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Michael Jackson's Kids

Get a New Guardian

7/25/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Katherine Jackson's been removed as guardian of Michael Jackson's children -- and now T.J. Jackson is in charge -- but for how long? After a crazy day in court ... we'll tell you why this Jackson family feud is just getting started ... and yes, it DOES involve money.

Plus, did Kristen Stewart own up to cheating on Robert Pattinson because she's genuinely sorry ... or just because she got caught? Of course, there's already a juicy conspiracy theory brewing!

And you gotta see boxer Adrien Broner's post-fight celebration -- it's either hysterical or humiliating (to his gf) ... or both!

(0:00) The Jackson family drama gets crazier by the minute -- we'll tell you all the latest on the war that's tearing the family apart.
(12:00) The "Batman" shooting could have been completely avoided -- because the shooter sent his plans to someone in the mail ... but they never got the package. Plus, Christian Bale visits the victims.
(16:00) The paparazzo who chased Justin Bieber is being charged with four crimes ... and Evan thinks he's the dumbest guy ever.
(20:00) Kristen Stewart actually admits to cheating on Robert Pattinson -- we'll tell you the story behind why she confirmed the scandalous story.
(26:00) Russell Brand could be a little trouble -- we found out he's going to be charged for taking someone's cell phone and smashing it.
(29:00) A Greek Olympian tweets out what seems to be a racist statement -- and gets kicked out of the games.
(32:00) Carly Rae Jepson has nude photos on the market -- we'll tell you how they got there.
(34:00) Bruce Springsteen was at one point suicidal ... shocking.
(36:00) A pro boxer pulls one of the most ridiculous stunts ever -- fake proposing to his girlfriend in the ring, then making her brush his hair.
(38:00) We take your calls!

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Harvey - Nobody over the age of 12 cares about Bieber.

757 days ago

Wow ...    

Can the estate request restraining orders be put in place, in light of what is coming out, in order to protect the children?

757 days ago


White screen. Oops, is that racist?

757 days ago


So How long will Harvey be imitating Jesse Ventura?

757 days ago


Good show today, no rude interruptions or loud yelling over each other. Yay TMZ!

757 days ago


Am curious - Will this ruin Kristen Stewart's career , or will other directors want her on set so they too can bang her ...

757 days ago


why is there no audio??

757 days ago


Scary but not surprising the mother is drugged up. Janet, Jermaine and Randy just won't quit.

Katherine will be appointed a conservator and it WILL NOT BE THEM...the state will make certain of it.

How scary for the kids.

757 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    


757 days ago


She should have just shut up.

757 days ago


In the era of corporate responsibility .... does TMZ have a public policy about dealing with paparazzi who obtained information or images in an unsafe or illegal way such as violating the California safe driving laws? Companies like TMZ and competitors are the biggest funding source for these freelancers and if they aren't paid for blatant violations...would that make any difference? As the owner of TMZ, what are your thoughts as to whether you could make a difference with freelancing behavior?

757 days ago


Shut your big mouth and take off those stupid big hoop earrings.

757 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Does TMZ even know how much Jesse James is worth before they claim Kristen is high-profile. Idiots.

757 days ago


Is anyone making a move to get a guardian appointed for Katherine? If she is being drugged or suffered a mini-stroke, then she would qualify for a temporary guardian in most states until they can be assured of her competency. Also, WHO took care of the kids while she was missing for 9 days? A nanny for 9 days is NOT Ok under any cir***stances without preparation and planning and informing the older grandkids. If the aunts and uncles thought that was a wise move to take with a guardian of 3 young children then they are as impaired as they claim their mother is.

757 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Any KimK stories? I miss them.

757 days ago
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