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Michael Jackson Estate

Executors Support Temp

Guardian for MJ's Kids

7/24/2012 8:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The executors of Michael Jackson's estate will go to court to support a move for a temporary guardian for Michael's 3 kids.

TMZ has learned ... papers are being drafted by the lawyer for someone who will ask the probate judge in the Estate case for the temporary guardianship. We do not know the identity of that person, however, we are told the Estate is drafting legal docs supporting the temporary guardianship.

We're told the person seeking the temporary guardianship is also filing legal docs claiming Katherine Jackson -- who is currently the legal guardian of MJ's 3 kids -- has been effectively kidnapped by Michael's siblings, and as a result they are without supervision.

Sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... the executors feel responsible for protecting the kids ... since the kids are the primary beneficiaries of their father's estate. As such, the executors will support a temporary guardian for the kids.

As we previously reported, Katherine went off the radar more than a week ago leaving her grandkids behind as Janet, Jermaine, Randy, Rebbie and Tito executed a long-standing plan to convince Katherine that Michael's will was a fraud and the executors had to go.

Sources tell us ... this plan has been in the works for months, but here's the problem ... Even if the will was invalidated, MJ's brothers and sisters would get zilch because the prior will also gives them nothing.

And, although we're told Randy wants to make a move to replace the executors, that would never happen. First of all, the executors will not be removed. And second, even if they were removed, the court would never appoint someone with no background in finances.

We're told there will not be a court hearing today on a temporary guardianship, but it could happen in the next few days.


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The executors need to file those papers ASAP !! This situation is madness ... Unfortunately, Michael knew what's was going on and tried to prevent this, but Katherine is to old to have the custody of this children !? Very strange situation .... And a very sad one ! Again, they have to endure another chaos in their life( after the death of MJ), not fair !

799 days ago

Max Smart    

Poor kids. First they lost their dad. Now they've lost their 'family'. I'm sure it's because the Jacksons have discovered the kids are not blood related and the estate will move out of the family. It's abhorrent to think that all of these adults are ganging up against 3 innocent young children who were born into this situation.

799 days ago


I bet they didn't anticipate this when they hatched their hairbrained scheme.

799 days ago


Better get those kids' passports before Jermaine has them on a jet to Bahrain.

799 days ago

mj fan forever    

Janet is certainly not better than others she is as greedy as all of them and clearly always needs money just like all of them parasites!!!!!

799 days ago


I think Janet is tired of helping the family financially and hopes her brothers can get something from the estate and get off her back.

799 days ago


Paris is what 14? So unless MJ's will has a certain age for her to inherit- at 18 she can take control of everything, lets hope she can hold out and be protected for the next 4 years.She would be the best role model for her brothers, she seems to be the only normal one of the Jacksons and the only one who would put their best interests first.

799 days ago


This is ridiculous. I feel sorry for those poor children. There dad died and then there uncles and aunts want to take all there inheritance away. They didn't earn it their dad did and wants his children to have it. They should go make there own money! Janet does have her own money so I don't even know why she is a part of this!!??!! Micheal Jackson was made to work his whole life and never got to have a childhood and was emotional damaged and now even in his death his family is trying to leach off him. Taking money from children is disgusting those leeches should go try and get a job or something. Get the kids out of there if the Jacksons take over there will be no money left for them when they are adults!

799 days ago


OPRAH!! I think they should stay with her, Mama-O would protect them and have their best interests are heart!

799 days ago

mj fan forever    

Janet is just greedy-parasite like others, she is active part of this plot!!!

799 days ago


Good! The farther those kids can get from that disgusting family, the better

799 days ago


She has one of wacko's noses.

799 days ago


I hope the Jackson's responsible for this kidnapping end up in prison. I pray for Katherine--she would never just leave those children willingly.

799 days ago

get real    

Exs should be Guardians right now. They made MULTI MULTI Millions for Mikes Estate... They have The Childrens Best Interest. Sure Exs make money from the estate, but look at the Job they did! I believe Katherine was Kidnapped and Being Brainwashed. She would Never leave those kids alone that long with out calling.

799 days ago


Anyone notice LaToya is not listed as being involved with this fight. Boy, if she is not involved, I have new respect for her. As for the Brothers Jackson, they should get a clue. Their brother MJ left them out of his wills not once but twice. What does that say? MJ was was ensuring once and for all with both of his wills that he would not be responsible for supporing these leeches after he died. I have read several accounts of how the Brothers Jackson are out of money due to many of them supporting multiple ex wives and baby mommas and just living beyond their means. Seriously. None of them have really made a living in the past 25 years except for the occasional tour. To them I say, get a job and leave your minor niece and nephews alone!

799 days ago
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