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James Holmes

Colo. Shooter's Secret Life

7/23/2012 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


James Holmes' bizarre court appearance has everyone wondering -- is the Colorado movie shooter setting up an insanity defense? From what we've uncovered about his life in the weeks leading up to the massacre ... Holmes will have a hard time selling that BS to a jury.

Plus, Penn State's crushing punishment for the Sandusky child rape scandal -- too harsh, or too lenient? Former PSU football star Matt Hahn played for Joe Paterno ... and joined us to explain why some people are still defending the disgraced coach.

Also, Mariah Carey is your next "American Idol" judge, and we'll tell you why this could be an awesome train wreck to observe.

(0:00) We finally got our first look at "The Dark Knight Rises" killer James Holmes -- and his demeanor in court was nothing short of bizarre. The big question ... was he sedated or just putting on an act?
(3:00) We found evidence that Holmes believed he would survive the movie shooting -- on his online dating profiles.
(5:00) Unbelievable -- a woman on was told Holmes would be her perfect match ... just hours after he shot up the movie theater.
(7:10) The question that's always raised during these tragedies -- is reporting the story just what the killer wants? Harvey explains why it can't, and shouldn't, be avoided.
(10:00) This just in -- James Holmes' crazy mug shot.
(12:10) We put up nine fascinating polls on the website this weekend -- Harvey goes through the results ... including two that he feels are a major contradiction.
(16:20) Will James plead insanity?
(18:30) Penn State was finally punished for the Jerry Sandusky scandal -- were the sanctions too harsh ... or far lax?
(19:45) Matt Hahn -- former PSU player and Rachel Uchitel's baby daddy -- calls in to talk about the PSU scandal from an insider's point of view.
(24:10) The Jackson family is going off the rails -- after members of the family thought Katherine was missing. And ... how Michael's siblings are trying to change MJ's will after he left them virtually nothing.
(31:10) Mariah Carey will be the next judge on "American Idol" -- and a debate rages about wether she's relevant to the "Idol" demographic. Plus, Harvey found out Mariah was a "nightmare" when she mentored during season 7.
(34:00) "The Bachelorette" ... one of the most ridiculous shows on television, and we'll show you why.
(36:30) Fred Willard won't be prosecuted for lewd acts at a porno movie theater ... just like we said.
(39:00) A Minka Kelly sex tape is being shopped around -- Mike has all the details ... including a crazy connection to Kim Kardashian's tape.
(40:20) We take your calls!

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Bubbles The Chimp    

When is the Harvey sex tape coming out?

820 days ago


What was so "bizarre" about his behavior? He just looked sleepy to me. BFD. The MAN (not kid!) is simply a P.O.S. - certainly NOT mentally ill and deserves to be hanged in the public square by his neck until he's dead. 'Nuff said.

820 days ago


I don't think the guy did this for attention. Nor do I think there are any conspiracies going on here. This is simply what happens when someone gets really pissed at society. Socially isolated, bottled anger, stressed from school which was his main life aspiration, lack of coping resources, the beginnings of nihilistic understanding from high end scientific research. There are 300m people in this country alone, 30,000 people die every year from suicides. Some people decide to go out in a bang, I think he was planning more but something went awry and the police caught him with his pants down before offing himself.

820 days ago


How was that even remotely bizarre? He looks medicated. It seems quite likely that a psychotic disorder might be behind some of his behaviours. It might work for the media to paint this guy as a monster, and certainly his acts are monstrous, but it seems likely that he is in fact a very unwell individual. Earlier intervention with his mental wellbeing would almost certainly have saved lives.

820 days ago


He is acting, a graduate of neurocience, knows exactly how to do it, knows all the effects of drugs and how to imitate, the more likely that to be a very clever murderer

820 days ago

Sean Kelly    

All of you commenting on whether he is faking need to stop and defer to people with actual education in mental illness. You guys barely get celebrity gossip right, I seriously doubt that you have the intellectual a***en to understand the complexities of severe mental illness. Comments like "he is evil" or he "just wants attention" are fifteenth century in origins.

819 days ago

Jim Pivonka    

I suggest that Holmes was not random in these killings, and that the mass murder character of the assault was intended to cover up the fact that he was targeting a specific victim, or victims.

Speculatively, his motive for the targeted killing was imagined social slight by or social resentment of the victim(s). His time during the theater before exiting and returning to conduct the assault was to identify the location of his intended victim(s) in the theater. He knew of the presence of the victims in the theater through social media (twitter) or a GPS tracking device on or in their vehicle - which he may have removed before the assault.

If there were anything to this hypothetical evidence might exist in several factors. One would be in the nature of he wounds - differences in the way he targeted the intended victim(s) and the way other, collateral, victims were wounded and killed.
Evidence might exist on his computer or phone in the form of contacts with or tracking of victims before the assault, or in attempts to destroy or records on his computer.
It's also important to examine the computers and phones of his victims, to see if any evidence is present on those devices to indicate that he attempted to contact or track them.
A social resentment motive against a particular victim, if one existed, might attach to a person of relatively high visibility in the community, such as a television personality and sportscaster. That motive might be amplified if the victim had narrowly missed being killed or injured in a similar attack, and blogged about it, only a short time before this individual began accumulating the weapons used in his assault.
I neither believe, nor disbelieve this hypothetical construction of the motive for the killings. I do think that it is a falsifiable hypothesis, and that it is plausible enough that investigators should do the work necessary to exclude it, if it is false.

819 days ago

Nikki Char    

American Idol was a favorite! Mariah is so full of herself and so fond of her breasts, she's sickening even if they can sing. I will NEVER watch the show again as long as she's on it!

819 days ago

Thiet ke web    

(5:00) Unbelievable -- a woman on was told Holmes would be her perfect match ... just hours after he shot up the movie theater. thong cong nghet
cong ty bao ve
dich vu bao ve

811 days ago


Dearest Harvey.... it is blatantly obvious that his mugshot was taken on Monday, just before court. Not on Friday, when he first arrived at the jail... Most likely because he was too drugged to even stand, as evident by the fact that more than 72 hours later, he was still 'acting' doped or difficult to manage..... The question is why..? Harvey, as a lawyer, you of all people should have seen this and questioned the validity of the shot....

Anyway, as you can clearly see when in comparison to each other, Holmes has the same exact 5 o'clock shadow, beard development, flaming floppy hair, mustache growth, even his pimple is the same in both the mugshot from Friday and the actual appearance in court on Monday.... That doesn't happen if you have been in jail for 3+ days... Also, wouldn't the gas mask/ ballistic helmet have left sweating, tussled hair or bruising/impressions on his face? Just a thought...

810 days ago
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