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James Holmes


Non-Violent Video Game

7/20/2012 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Holmes liked Guitar Hero
The man who slaughtered a dozen people and wounded 59 was obsessed with a video game that was anything but violent ... Guitar Hero.

We've learned ... one of James Holmes' classmates at the University of California at Riverside played Guitar Hero with the shooter all the time, and "for hours."

The male student is telling friends he is "shocked," never having had a clue that Holmes had a propensity for violence.

It's an interesting side note, because people with violent tendencies often act them out in various ways, and video games are definitely an outlet.

Another classmate of Holmes tells TMZ Holmes was never a trouble-maker.  The two of them were in virtually every class together yet he was so quiet she hardly noticed him.


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If automatic assault rifles existed 300 years ago, would the Second Amendment have ever existed?

822 days ago


There has to be more to it. It all does not make sence!

822 days ago


This young man is mentally unstable....something Tragic had to happen in his life he had a promising future...SAD SAD SAD

822 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

God he is ****ing creepy looking! Makes my flesh crawl just looking at him.

822 days ago


Well, you know what they say about the quiet ones ...

822 days ago


The US Government is too worried watching for a Terriorist from another country, they really need to look here at home more.

822 days ago


My mother always told me to watch out for the quiet ones... RIP to all of the victims.

822 days ago


UC Riverside... and PhD not DMD... this guy isn't that smart after all.

822 days ago


Doesn't really say much either way though, as there is no evidence of any link between violent themed video games and real murder.

822 days ago

Rick Rodriguez    

You have no business doing legitime news items. Yo cover Kim K's Lambo gift to Kanye and other tabloid ****. you are NOT journalists.

822 days ago

D. Potter    

My Father told me when I was growing up, never fear what a man says, fear what he doesn't say; it's always the quiet ones...

822 days ago


We could probably go on for days speculating what might have triggered this man to do this. Sadly we may never no the reasons behind it. All we can do is learn from it, and take steps to prevent it from happening again.

822 days ago


We will most likey never know, nor understand, what caused this man to go off the rails. We can speculate. We can point fingers. We can blame. But it won't change what happened and it won't stop the next time.

822 days ago


they will blame the music on the worries the liberal media will find something to blame

822 days ago


Well I guess that theory some people were floating out there that violent video games are to blame is out...

Unfortionatly these things never come with clear answers. A good movie on the subject of shootings is "Bang, Bang, You're Dead". It is more on the subject of school shootings, but can apply here. It starts the movie by saying, there is not really a type, except normally they are young white males (no, I'm not starting a race thing). Some are loners...some not. Some from broken familys...some not. They have a variety of different interests. The only thing they all have in common is they told someone of what they intended to do and for whatever reason, that person didn't tell. I'm sure glad I am not that person right now.

822 days ago
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