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Katherine Jackson

Could Lose Millions

In Perks

7/26/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The plot to turn Katherine Jackson against the Michael Jackson Estate has backfired in the most ironic of ways ... because the money grab could end up costing Katherine millions in perks.

When Katherine was appointed guardian of Paris, Prince and Blanket, the Executors gave an allowance of $60,000 per month for the care of the children ... that's $720,000 a year.  Less than a year later the judge increased the 60k to 70k, and that would make the yearly take $840,000.

The judge is now in position to strip Katherine of guardianship altogether.  If that happens, the executors will almost certainly petition the court to funnel the money in TJ's direction, since he would be caring for the children.

Katherine never had control of the money for the kids, but she enjoys a lot of the perks the kids get, and that goes away if she loses guardianship.  She would still, of course, retain the allowance she personally receives from the Estate.

Short story ... Randy, Jermaine, Janet and Rebbie set out to turn Katherine against the estate so she could get more money during her lifetime -- money she could dole out to them -- but the plot may have actually screwed Katherine.

When she realizes what hit her, mama's gonna be pissed.


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Even if something were to happen to all 3 kids, these idiots (MJ's siblings) will NEVER get any money. MJ and his team were SMART when he set up his will. If something happens to all 3 kids, God Forbid, the money would go to charity. They can try to get this current will 86'd but even if that happens, same outcome!
As far as Katherine Jackson....she's too old to be caring for the kids and she is starting show signs of forgetfulness, etc.. I feel bad for her and what she's having to deal with with her kids, but I have to agree with TJ getting custody....I hope it's permanent eventually...

787 days ago


so they all just want money and not care about the kids and when will they figure out that family comes first

787 days ago

Best Mom    

Janet has shown herself to be a total phoney! She goes on TV shows and speaks in a soft, shy, quiet, innocent little girl voice. In reality she is quite the opposite! Wasn't she and Randy responsible for roughing up one of Joe's girlfriends years ago? Katherine's kids have totally screwed up -- how stupid could they be. I really hope TJ gets guardianship since MJ3 like him so much.

787 days ago


KJ is going to speak to her lawyers today and she's going to find out what has been done to her by her some of her children.

I feel very very sad for her. As for Janet, her career is over.

787 days ago

Who Knew    

Is Janet broke as well or only trying to keep her siblings from asking her for money?

787 days ago


She gets $70k a month to watch over 3 kids? And then she leaves without telling the 3 kids where she went and she's pissed that the courts appointed a different guardian? This is the greediest family ever. And now Papa Joe has shown up. Good Lord.

787 days ago

your not all that    

LOL like nobody saw this coming..........too bad they didnt put this much effort in getting a FRICKEN JOB................... I used to like Janet,but I see shes just as NASTY as the rest of the money hungryGREEDY ASS family. Take the kids away from the Jacksons PERIOD !!

787 days ago


Oh where movin on up the east a delux housing project in the sky !

787 days ago

Who Knew    

This family is almost as greedy as the Kartrasians.

787 days ago


Bunch of greedy f**ks. Not bad enough the family sucked him dry whie he was alive, now that mj is gone they are trying pick The pockets of his kids. These ppl are disgraceful.

787 days ago


I don't think Katherine Jackson needs to worry about losing any financial support or perks of any kind. She has done the best she could for her grandchildren, and her grandchildren love her (including her grandson T.J.) The only people worried about money are the money-grubbing deatbeat siblings.

787 days ago


I've never listened to Katherine talking like that before. The things she said last night just didn't seem to ring true. I always thought she talked like a lady. Last night when I heard her call people liars and stupid I was surprised. Then as she ended reading the letter, somebody put their hand on her shoulder as if to say "ok, you read it , now hush "

787 days ago


The video was like a Hostage demand type video, and the kidnappers were all around her to make sure she only read what was on the paper.

787 days ago


Like Randy said, It's not about MONEY ..

787 days ago


Michael Jackson son, Prince posted a commment on twitter,(princejackson). It's beautiful. MUST READ

787 days ago
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