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James Holmes

Summer Camp Photos

7/22/2012 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Holmes -- Summer Camp PhotosTMZ has obtained two photos of James Holmes from his time as a camp counselor at Camp Max Straus, which is run by Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles.

A counselor who worked with James the summer of 2008 tells TMZ ... he seemed like everyone else and hung out with the other counselors. He described James by saying you "wouldn't be able to tell he was a killer," adding, "He was cool. I never would have thought he could kill anybody. He never was anything but nice."

0722_james_holmes_wm__arrow_subRandy Schwab, chief executive of Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles and director of Camp Max Straus, told the LA Times that James was responsible for “the care and guidance of a group of approximately 10 children" and added, "He was a counselor that had no incidents or disciplinary concerns. That summer provided the kids a wonderful camp experience without incident."


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It's it time to start shunning these low life s*** who go on rampages instead of plastering their pictures and telling us their life story. I don't give a crap about this guy and the less I hear about him the better. We've learned nothing from the past so why keep giving these s***bags more attention than they deserve.

820 days ago


The media is gonna turn this nut into a celebrity and give him exactly what he wanted. Enough of every little pic of him. I can only imagine all the dumb tv movies that'll be made about him. You know Lifetime already must be casting theirs. Ughhh

820 days ago


Why must we talk about this pathetic person that killed people for reason & in cold blood. STOP talking about him he does NOT deserve to be talked about he wants the attention DON'T give him any air time we the public DON'T want to hear about him we DON't care about him.

820 days ago


Melinda--their faces, stories are all over the news networks--both those who died, and those in the hospital. Some in the hospital say they are talking to the news people, to get the attention off the shooter. Their families very much want to tell their stories.

820 days ago


George Zimmerman is Jewish & Catholic, what does religion have to do with being a psychopathic murderer? Unless you're a scientologist? sorry tom cruise couldn't resist lol

820 days ago


TMZ, please stop now. I have not read any of these articles about this murderer's private life. While I agree the victims and their families need to be left alone to process through this tragedy, putting up unending articles about the murder's dating life, high school life, camp life, ad nauseum is an insult to those victims. Who cares about this person's life past and present - all you are doing is glorifying him.

820 days ago


TMZ, why dont you leave this looser 15 min of fame alone,,,i dont want to know him,,,PLEASE REPORT ON HIS DEATH BY INMATES,,,thats a story ill read,,,TMZ IS LIKE THIS GUY NOW,,,,LOOSER

820 days ago


why the hell are the new photos of this crazy-crazy every 5 minutes?? where posts about the victims and their families?? TMZ is so annoying. Commencing another week's worth of boycotting. Heading back to ONTD.

820 days ago


I'm with most of the people here...enough about this sicko!

820 days ago


Please stop showing pictures of that *******. You're giving him what he wants.

820 days ago


Hey, i'e got an idea!! Why don't Jerry Sandusky and James Holmes share a cell. You know Holmes looks pretty young just the way Sandusky likes them:-)

820 days ago


This one time at science camp.....

820 days ago

David Ford    

Who gives a ****. Really this guy was and is a Monster. And you are turning him into a celebrity. Screw that...this thing should never be given the time of day let alone the publicity. No One cares why he did this. He is a broken little boy that will never be fixed, he should never be allowed to rejoin society. I have no use for him other that that of hog feed (and no I dont live on a farm). Where are the stories of the heroes that night...the ones that took a bullet to protect the loved ones. Why did this happen because people were too much of a coward to rush him and put a stop to this. Instead they hid and allowed children to be hurt so they could get a good shot of this tragedy on their cell phone. Shame on you, shame on all the media. Shame on the people that allowed fear to rule their actions that night. They were tested and failed.

820 days ago


All anyone needs is something to trigger a snap in the brain, there's a cold heartless monster hidden in the most unlikely places..the question is what made this guy break?

820 days ago


There you go, see, just a regular, normal, person...likely well raised by nice parents...why does everyone want to paint him evil...just a kid that snapped and obviously was bent on being Heath Ledger from a movie. Did Ledger not get a Oscar for this.

820 days ago
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