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James Holmes

Father Arrives

In Colorado

7/20/2012 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Photo

James Holmes' father Robert Holmes
James Holmes
' father just landed at the Denver International Airport, presumably to see his son who is in custody for the slaughter at the "Dark Knight" premiere.

Robert Holmes flew from his home in San Diego and was mum when he got on the Southwest Airlines flight.

Robert Holmes was the first one off the plane and was escorted by cops into a police van.

The Holmes family released a statement earlier expressing sympathy for the family of the victims and said they were cooperating with authorities.


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buzz kill    

Sucks to be him. :-(

771 days ago


So now daddy has to show up to get his 15 minutes of fame. He will give us some line of bull crap how his son is a really nice person. This killer should be executed instantly.

771 days ago


I've been anticipating this movie for over 2 years. It was going to be one of the highlights of the summer. Now I just feel sad and sickened. I wish it was like the middle ages and they could put the guy on the rack and have him quartered in about two days.

771 days ago


How did he get into medical school? Don't they interview them?

771 days ago


Let me guess......"my son is a good boy, I would never think he would do something like this"

Followed by the countess interviews of people who went to kindegarden, highschool, the prom with him.

Of couse, everyone dig deep into your pockets so your taxes can pay for his meals, healthcare etc. for the rest of his life.

771 days ago


How did he get into Medical school? Don't they interview the students?

771 days ago


i cant imagine how crappy he must feel

771 days ago


just remember guns dont kill people ...bullets empty gun is a hammer, a bullet can be set off by a nail in a board and kill someone..

771 days ago


They showed his mother going into her house. I can't even imagine what his mother, father and family are going through. He obviously at one time was going fine to exceed at what he was studying. Sounds like a mental illness that hadn't been found or treated. He thought he was the Joker? yikes
All the families of the victims must think they're in a nightmare. I feel so sorry for them. :(

771 days ago


That is so freakin' sad - what went wrong there?

771 days ago


@MIKEG Your an idiot. First of all there are different courses to have guns, for ex. Hunter safety and concealed weapons course. 2nd of all, many people take these courses, but someone who plans to shoot up a theatre or kill someone on the street isn't gonna take it anyway, its not gonna stop them. And you think having laws to prevent ppl from buying guns is the solution? Trust me any criminal that plans to use that gun to harm someone else (instead of recreation or self defense), will find a way to get a gun anyway. If you make laws to prevent buying of guns your just taking away guns from someone that might be close by that would of been able to save your ass. Guns aren't the problem, people are

771 days ago


my most sincere sympathies to this man and his relatives and I hope they dont have to go watch their son put to death but I hope he is put to death soon.and lets stop saying his name quit making him a celeb like kim k or snuki

771 days ago


I used to live in the Aurora community and i know a few friends that go to that theatre very frequently. It has really opened my eyes to this world and i have been thinking all day "what if one of my friends were in there, how would i feel?" and i know if they were i would want James Holmes obliterated from this Earth, but i would NEVER blame the father. He clearly was a decent (at the least) father to raise a child to go to med school... so shut the f*** up idiots who think he had any cause of this whatsoever.

771 days ago


My prayers go out to all the victim's and their family's. As for the shoot James Holmes you need psych help

771 days ago

Oh A 💛💋    

Its really sad to hear innocent People die this horrible tragic way . This world keeps getting worse and worse each day and it's just sad to sit here an watch it happen . I fear for all the very younger kids because they do not have a clue what kind of world there going to have to grow up in !

771 days ago
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