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'The Dark Knight Rises'

WB Axing Gun

Imagery from Trailer

7/20/2012 2:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The studio behind "The Dark Knight Rises" is removing all images and references to guns from all "Batman" movie trailers ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell TMZ ... the honchos at Warner Bros. gave the order just a few hours after the shooting in Colorado this morning.

We're told the studio is hoping to replace the current made for TV trailers with the gun-free version as soon as possible.

We've called Warner Bros. for comment -- so far, no word back.


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eric taeleif    

Warner bros should just leave their trailers as is. They are letting the shooter dictate what they should do! Do the right thing and sray the course.

794 days ago


Cool!!! Now remove all the guns from citizens! Who needs guns anyway? Guns are even more useless than the pope's wiener.

794 days ago


A gun is an inanimate object. By itself, it sits on the shelf - it is the person who pics it up, loads it and makes it dangerous. If this guy had known half the people in the audience were armed, this never would have happened. Obama and Romeny need to require us all to carry. Stuff like this would not happen and crime would be reduced. I mean, seriously, if you knew this lady was packing, are you going to attack me? Or the lady y

794 days ago


here's what american gun nuts (republicans/******gers) want..they want legally armed citizens to have weapons so to fire back and kill lunatics like the one in colorado.

can you imagine 6 or 7 individuals in the closed, confined area of a dark movie theatre, firing from all directions at this guy who won't go down because he's wearing armour!?!

what they want would've resulted in far more deaths in a massive crossfire! the tragedy would've been far worse than it already is.

NRA, american gun fanatics, the christian right, republicans and ******gers are thoughtless lunatics who want to legislate disasters!!

794 days ago


I find it funny that people say stricter gun laws are needed... murderers obviously don't follow the law so they're definitely not going to follow gun laws. I understand where people are coming from and in a perfect world it would work but these sickos are going to find a way to kill people regardless of stricter gun laws. But at the same time, what could it hurt to make them stricter I guess? But I don't think it would make a difference to the freaks. He had some kind of gas too, so yeah. Scary stuff. What is this world coming to when you get gassed and shot at the movies? My heart goes out to everyone affected from this horrible, senseless crime. I hope this bastard gets the most serve punishment you can get.

794 days ago


Well we can sleep easier knowing we are safe from IRONY folks.
Seriously Hollywood - get some friggin common sense. Banning costumes, do you really think that will ever prevent something because you made a policy that no one could wear costumes? This guy didn't wear a costume! He wore protective gear! So next time someone wants to do something, they wont wear anything at all - then what rule are you going to make to prevent it after that? And then this "We removed guns from the trailers" - well THAT'LL sure the fk prevent something! And don't even try to say it's being done to be respectful. We know how Hollywood works, there are already meetings going on about how to save the profit from this movie after this incident, and you know it. There is no respect in Hollyweird.
So... how about we stop making stupid rules like people can't wear costumes and no more guns in movie trailers and work on how to actually fix the problem?

794 days ago


They should just dedicate the movie in memory of the victims of the tragic shooting. The get there good press they want out of it

793 days ago


How stupid. This country is going to Hell with all this ridiculous political correctness.

793 days ago


Are they assuming that images and references to guns from all "Batman" movie trailers are in direct relation to what this sick individual did? That makes no sense at all!

793 days ago


What a joke. Do you think if movie trailers don't have guns that the f'd up people in the world will go away? People kill people...guns don't. take guns away and you'll see more violence then ever.

792 days ago

jacklyn johnson    

May God's angels surround the family of the victims with love, courage and strength during this most difficult time. Thanks for the heads up on the Evertalk memorial page Christina. I will make sure to visit it.

791 days ago
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