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Dennis Rodman

I'm Chipping Away at

Massive Child Support Bill

7/23/2012 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Rodman
won't be thrown in jail for failing to pay over $200,000 in back child support -- because TMZ has learned the NBA legend finally struck a deal with his baby mama ... to pay her back ... kinda.

TMZ broke the story -- a Florida judge issued an arrest warrant for Rodman back in April after he failed to pay one of his baby mamas $179,000 in unpaid child support.

The judge later revoked the warrant when Rodman said he planned to fight the bill ... but set a court date earlier this month to address the issue. In the meantime, Rodman's $179,000 tab swelled to $253,000.

Rodman showed up to court -- with his longtime lawyers Bradford Cohen and Vanessa Prieto -- and we're told The Worm finally hashed out a deal with his ex. Which is good, because in Florida, deadbeat dads can get jail time.

Rodman's lawyers tell TMZ, he agreed to pay his ex $5,000 up front in good faith -- and slowly repay the balance in monthly installments. The judge was satisfied with the arrangement.

We're told Rodman still wants to get the principle amount lowered.

FYI -- this is only one of Rodman's outstanding child support cases ... he allegedly owes his ex-wife over $800,000 in California.

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Ah well, as long as the "judge was satisfied".

Family Court: Some guy arbitrarily telling you how often you get to see your kid, and how much you have to pay his/her mother.

821 days ago


The crime should be having child support that high. There should be a law, when child support is over a certain amount a month (about $5,000) you must itemize and show to the judge that you're spending every penny directly on the child. Remember ladies you don't get paid for watching your own child.

If the mom can't manage to spend the child's money on the child then the court should appoint a financial manager.

821 days ago


Wow that's too much, honestly that s***bag is only gonna blow that money on purses and usesless girl crap

821 days ago


Hey ... Good Idea for everyone involved to try not to have children until you are in a long term committed relationship and be willing to do your best to stay married and be available to actually raise your children.

This world would be a better place if there were fewer baby daddies and baby mommies ... and more stable family units with one mom and one dad that can stay together and be in a position to care and support their children - and become a good role model showing how an responsible parent should conduct themselves providing a good example for your children when they become adults. Always being at war with your ex over custody and child support is not an enjoyable way to live.

821 days ago


This guy totally ruined the appeal of the once gorgeous Carmen Electra.

821 days ago

Joan K    

His picture is in the dictionary, right next to the words, downright fugly jerk.

821 days ago


Why are 75% of African American children born out of wedlock? Is it some conspiracy to help bankrupt the taxpayers....If you cannot afford to support your offspring then close your legs/keep your pants on.

821 days ago


The worms father was a deadbeat and so is the worm,,but also,, what did this tramps expect?? You plant potatoes,, you get potatoes!!!! I cant even look at carmen without feeling sick to my stomach!!

821 days ago


Lazy! Pay what you owe. Children are involved. Sad

821 days ago


Hey TMZ...there's a difference between the words 'principal' and 'principle.' You might want to crack open the dictionary.

821 days ago


Stop the presses!!! I just watched D.R. on George Stephanopoulous......ruh-roh!
Normally, I take him with a grain....but now...
He has undermined our constitution, I am mad at Dennis Rodman! Mark my words3, there will be ripples and repercussions....
Oh, man Dennis, you have really effed-up this time!
I wait....I wait...top thinkers in sports, will you
Look the other way?

597 days ago

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