Comedian DeRay Davis I'll See 'Dark Knight' ... But Only During the Day

7/21/2012 5:40 AM PDT

Funny man DeRay Davis is dead serious about not taking any chances when it comes to seeing "The Dark Knight Rises" after yesterday's tragic incident ... telling TMZ he's only buying his tickets for daytime showings.

TMZ spoke to Davis outside the movie theater at The Grove in L.A. Friday ... we asked him if the Colorado shooting would affect his decision to see Chris Nolan's hotly anticipated new flick.

Davis gave us some words of wisdom about it ... saying that "fools" don't come out until after 9:00 PM so we're safer in the daylight. He also said he'll let his kids watch it -- but only from home.

He added, "It's real sad what happened. I feel sorry for those families out there ... especially the kids."