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Katherine Jackson

'Drugged' Up

7/25/2012 1:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson
called her home in Calabasas at 2 AM today and again at 4 AM, sounding "drugged" and ordering that the security team be fired and replaced by Janet Jackson's security ... TMZ has learned.

A lawyer in court today made reference to "an incident" last night -- this is the incident.  Sources involved in the situation tell TMZ ... people in the house were "alarmed and nervous" after hearing Katherine sounding heavily drugged.

In addition to attempting to 86 the security team, Katherine ordered Trent Jackson off the property.  You may recall, Jackson's security -- and Trent in particular -- thwarted Monday's attempt by Randy, Jermaine and Janet to take the kids to Arizona.

Our sources say the prevailing view is that Randy and company have drugged their mom.

We're also told Jackie Jackson is furious at his conspiratorial siblings for what they've done and what they are trying to do.

We were unable to get Randy for comment. 

Katherine's lawyer, Perry Sanders, tells TMZ ... "I'm waiting on Katherine to get back in town and I'm looking forward to getting a hold of her to ascertain what's been going on."

2:43 PM PT -- Randy Jackson has gone to Twitter ... claiming Katherine fired Trent and her security team at 9 PM last night ... NOT between 2AM and 4AM this morning.

He makes no reference to allegations she was "drugged up" during the phone call ... but Randy does say he was on the phone with Rebbie when it all went down.

Randy also claims TJ had ASKED Katherine for temporary guardianship last night ... but Katherine flat out turned him down ... saying, "NO TJ."


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You know Randy and Jermaines kids are red arrowing the comments against their dad's. Ridiculous.

730 days ago


ABC news reports Katherine is not gonna rat out the kidnappers. Katherine said "There are rumors going around about me that I have been kidnapped," she said. "I am here today to let everybody to know that I am good and fine."
"I am devastated that while I've been away, my grandchildren have been taken away from me"

730 days ago


everybody worrying about the kids having a gaurdian why hasnt anyone seen to it that mrs jackson is really safe and not taking ppls word on it. i dont care what anyone says, she is worth just as much as those kids and something stinks here. just the fact that they want to change the guards is fishy. was she forced to do this. i want to see and here from mrs jackson. im just as worried about her as the kids. rand has gone rogue.

730 days ago


This is really both soooooo od ^ & funny! who cares about these little beasts? They aren't related to the idiot, MJ, in any way! Shouldn't a court hearing be held to resolve that?

730 days ago


Hey TMZ - has your resident legal eagle thought to question why a well-person check has not been demanded?

730 days ago


At this point it would seem that Katherine is in more danger than the children. Do they have Adult Protective Services in California. If they do someone needs to make a call to insure Katherine safety. This is getting frightening.

730 days ago


Katherine is in cahoots with jermaine Janet and randy. Make no mistake about if.

730 days ago


Randy Jackson is the cause of all of this drama. His mother knows it but she won't rat him out. Janet and Rebbie went along like dimwits. Randy is the ludest out of all of them so he obviously has the most to lose if the truth comes out. Katherine is obviously not in her right mind if she thinks leaving parentless, young kids alone for 10 days is no big deal.

730 days ago

pat m    

didn't you people say that she (katherine jackson) had a mini stroke?your speech is somtimes slurred after this.

730 days ago


Katherine is hopelessly brain washed by the Jackson kidnappers and by now probably addicted to drugs lol

730 days ago


I saw the video of Janet and her brother pulling up, cell phones in hand in the faces of her niece filming her, who would do that.. I will never again be a fan

730 days ago


I think the kids were better off with Michael. Too bad they got dealt this hand.

730 days ago


Katherines own attorney confirmed on HLN that Katherine did NOT suffer from a stroke.

Not now, not ever.

Add Jermaine to the big fat LIAR list.......

730 days ago


Perry Sanders (KJ's attorney) he met with the kidnappers (Janet and Jermaine) and they told him she was fine. And stated she is DRIVING back to California. What a clown? Really they can't send a plane for her? He's a joke!! I guess making a fool of yourself pays well!! Just sad for Mrs. Jackson. Paris very proud of you keep going girl, your strong your father would be proud!! Paris, you have done your best to save you grandma!

730 days ago


What a F-ed up family,thank God I have my Donkey
and he even wears Gold Panties.

730 days ago
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