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'Batman' Shooter

The Killer's Arsenal

7/20/2012 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Holmes used 3 different kinds of guns during his assault on a Colorado movie theater ... including a high power assault rifle.

The Aurora PD says Holmes was in possession of an AR-15, a Remington 870 shotgun and a 40 caliber glock handgun when he was arrested this morning.

Cops say they found another 40 caliber glock in the shooter's car, located right outside the movie theater.

An AR-15 is a semi-automatic weapon ... capable of firing off hundreds of rounds per minute.

Below is a video of someone demonstrating the firing power of the AR-15 -- a civilian version of the M-16 assault rifle.


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Well now everyone (once again) will be on the "NO GUNS" movement again. As the owner of a gun store I realize this happens every time there is a shooting. But lets all remember...guns alone don't kill's the crazies holding them!

824 days ago


Tmz officially sucks now because of what there trying to do tmz is trying to make it seem as if guns are to blame when this has millitary and government inside job written all over it! Your so quick to show these guns but you don't say a word about the false flag operation fast and furious which was supposed to help put a band on firearms! Let's say we do band them how can and how will we protect ourselves from let's say a tyrant individual or even a tyrant government! ? That's the whole point of the second amendment you moron to keep government and stupid tyrants in check

824 days ago


geez, us, what the h e l l does anyone need a weapon like that for...i have no problem with a handgun for protection of your family and home, but WTH and machine gun????why are people other than the police and m ilitary allowed to own these, its obvious what the whack jobs will do

824 days ago


Oh but that's not the way this works. The gun nuts will say "If everyone had a gun, this wouldn't have happened" - Their solution is MORE guns so even more nut jobs can walk around with them.
Same story, different day...

824 days ago

Matthew Fortier    

I love how you people seem to think one person with a gun could have stopped this. "If Someone had believed in the right to ear arms, they could have saved so many lives."
Or they could have hurt alot more people, firing off inside a smoked out, loud, crazy movie complex. Stop acting like you would have been a hero, and have some respect for those who perished.

824 days ago


We need a gun registry like the sex offender registry then when our neighbors are acting suspiciously we can turn them in.

824 days ago


should probably stop referring to him as the "batman" or "dark knight" shooter, he would probably like that. What a low life.

Sorry for all the victims

824 days ago


This post is irresponsible and insulting to the victims of this tragedy. By likening the killer to Batman and showing off his weapons, you are glorifying violence encouraging others who may be contemplating similar actions.

824 days ago


It's sad how tmz is trying to blame this on guns by showing the guns used as if guns kill people rather then people killing people! Lol tmz is stupid that's why you can't take them serious

824 days ago


My deepest sympathies to the victims of this lone psychopathic killer. I refuse to blame the tools he used to carry out his madness nor will I waste time trying to seek out logic or reason within his insane act. We are in a free society of over 300 million souls, many of whom are in fact dangers to themselves and others. But that would be 'profilinng' and not politically correct.

824 days ago


Keep guns out of the hands of left-wing nut-jobs!

824 days ago


Keep guns out of the hands of left-wing nut-jobs!

824 days ago


He had explosives rigged to his apartment door, it sounds like he didn't plan on returning. Was he hoping for suicide by cop?

824 days ago


TMZ you missed the detail that the gunman had a Drum Magazine that contains over 100 rounds in it attached to his AR15. The show "AMerican Guns" filmed in Colorado is always bragging how that type of weaponry is legal to own in their state. Isn't that nice.

824 days ago


Nice try Tmz....your lame attempt at demonizing guns falls flat. Typical liberal bull****. I own an AR-15 and a Glock. I would never contemplate what this lunatic did...but you want us all to believe that "Assault weapons" are somehow to blame?!? Millions of registered gun owners....all it takes is ONE nut-job.

824 days ago
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