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Tito Jackson

I'm Backing Out

of My Siblings' Plot

7/24/2012 2:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0724_tito_jackson_articleTito Jackson is backing out of the plot to turn Katherine Jackson against the Michael Jackson Estate ... he tells TMZ he wants nothing to do with it.

Tito says, "I completely retract my signature from the July 17th letter sent to the Executors of my brother Michael's estate and repudiate all the claims made against them."

He adds, "I don't want any part of that letter whatsoever."

The letter Tito is referencing was signed by Jermaine, Janet, Rebbie and Randy ... and accused the executors of failing at their job and stressing out their mother, Katherine Jackson, so badly that she suffered a "mini-stroke."

We broke the story ... Tito's son, TJ, is preparing legal docs so he can ask a judge to become the temporary guardian of Michael's 3 kids.

We're also told Jackie is having second thoughts about the plot to overthrow the Estate.


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Randy and Jermaine keep talking about removing stress from their mother, but truth is they're going to cause her to have a heart attack when she finds out what they've done to her. They have basically destroyed her guardianship of those children. Aside from her memories, those kids are all she has left of her son. I wonder what her reaction is going to be, because she can't know what's going on. Randy, Jermaine, Janet, and Rebbie should all face criminal charges for this.

823 days ago


Where is the latest FAKE news about Kim Kardashian?
Does this mean she is no longer front page news?

823 days ago


Jackie? He didn't sign the letter to begin with, so how can he have second thoughts?

823 days ago


Michael Jackson would be turning in his grave. His own family did this to him when he was alive now they are doing it to his children.
I was not a huge fan of his music but he was a true artist. I think the court or child welfare should get involved and someone out side the family should have control. Only money to do with raising the kids directly should be released until they are old enough to manage the money them self. The courts should be appointing someone not private solicitors or family members.
These Jackson boys are just disgusting and of all people for Janet to get involved shocks me.

823 days ago

Syn D    

Just read on a tweet by Trent Jackson (a cousin), the family doesn't except those kids as family and want them out!!! Well, they can get them out, but everything goes with them, so who is gonna put up mommy??

823 days ago


I wonder where father Joseph Jackson is in all this? He could rubbing his greedy hands together with a sinister look on his face, waiting for the "brothers" to do all the work and then he can collect.

823 days ago


fun fact: on the screen caps of that infamous letter and it's second page (the one with all the signatures), I could see Tito's name printed, indeed.
But I could not see his signature.

823 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

WTF is wrong with these people man....

822 days ago



Al Sharpton has proof that Michael Jackson was with Johnny Cochran and him in NYC the day the Will says Michael signed on the dotted line. I'd say the Jackson's have a stong case that could hold up in court.

Michael signed the will in LA in the morning before he hopped on a flight to NYC in the afternoon. So what is confusing about that? Sharpton isn't so sharp now is he. He is always spouting out crap that in the long run turns out wrong and he looks like an old fool. Cochran, well look what your dealing with. A Liar that is so good at lying that he gets a double murderer off. Do you want to rethink your position now JI?

822 days ago


Stop being ******* and stand up for you dead brother. You know that ****in willl is fake and your gonna sit here like some dumbasses and do nothing! Did Branca offer you some shut-the-hell-up money?! JESUS HORACE CHRIST have some balls!

822 days ago


who cares about the damn jackson family. they are a bunch of money grubbing freaks who lived off mj. TMZ post real news not the same BS story

822 days ago


The fact that Tito was ever involved in the plot says he isn't to be trusted no matter what he says now.

822 days ago


Why dont these people go get a JOB and quit mooching off the mama time to act and be adults. how embarrasing

822 days ago


the jackson brothers have been eating off michael for years,it is time to go and look for a far as michael kids i think that mrs jackson is to old and they should be turn over to a family member which can give the kids some jackson needs to show some manners to her elders,janet should have slapp her,she a spoil little brat

822 days ago


And could TJ's possible role as guardian be the reason Tito is suddenly 'out' of the 'plot'. This family is whacked and $$$$ hungry! We all know it.

822 days ago
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