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James Holmes

Sex Website Says

Profile Is Legit

7/21/2012 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


A profile on a popular sex website appearing to be that of Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes is authentic ... so say sources connected to the website.

As TMZ first reported, the profile appeared on the website just days before the "Dark Knight Rises" massacre. The profile included a cryptic message on the top which reads, "Will you visit me in prison?" 

Sources at the website tell TMZ they have confirmed it was created by Holmes. We're told they tracked the IP address back to Aurora, CO and the account info for the profile (such as the address and DOB) matched up with Holmes.

In the profile, Holmes  described his penis as "short/average," said he was a "light/social drinker" and in the section where he's asked if he smokes or does drugs, he answered, "I'd prefer not to say."

Holmes created the profile on July 5 and last logged in to the site sometime in the past three days.

Law enforcement is currently looking at the profile to determine its authenticity and relevance, but website sources tell us ... they have not been contacted yet.



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why is this psycho on a celebrity website? this is exactly what he wanted, otherwise he would have took himself out before the cops got to him. I never will understand why people go on shooting spree's killing random, innocent people that never even knew this monster, never did anything to him, seems obvious he was trying to kill as many people as possible no matter who they were, how old they were....and there is no one to blame except the psycho who made the choice to murder random people in cold blood, but please TMZ, stop reporting and posting pics of this evil pos, he wanted media attention and now he is probably thinking to himself "hmmm...I wonder when a LifeTime movie about me will come out" "I wonder what actor will play me" "when will a book about me come out"? he should be sent to the firing sqaud and be done with it. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, their families and anyone who was effected by this tragedy.

787 days ago


A short to average endowment and (therefore) no apparent history of girlfriends explains the anger and psychological insanity that drove him to kill all those innocent people? Note I made no attempt at connecting James Holmes surname with the late John C. Holmes who was much-much above average in the sexual organ department.

787 days ago



787 days ago


New FBI Database, Millions of guys names. and penis size, Risk - HIGH- Possible Shooters.

787 days ago


Ths TSA full body scanners make sense now, looking for guys with small penis's HIGH THREAT LEVEL,..

787 days ago


Can we please start giving this much attention to the victims? I hope this schmuck gets arse raped in jail. repeatedly.

787 days ago


Ronald McDonald called...he wants his persona back...

787 days ago


the crazy guy was prob setting up some type of crazy kidnap and rape scenario... while keeping them inside his apt with all the bombs and such in there...while he went off on his rampage that night... what a nut job..... can you imagine if you were one of the women who hooked up with him via the website in the last month or something... wow... I imagine we will see TMZ invade these lonely women who just wanted some kinky sex lives and post them on the front page as soon as they are identified... wow... the anguish they must now feel (if there were any desperate enough to sleep with him)

787 days ago


Some nuts will probably correspond with and vist him in prison.

787 days ago


This guy was a PHD student in neuroscience, Of course he was interested in how the brain works and you can pretty much bet he experimented with options to alter reality. After much use he'd need more thrill each time. The media goes on about movie violence etc. Some of that interest ought to be directed to what glue he was sniffing or mushrooms he chomped, or bath salts he fancied. He most likely crowned himself king of his own world, with absolute divine power.

787 days ago


Publicizing these people only encourages them and others to follow suit.

People stopped running onto baseball fields at like Yankee Stadium.

When they refused to show them on camera.

Put an end to it but in very rare cases.

787 days ago


So basically the fact that he has a smallish penis is being put on blast.

787 days ago


So nice of him to admit he has no balls.

787 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Listen, I also have an AFF account because I enjoy getting screwed by a lot of anonymous guys. But that doesn't make me a crazy murderer.... Well, not as far as you know, anyway...

787 days ago


He probably will have girls visiting him in prison. Famous killers always have fangirls.

787 days ago
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