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James Holmes

Father Arrives

In Colorado

7/20/2012 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Photo

James Holmes' father Robert Holmes
James Holmes
' father just landed at the Denver International Airport, presumably to see his son who is in custody for the slaughter at the "Dark Knight" premiere.

Robert Holmes flew from his home in San Diego and was mum when he got on the Southwest Airlines flight.

Robert Holmes was the first one off the plane and was escorted by cops into a police van.

The Holmes family released a statement earlier expressing sympathy for the family of the victims and said they were cooperating with authorities.


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Delaware D    

The Colorado tragedy literally sickens me. Prayers for the victims and their loved ones.

823 days ago


How must it feel to be this guy's father, right about now?!

823 days ago


not the fathers fault...some people are just defective and all the drugs they are giving makes them much worse

823 days ago


When, one, wants to drive an automobile... He needs to go through some kind of "process", to see whether the person is eligible to drive or not.. The reason, for, why people can't just operate an automobile -- without a license -- is, to not hurt/kill somebody..or TO NOT POSE any kind of THREAT to anyone!!

So...why do we have a psychopaths with guns around? Why isn't there some kind of course, rules, the future gun holder needs to pass through?! How much has to happen yet to see, that, there is something wrong in America?

Everytime we hear about shootings in schools/public it's always here in the U.S.

From now on, people will go through a medal detector when going to see a movie. What a great future we are building for our kids...

823 days ago


My sympathies for the victims and their families notwithstanding, I do feel bad for Holmes' parents. To have a child fail you so badly and so publicly and cause so much pain for others must be a really crappy feeling.

823 days ago


$10 bucks says he's some wacko anarchist who got paid to do this so more anti-gun laws could strip even more civilians from protecting themselves against this kind of nutcase. If I had been allowed a conceal carry permit, that sick F* would've been neutralized before he ripped off a second round.

823 days ago

Rick Rodriguez    

You have no business doing legitimate news items. Yo cover Kim K's Lambo gift to Kanye and other tabloid ****. you are NOT journalists.

823 days ago


Wow...I feel for his father just by watching him on the news with all the press asking him questions and he continued to walk with his head hug in SHAME stating "No Comment"....SAD situation all around for the victims and their families and of course the Holmes family.

823 days ago


Here's a tip: How about finding out how the heck this kid bought assault rifles? Tell us which laws he broke that are ALREADY on the books and enforce THOSE!

823 days ago


Yeah, here they omitted the part from the family about "We appreciate that people will respect our privacy."... not from the media, what world are you from??? They are on this like flies on s*!t "This just in, here's the father, ROBERT, the guy with with a big f@!*in' red arrow pointing at him!!!!
I'm seeing the media sensationalism in this case like I almost never have before.

823 days ago


I wonder..... if the news didn't cover these stories in so much detail, would the idiots out there not do it to become famous?

823 days ago


Please TMZ.. don't give this guy undeserved attention. You keep posting about everything HE does and he gets attention that should be going to the victims of this tragedy. Do not make this guy famous. Please.

823 days ago


The shooter will ultimately be admitted to a psychiatric hospital just like the guy who shot Gaby Giffords and killed innocent people.

This shooter and the shooter from Arizona deserve the death penalty.

823 days ago


sad, sad, sad

823 days ago


My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this tragedy. I also pray for friends and family of James Holmes.

823 days ago
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