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'Dark Knight Rises'

Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway Leave Paris

7/21/2012 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0721_anne_hathaway_christian_bale_FFNFollowing the decision to cancel the Paris premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises," the movie's stars, Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway, hopped aboard a private jet yesterday at a private airport.

Warner Bros. has also canceled appearances by the cast scheduled for Mexico and Japan.

The film's director, Christopher Nolan, released a statement yesterday that read in part, "Speaking on behalf of the cast and crew of 'The Dark Knight Rises', I would like to express our profound sorrow at the senseless tragedy that has befallen the entire Aurora community ... Nothing any of us can say could ever adequately express our feelings for the innocent victims of this appalling crime, but our thoughts are with them and their families."


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did Anne play Robin in the movie?

821 days ago

Gang bangers have changed the face of America, people are afraid to walk the streets at night and doors have double locks. But a new banger has entered the American scene, he is the Crowd banger. Let us pray that Holmes is the last of this new type of banger, if not we will all stay in the basement watching the world from the Internet.

821 days ago


So lets just cancel everything and let the bad guy win as usual. So sorry that this happened in Aurora, but its life, we have crazy people in this world and that is never going to change. We are letting this guy win every time we cancel something involving it and every time his picture is posted on EVERY WEBSITE. Stop letting the criminals win!!!

821 days ago


Getting out of town?? Double down, perhaps donate blood money to obamas campain don't forget you didn't act in that film it was the guy that built the road.

821 days ago


Stop acting like DKR is the reason this guy went nuts. He could have just as easily shot a theater full of people watching Hunger Games, Avengers, or Spiderman. Why are people being punished for something they had nothing to do with. IF Warner Bros really wanted to do something to help...announce they will donate 5% of DKR profits donate to Red Cross.

821 days ago


I thought it wasa fantastic movie I did attend the premier in Phoenix Az. we didnt have some stupid ass nut job ruin it for us.. until we woketo the news friday morning... This idiot need to be putot death for what he did a life for a life!!! I was shocked, horrified and saddened forwhatthose poor peopel went threw... one shouldnt have to pay TWICE to see a movie.. they aid with cash,,, then with their lives! May theprisoners get him for this... he also killed a little girl!! What ass does THAT!!! So sick!

821 days ago


The movie was great! Hands down thebest Batman ever!!! That being said this ass clown ruined it for everyone!! Those peole went there to enjoy a magnificent movie and theend ofthe best Batman erra ever!! What they got was undeserved, and unwelcome! The creep ( who I shall not say his name he get enough press) who shot and killed or injured those people deserves to get the death penalty!! Period. He isnt the joker, the joker isnt real he is fiction! Dude needs a rwality check but now he thinks he is famous. and infamous! Those people in colorado didnt need to ay for the movie twice! Once with money then with their lives!! They went to enjoy a marvolous movie acted by soemof the best actors today. neither chris nolan, christian Bale, anne Hathaway, josehh gordan lovett, Tom Hardy or any of the other cast members are guilty of what thisass wipe did! his actions are his own and he alone isto blame NOT a movie! I went to the midnight premier in Phoenix Az. enjoyed every moment of it then friday morning woke up to this sick mess!!! Ass ruined everything for those people... and for all of us wiht a heart!! My heart goes outthe the familymembers and the ones who paid twice for that movie. RIP ya all ... Rip!!!

821 days ago


Part of me thinks it makes sense to cancel the other premiers and part of me does not. I think that in some ways doing the premiers as planned would be like saying to the shooter "you are so pathetic and insignificant that we won't let you disrupt peoples lives and plans anymore". Canceling them may make him feel like he's continuing to have an impact in the world.

821 days ago


Classy thing to do...

I don't think this movie should have some linkage to what happened... This wackjob would have done the same thing at an animated disney flick...

821 days ago

Detective. LaToya    

Glad to see Anne can smile during all this. Illuminati at work. Also dummies they are canceling them in-case anyone wants to be a copycat. It's for peoples safety-not telling that crazy whiteboy that he won. Use your brains.

821 days ago


The Movie Dark Knight Rises had absolutely nothing to do with a man suffering from mental illness killing people in that movie theater. The movie was excellent I am going to go see it again. It was a sad day and a day that the metally ill man decided to kill people. This could had happen in a school, church, resturant, book store, museum, library any public place, but he chose a movie theater showing the movie Dark Knight Rises. Why the actors are coming out to speak on this is not even necessary. They did not play nor did the movie play apart in the killing of those folks.

821 days ago


Anne all smiles she already cashed paycheck!

821 days ago

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