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James Holmes


Non-Violent Video Game

7/20/2012 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Holmes liked Guitar Hero
The man who slaughtered a dozen people and wounded 59 was obsessed with a video game that was anything but violent ... Guitar Hero.

We've learned ... one of James Holmes' classmates at the University of California at Riverside played Guitar Hero with the shooter all the time, and "for hours."

The male student is telling friends he is "shocked," never having had a clue that Holmes had a propensity for violence.

It's an interesting side note, because people with violent tendencies often act them out in various ways, and video games are definitely an outlet.

Another classmate of Holmes tells TMZ Holmes was never a trouble-maker.  The two of them were in virtually every class together yet he was so quiet she hardly noticed him.


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Ah..leave it to TMZ to milk a story at every end..

735 days ago

get a clue    

"-he was so quiet she hardly noticed him."

This guy was obviously a looser who wanted to do somthing to get himself noticed and talked about for a long time to come. So he chose one of the most popluar movies coming to theater in a long time to do this horrible thing. Knowing that it would be remembered and talked about. Now he will try and play the insanity card for his defense and shame on him and his family for taking the cowards way out and making excuses for him-which we all know will be coming. This guy is not insane - just because he said he was the joker at the dark knight rises premier does not make him insane- he just wanted his fame, well here you go buddy if they televise your execution that's going to be your fame and what you ll be remembered for, and your family will be remembered for--congrats A$% wipe!!!!

735 days ago


Anyone who had taken the same classes with this guy had said they never noticed him or didn't remember him even after seeing a picture of him clearly this guy was the type that sat in a corner by himself feeling unnoticed maybe even worthless he had achieved a lot but what is success if you feel like nothing in my opinion this guy was tired of feeling that way and wanted attention he wanted people to take him seriously he even told to police himself there was explosive in his room there was loud music playing in his room before this all went down which actually made a girl from below come up to his room and knock on the door when she knocked and got no answer she felt like the door was open but didn't open it and instead walked away obviously the explosives where already planted and he was waiting for someone to do exactly what this girl had did but not expect them to turn away, if he did want attention he's gotten it and killed injured and traumatized innocent people along the way, you see this stuff happen on tv but never expect it to turn into reality, sick and twisted.

735 days ago


ban guitar hero NOW!!!

735 days ago

Jorge Vializ    

Guys placing the word Hero next to this loser's picture is very poor taste. take this down

735 days ago

Alamdar Khan    

im sure this kid had been bullied in his childhood ... he just cant be a killer all of a sudden ... may be he had some hard core psychiatric issues.... Sad incident and shows how insecure the world has become

735 days ago

Stay Classy TMZ    

You stay classy TMZ.

735 days ago


Glad he doesn't play any "violent" games. I get tired of having my completely harmless hobbies (and normally not even violent despite what media says) turned into some sort of trigger for murdering maniacs.

735 days ago


I really like to know what George Zimmerman says anythings this? Will George Zimmerman says " GOD's plans" ?

735 days ago


Don't underestimate the power of these "games". We all know they can become addicting and if you're already ready to snap, something in them could trigger it.

They put you in another reality because your reality sucks. Like a drug.

This made me think of that song:

JukeBox Hero by Foreigner

Here's the lyrics:

Please watch your kid's with all games, music, entertainment industry.

735 days ago


"It's an interesting side note, because people with violent tendencies often act them out in various ways, and video games are definitely an outlet." Did jack Thompson write this? Interesting side note that has nothing to do with anything.

735 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

Quit slandering Guitar Hero. Guitar Hero is awesome.

735 days ago


I always knew jsut f8cked up people liked Guitar Hero. Why spending hours pretending you can play a guitar on a video game when u can actually learn to play one?

735 days ago


*yawn* these cases ALWAYS have to mention video game use huh? There is NO correlation between playing video games and becoming a sociopath. The man is sick in the head, enough said

735 days ago


His eyes says it ALL......

735 days ago
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