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'Batman' Massacre

You Be the Judge

7/22/2012 12:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Colorado massacre and James Holmes raise fundamental questions about movie violence, guns and public safety. So we gotta ask ...


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Gvien the usual sissy questionaire and his HS photo, TMZ left out the most obvious question(s). Does this psycho look gay? Is he a latent homosexual? Just saying...

801 days ago


I voted for life in prison..death penalty, too easy.

801 days ago


Oh thank you TMZ I never thought I'd find a vote. Way to go! Listen up ,,, this guy is one sick pup. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve to die, just saying no one with a shred of sanity would go the route he did. People have massacred because of the Bible or because there are monsters in their cereal and they have to save the world. How about something on the victims of this sicko? Or would that be too boring and out of your league to have some responsibility?

801 days ago


to those who think he is like "a beautiful mind" and should be rehabilitated, it was just released that among his many victims... one was a 6 year old girl. He blew a baby away with no pause or guilt. Does that sound like a beautiful mind to you who should be released back into the general public?

800 days ago


Was Holmes a) Mentally Deranged b) Evil; 60 % voted mentally deranged. Should Holmes get a) Life in Prison b) Death Penalty , 69% voted the death penalty. Is it just me or is there something massively wrong with that?

800 days ago


Stop posting anything personal about him online. He doesn't deserve it.

800 days ago

Shar J    

Please TMZ, quit giving this evil individual publicity. Have some respect for those who lost their lives and pray for them and the survivors who will live with this horrific tragedy the rest of their lives.

800 days ago

obama , "so biden how can we use this massacre to take away the second amendment ? " . biden " we can tell them if we repeal the second amendment we will be much safer and we will live in wonderland !" . they both chuckle . obama still chuckling ,"they will run to us for our fake promise of non possibility to deliver safety from evil in the world , we will leave them defenseless . yay our day has come now the country can finally be like new york city and chicago were criminals win every time!"

800 days ago


Most of you people are idiots. You say that movies don't spawn violence , that producers shouldn't make violent flicks...yet u acknowledge that violent movies are bad for children. Hypocrites!

800 days ago


WHEN I LOOK AT HIS PARTICULAR SMILE AND EXPRESSION IN HIS EYES, I am reminded of a mannequin and not a human which, the human part, is debatable.

800 days ago


Ban Guns? Do any of those voting that way look at logic and statistics???

Every state, city and town that have less gun restrictions have less crime! It's a 'Fact' educate yourselves.

Criminals will be able to get 'anything' including guns if outlawed leaving good people without.

Do you know how many lives are 'Saved', crimes are 'Stopped' by people who carry guns? Millions per year, look it up.

Think with 'Logic' my fellow American's not with an ideology or emotion only.

If guns were outlawed, this Nut Job would still have got them. 'HE' is responsible for planning and pulling those triggers. Guns don't Think, they simply shoot.

800 days ago

mike holly    

the shooting will help the ocsar bid let's be real

800 days ago

mike holly    

the only reason heath legher or his crappy movie won any awards is because he died. get real folks

800 days ago

mike holly    

however you spell his name

800 days ago

mike holly    

full autos are not legal to own. semi autos are legal to own. big dif. a full auto is a machine gun. a semi auto you have to pull the trigger for each round to come out

800 days ago
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