TMZ Live Fred Willard ... Fired Too Soon?

7/19/2012 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Fred Willard ... Fired Too Soon?

TMZ Live

Fred Willard says he wasn't doing anything wrong in that porn theater -- problem is ... PBS already 86'd him. Did they jump the gun ... and is this kind of arrest a waste of time and money? We have some answers that might surprise you.

Plus, there's NO WAY Michael Vick should be allowed to own a dog again! That's what the ASPCA ... and a lot of other people think about the news Vick wants to get a puppy for his kids.

Also, Taylor Armstrong drops by to explain why being trapped on a boat with hundreds of 'Real Housewives' fans is actually a good thing. If she says so ...
(0:00) Fred Willard was arrested for allegedly pleasuring himself in a XXX movie theater -- and as one poignant caller put it ... what else are you supposed to do in those places?
(8:40) New developments surrounding Sage Stallone's death -- cops are wondering if he was a drug dealer due the massive amount of pills found at his place.
(10:20) Michael Vick says he'd love to get his kids a dog -- Harvey doesn't think Vick should get near another dog for the rest of his life.
(19:00) Taylor Armstrong from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" drops by to talk about her new cruise.
(22:35) Yahoo!'s main lady Marrisa Mayer says she's gonna be working from home after giving birth -- and women are up in arms at her for not setting the right example ... by taking 12 weeks off.
(31:00) Katie Lee Gifford disses Aretha Franklin -- by saying she'd be a bad judge on "Idol" because young people don't know who she is. Aretha's rebuttal rubs Harvey and Charles the wrong way.
(34:00) Kim Kardashian tosses up a sex tape softball -- and Ray J knocks it out of the park.
(35:40) George Zimmerman says he wouldn't change a thing about the night he killed Trayvon Martin ... because it's all a part of "God's plan." Oh boy.
(38:50) Chick-Fil-A hates gay people -- but now they're just doing to do it in secret.
(42:10) We take your calls!