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'Batman' Massacre

You Be the Judge

7/22/2012 12:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Colorado massacre and James Holmes raise fundamental questions about movie violence, guns and public safety. So we gotta ask ...


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Who came up with some of these stupid questions?
Good lord.. TMZ just seems to be hiring 12 year old girls to write for them anymore.

823 days ago


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823 days ago


TMZ trolling on a slow news day.. Some of these questions are ridiculous, is anyone over there a grown-up?

823 days ago


That's right, let's ban guns. Cause all the criminals out there won't mind handing theirs over with the rest of us.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. The only thing banning guns would do is leave all of the law-abiding citizens at risk, while all the criminals out there would have free reign. You take our guns, you take our freedoms, security and safety with them.

823 days ago


These questions are completely stupid and irrelevant

823 days ago


Btw, I watch TMZ, because sometimes I want to get away from the "Real NEWS". :) This is obviously, a MKUltra OP. The Classic "Lone GunMan", act that Gov't's has been using forever. Aurora, is the town in which this Mass occurred. In Latin, Aurora means....Dawn, Morning, to rise. The Dark knight Aurora? These ppl/elites use Ritual everyday. These guns he used are Army Tech.......there is no way a poor Med Student could afford this equipment, nor have the resources w/out FBI on his a#$. Actor, Jason Momoa is right about not having a TV or a Cell. Your New TV runs at 120hz, meanwhile your brain only picks-up 30hz/frames per second. So...what is going on with the rest of the frames? Don't believe....this is what they were doing back in the 60's TV...imagine what they can do now.

823 days ago


Maybe people need to stop WORSHIPING actors and movies.

You are worse than drug addicts.

823 days ago


People are way confuse on the "Ban em" position of guns. People kill people, not guns. If they were illegal, creeps like this, would have obtained them anyway. If we were to fully embrace our second amendment rights, people could have had concealed weapons permits and could have been armed to stop this creep. Wise up people.

823 days ago

BB not bb    

At some point he decided to identify with the dark side. The Joker is the villian in the Batman movies, someone who always does wrong and makes trouble. Maybe this James got fed up with doing well in school and going to church and still not being able to get a job, so he just decided to stop being good and go for being bad.

I noticed in the picture of him that they first released, he teased up devil horns in his hair. I know another person who did this as a way to show identification with the devil. He could have been involved in Satanism even maybe.

I think that he was very smart and was pretty much excuded from close friendships with others. Sometimes people resent and are intimidated by people who are very smart when they try to relate to the not as smart as peers. He seemed to have problems finding a girlfriend as well.

This kind of reminds me of Columbine where the shooters were kind of outcasts and wanted to get back at all of the smiley happy people who wouldn't give them the time of day. There must be some kind of vibe in CO where people have a shoot em up, wild west attitude, coupled with a deep sense of alienation and exclusion.

I find it interesting that his mother wasn't even surpriesd that her seemingly good kid did this. She must know alot more about him, like maybe that no one really understood or cared about him enough to help him, even his own family.

This society in general is hard for outsiders to fit into. There is a certain cultural standard that is pretty base and ignorant, so if you are a very smart and very moral person, you might feel like the new criminal instead.

So you could try to blame the movies but he hadn't even seen this movie yet. I think it is maybe the culture in general and possibly environmental toxins.

823 days ago


42% of your poll would NOT like to c guns banned????? ASTONISHING, are these people serious? 60 days ago this idiot walks out and leagally buys an arsnal of weapons so he could go out and kill your loved ones, if the kind of freedom the victims of this man have got is what u crave in the states with the RIGHT TO BARE ARMS, u deserve everything you get, its what u want!!!!!!!!!

823 days ago


Death is too kind. Put him in prison for life. Let him rot

823 days ago


My prayers go out for these victims, especially the 4 year old that got killed. May god let this man burn in hell.

823 days ago

Fat Mike    

Those last two questions were pretty stupid

823 days ago

two cents    

Keep up with all this publicity. Only a matter of time before someone else tries to make a new high score. It's a game with these kids, challenge to see how much notoriety they can get and we keep playing into it. Good grief. Enough.

823 days ago


Millions of people own guns and millions of people play violent video games/watch violent movies but millions of people don't go around shooting and killing people.

I saw Spider-man a few weeks ago but I didn't get home and whip out my two guns an try to web sling off the roof of my house.

Quit trying to blame it on guns/movies there are over 300 million people in the US there, are bound to be psychos who do horrible things.

823 days ago
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