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James Holmes

Possible Prostitute Connection

7/25/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained information which may show Colorado shooter James Holmes was involved with multiple prostitutes in the months before the movie theater attack.

Holmes was no stranger to sex web sites ... and sources tell us he also frequented a message board where potential johns posted reviews for hookers in the Colorado area.

We found the message board ... and discovered several posts written under James' supposed screen name ... in which he details multiple sexual encounters with different prostitutes.

TMZ spoke to three of the women Holmes supposedly reviewed. Hooker #1 told us she meets with lots of men and couldn't confirm she ever did business with James.

Hooker #2 said Holmes "looked very familiar" but couldn't say for certain if he was a client.

But Hooker #3 was POSITIVE she had met up with Holmes ... not once, but twice ... as recently as August 2011.

The woman, who goes by the name "Tiffany" -- tells TMZ ... "I had no issues with him … he was really nice.”

She added, "He felt bad that I wasn’t getting more customers while in Colorado, so he called a few days later and we met up again.”

We called Holmes' legal team -- but they declined to comment.


No Avatar


This idiot will last about 6 months in jail before he is killed.

820 days ago


I swear...You would think that these women would wish to outright DENY such a thing...Mr. Holmes better enjoy those bought and paid for memories- as he is soon to know what it is like to lay on his back for Lady Justice.

820 days ago


TMZ.. again writing the stories that nobody else gives a f*** about.
So far TMZ has let us know he has a small dick and how he was trying to get laid on an adult dating site. How he worked at a camp with jewish kids... and now that he paid hookers for sex.
Does Harvey have a sick mass murderer fetish or something.

Who gives a f*** about this piece of s***'s personal story.

820 days ago


He is so unimportant to the nation.
We need to heal, not keep seeing his face.

820 days ago


Who cares? Not everyone who goes to a hooker is a psychopath. Can we please focus more on the victims and less on the details of this nutcase's life??

820 days ago


It was only a matter of time before this popped out of the woodwork..

820 days ago

It's Dave    

There's a website where guys post reviews of hookers? Isn't prostitution illegal, like everywhere, except in some county in Nevada? What do the reviews say? "Had sex with Mandy three weeks ago and still testing HIV negative!" "Chrystal has sharp teeth so let the buyer beware!"

820 days ago


Cuz hookers are always the best source for the truth!!!

820 days ago

Kurtis M. McGonnell    

Once you guys posted about his account, I knew that this guy went nuts because he couldn't find girls to **** him without him paying for it.

820 days ago


If those two prostitutes didn't remember that guy, they are working waaaay to much. Even if he didn't have the orange hair, you would think the buggy eyes would ring a bell.

820 days ago


tmz is in love with this guy..the saddest part of this story was the fact that tmz actually contacted his lawyer to get a comment on this and expected a reply from them.gtfo tmz you arent the investigators in this case.just because yall get tips from money hungry ****s to lame stories doesnt mean you are murder investigators leave the investigation to the professionals.yall just post news about j lo and who she is ****ing now.

820 days ago

BB not bb    

He probably was a lonely guy who couldn't get a real girlfriend for whatever reason. I don't think that made him shoot people. Maybe it made him more empty and detached from people though, like it would to anyone that sleeps around. He had empathy in his way for the hooker, maybe even hoping for more closeness.

There are alot of people who are systemically cast out of society even while alowed in it for certain purposes like to give their neurology lectures or whatever. I guess he was smart enough to know what he was missing and couldn't reslove the issue.

Alot of times when people are smart other people resent being shown how stupid they are and act mean and exclusive. There is alot of spite and jealousy in this society. If you are thin, smart, rich, attractive, or whatever, people feel free to hate and abuse you nad act like they are just innocent.

It is very hard to rise above living in this society when you can see it for what it is. Maybe some people just become convinced to do strange things as a result of not being able to deal with it.

I think the hooker encounters further served to corrupt his sense of morality, but that was way before the shooting, so I don't see a direct connection.

820 days ago

There's a problem here    

I'm trying to find a morsel of charity in my heart for this freak. It just ain't there. I can only hope that his little trysts gifted him with HIV, HPV, hep A, B, and C, syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, crabs and just about any other STD known to humankind and maybe a few that exist only in the animal kingdom at the moment. So much for charity.

820 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    

Is he related to John Homes or Carrot Top?

TMZ can you please blur out this creeps face?

820 days ago


It's not him. ldmaster is another james holmes who is 52 years old. he has usernames all over the internet. it explains the comment he made about telling his kids to leave school incase of a lockdown on another forum and "the past few decades" comment.that he wrote on the prostitution review one.

820 days ago
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