charles the wrong way.
(34:00) Kim Kardashian tosses up a sex tape softball -- and Ray J knocks it out of the park.
(35:40) George Zimmerman says he wouldn't change a thing about the night he killed Trayvon Martin ... because it's all a part of "God's plan." Oh boy.
(38:50) Chick-Fil-A hates gay people -- but now they're just doing to do it in secret.
(42:10) We take your calls!

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Would you hire a reformed child molester at a day care as his "second chance"? Same logic for Michael Vick. Why put an innocent animal in harm's way? The key issue is not whether his children deserve a dog. He should explain why he deserves to be around one.

793 days ago


Children now equals --

793 days ago


Let's cut Willard some slack. Many people in their 80's are lonely, and have health and money problems. Maybe Willard isn't computer savvy. Many seniors aren't. And maybe he's too shy to buy or rent a porn tape. If Willard received pleasure for a short period of tim in a theater among other lonely people instead of doing the deed in a lonely room, what's the harm? Willlard has given me many laughs. God bless him. LEAVE HIM ALONE.

793 days ago


massive massive eye roll ........

793 days ago

Flying Blind    

David Lee Roth David Lee Roth David Lee Roth AI Judge.

793 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

TMZ you are such hypocrites. you whine about bullying but when it comes to promoting homoseuality you are huge bullies if people don't approve of sodomites.
gay is gay and it's even evident in the hypocrisy.
bullying is suddenly an all gay thing, hate is an all gay thing but if you don't approve of the ***gots then you get a lot of hate and bullying....

the obvious stupidity should be embarrasing. but of course it's all part of the denial that there could be something wrong with homosexuality. God forbid..

793 days ago


who cares what the ho says, a porn star is a porn star.

793 days ago


Let me tell you why American Idol has been going down in the ratings - First - IT"S NOT THE JUDGES , You morons ..It's the CONTESTANTS , NO MORE DIVERSITY - The days of Ruben and Clay are long gone. The final contestants are just too plain VANILLA .period ..That's no longer america , and people can't relate to that any more..
And people watching don't vote , so please don't give me the VOTING excuse..

793 days ago


Harvey...too just told Taylor not to jump off the boat!

793 days ago


Jason, you're looking really hot with the new hair & bread

793 days ago


Harvey what George means is that god was in control
of what was happening and god saved his life from being beat to death by Travon or shot if he got the gun first. Something I guess you , Harvey , would have to be someone who believed in god and lived by his teaching.

793 days ago


great camera views today on set

793 days ago


Are you serious??? You are allowing that murdering, gold-digging whore in you studio?

793 days ago


I am not sure which "god" Zimmerman OR the Martin's worship but MY God is in supreme control of EVERYTHING. That includes when someone, anyone, everyone dies. Just because you do not like or understand God's plan does not change the fact that He is in control.

793 days ago

Flying Blind    

back away from the screen real slow skyper .............

793 days ago
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