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'Batman' Massacre

You Be the Judge

7/22/2012 12:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Colorado massacre and James Holmes raise fundamental questions about movie violence, guns and public safety. So we gotta ask ...


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this is a tragic situation, it is still no excuse to say ban guns from everyone. look at mexico only the crooks have guns. do not try to take guns from good people because of a few bad or crazy ones. knee jerk reaction.

803 days ago


Yeah let's ban guns because they will keep CRIMINALS from using. If you are robbing a bank you certainly wouldn't want the extra gun charge on you now would you? In fact let's ban knifes, chainsaws, spears, pillows, water, axes, all types of fertalizers and fuel, baseball bats, sticks, anything that could be used to suffocate someone like clothes, rags, sheets, and whatnot. In fact let's ban anything that has ever been used to kill someone.

It's figures that left wing nuts, like TMZ would use this to push control.

If one person in that theater had a CCW it might not has been as bad as it was. We don't need to ban guns we need more people to conceal and carry.

Sane people don't kill people. Sane people defend themselves.

I am glad I have my CCW and my 9mm on me at all times.

803 days ago


If he was middle eastern he would have been labeled a terrorist and this would be called an act of terrorism but since he is white he is just "crazy" and this is just a random tragic incident. Some people want to spy on and vilify certain groups of people when in reality terrorism can come from anyone. The man dressed up as the joker with the intent to terrorize. Im tired of hearing this "he had no links to terrorism" What part of terror did you not see from this mans horrific actions, including the booby trapping of his apartment.

803 days ago


Ok watching people get killed, raped, tortured, etc... that doesn"t promote violence but a gun does.

803 days ago


Cracker Barrel Meatloaf

803 days ago


Wishing death on someone is just as bad.

Stay classy, America.

803 days ago


White people have done it again

803 days ago


F@ck me give it a rest, stupid F@ckin questions,

Why dont you put 1 in that asks " What do you think about Websites xploiting on a tragedy for F@cking web hits"

803 days ago


people always think gun control is the answer. I'd rather have a gun legally to protect me from nut jobs than have no defense except running and hiding. Canada has much better gun control laws than here in the U.S. and still wicked people find a way to get them. Look at the recent Toronto shooting. Why should nuts get them illegally, and innocent law abiding people shouldn't be allowed to have them to defend themselves? And as for him being a nut... I hate that "insanity" defense thing. If someone is insane, that's an even better reason IMO to not have mercy. Being insane is not an excuse for murder, it's an even better reason to get them off the street to not do it again.

803 days ago


"Will massacre ruin Batman Oscar bid? "Are you serious?

803 days ago


Ban guns? If someone else had a gun in that theater this attack might have been stopped or at least had far fewer victims.

803 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

How about the question, should the media refuse to latch onto these stories like leeches, thereby turning these unstable individuals into historic and legendary figures, thereby becoming inspirational to other unstable individuals?

803 days ago


It's used for classes.

803 days ago


Can you tell me why, if he is severely mentally ill, he should be put to death or in prison for the rest of his life for a medical illness? He needs to be treated and sent to a psychiatric hospital, not a prison, where he will not get the medication he needs. Ever see the movie A BEAUTIFUL MIND? Think about it.

803 days ago


Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

803 days ago
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