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James Holmes

The Bizarre Mug Shot

7/23/2012 1:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Holmes mug shot
Officials in Colorado have just released James Holmes' mug shot -- showing the "Dark Knight Rises" shooter in an orange jumpsuit ... with a crazed look in his eyes. 

The photo was taken Friday afternoon ... just hours after the 24-year-old opened fire in a movie theater ... killing 12 people and injuring 58 more.

Holmes appeared in court Monday morning ... with the same odd look on his face.

Holmes is facing first degree murder charges. Prosecutors said they will consider pursuing the death penalty.


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Is he cross eyed?

786 days ago


i think hes kinda good looking in a weird way lol
ofcourse he a psycho son of a bitch still

786 days ago


Holmes isn't fooling anyone. He's just like mass murderer Jared Loughner from Arizona (the one who shot Gabby Giffords.)

Loughner thinks that if he just smiles all the time, he'll get out of any prison sentence and spend his time at a cushy hospital, and end up getting furloughs like Ronnie Raygun's shooter, John Hinkley.

Holmes thinks that if he just keeps going from eyes as wide open as they can be, to looking like someone about ready to doze off, that he too can enjoy the same freedoms Hinkley has today.

Holmes was just ticked because he was flunking out of doctorate school, and apparently couldn't score a date with a Fleshlight, let alone an actual person.

786 days ago


Ronald McDonald?

786 days ago



786 days ago


Everyone is asking what he was thinking and why he did this, but what they should look at is the correlation of the focus of his study to this

786 days ago


You guys can talk about gun control all you want but if I was at that movie with my .45/.410 shotgun double barrel derringer we would have a dead clown with holes in his body armor.

786 days ago


Arm the good shot at this a$$hole might've done wonders and saved a few people. We're never on equal terms with these f*cking weirdos....we're all victims unless we can defend ourselves and fight back to some extent. This whole mass murder thing is getting soooo out of control. We've gotta do something. P.S. I hope he fries in HELL.

786 days ago


Either put this bastard into the regular population of the prison and let THEM take care of him or give him a pistol and ONE bullet and hope he does the right thing.

786 days ago


Yes, I will have a large mcnugget and a coke Ronald...oh, wait...nevermind.

786 days ago



786 days ago


He's purposely acting out of it and strange to help bolster his insanity defense - anyone who has plotted an attack like this would have thought of what to do next, if arrested. All part of his sick plan.

786 days ago


He has the same look in his eyes in every single photo, going all the way back to the ones of him from high school. Could just be a weird looking guy or he has mental issues and has had them for a long time. Regardless, PLEASE stop reporting on him. By doing so, all you're doing is giving him what he wants - notoriety for doing something horrible. We do not care about him or his life or how he looks. He is s*** and doesn't deserve to have his name mentioned anywhere! Instead, please tell us about those who lost their lives, because they deserve to be remembered.

786 days ago


Dont believe everything you read. Dude was druged out in court room... why? Maybe so he didn't could say ****?

786 days ago

Tnvolgirl in Phoenix    

We know he did it. Beyond a shadow of a doubt. No question what so ever. Instead of wasting money for a trial, appeals, sitting on death row for another 20 years. (I haven't heard of anyone being executed recently in Colorado) They need to leave him in general population to be dealt with by the men there. Executing him would be an easy way out. Let the other inmates have at him. This man should go to the depths of hell and never return for what he did.

786 days ago
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