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Katherine Jackson

Had FULL Phone Access

at Arizona Resort

7/26/2012 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson
had FULL ACCESS to a working phone during her stay in Arizona and could easily have called her grandkids whenever she wanted ... so says a rep for the resort.

A spokesperson for the Miraval Resort -- where Katherine stayed for nine days, beginning last week -- tells TMZ, Katherine stayed in a luxury villa that DEFINITELY contained a working phone.

For the record ... the villa also came with a full kitchen, a private patio, its own pool ... and its own butler.

And if full phone access wasn't enough -- Katherine also had FREE WI-FI.

Bottom line ... the Miraval Resort is adamant ... Katherine wasn't as cut off from the outside world as she previously claimed.

After yesterday's court hearing, Katherine's lawyer was asked why she wasn't allowed to use a phone to call her grandkids -- and her lawyer said he was told "the section of the facility she stayed at didn't allow phones of any kind. Or computers."

The Miraval rep insists ... that's just not true.


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I am seriously starting to question her attorney's loyalty - he said on camera that Katherine was safe even though he wasn't allowed to see her at the spa. That would have been a huge concern for any other attorney. And, worryingly, he said that even he wasn't allowed to have his phone in the spa as those were the rules there. I hope he's replaced soon.

But, whilst there are phones in Katherine's suite normally, had the Jacksons simply removed them so she couldn't ring anyone - and no one could speak to her? Free wifi is great – if you have gadgets with you. Jermaine had already said she wasn't allowed access to the computer as part of her rest treatment (aka kidnapping).

757 days ago


Trip advisor review on this resort shows that no cell phones are allowed in public areas just in your room thats it.

757 days ago


Katherine stayed for nine days, beginning last week, the Miraval Resort in a luxury villa. Sorry, but there is an indiscreet question: and on whose money she stay in this luxury villa was paid. Really it was from Michael's will? What is the answer?

757 days ago


This is all so sad, I am not sure who is in the right or who is the wrong at this point but I really want the children and Katherine to make it through this.

757 days ago


my guess is grandma cut a deal with TJ, she did the whole trick so he could wind up as their gurdian. All set in case she dies

757 days ago


Yes, They have phones and WI-FI at Miraval, I had to laugh when I read that Mrs. J had no means to phone home.
Miraval's room phones actually have a "Anything I need" extension. What a shame that this lovely sanctuary is getting dragged into the Jackson dysfunction.

757 days ago


stop beating a dead horse TMZ. they already said she went to rest. nobody said the resort didnt have a phone, she said SHE didnt. ive shut off my phone and relaxed for a nice weekend, so why is this any different? someone was watching over the kids and the kids got excited because they couldnt talk to her because she was resting. That is not a crime. the kids shouldnt be tweeting and starting a media frenzy over nothing. THe jerk who filed a missing persons report knew better. They just wanted to cause drama.

757 days ago


This is seriously sketchy. Obviously Mama Jackson is lying, but why?? Why would she allow her kids to have that kind of control on her unless they had something against her?? So very weird... and proof that money does NOT bring happiness...

757 days ago


I am sad that there is so much negativity out there. Mrs.Jackson said, I put my CELL PHONE AWAY. She never said I did not have a phone! She needed a break from the teenage drama. She hires TJ instead of an outsider to help with the kids. To give him a job! Note, He now thinks he runs the place. Never would have happened if she hired an employee. TMZ stop with your lying
Her lawyer just talking off the cuff, as you all do Harvey.

757 days ago

Donna Haris    

Well now we know why Michael wanted Diana Ross to have his kids...Where's Diana???

757 days ago


I think there needs to be a few criminal charges and restraining orders coming out of this fiasco, as well as the intervention of CPS, APS, the Courts, and whichever other agency ensures that these LOSERS will stop trying to meddle in the lives and sponge off the assets of Michael's kids.

757 days ago


One more anyone prepared now to accept the smallest gleam of possibility that certain family members were involved the cir***stances and evidence surrounding Michael's death?

757 days ago


SHE LIED! Man,I thought the Kardashians were bad! Is she perhaps tired of these "grandchildren",
who are not black? But she wants the money train
to keep coming in-

757 days ago


I knew Miravel, one of the top spas in the US wasn't going to be dragged into this mess. This type of drama could easily hurt their reputation and brand.

757 days ago


This poor woman is caught "IN THE MIDDLE" between her "CHILDREN" and her obligations to her "GRAND CHILDREN"!!! She doesn't seem willing to make "ANY DECISIONS" that will hurt "ANYONE'S" FEELINGS BUT SHE CAN'T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS!!! Michael's "last will and testament" was "VALIDATED BY THE COURTS"!!! Blindly lashing out at the executors of his estate is JUST PLAIN STUPID!!! He made it "PERFECTLY CLEAR" who he wanted to take care of and "IT WASN'T PART OF HIS WISHES" to take of his siblings. At least some of them, have accepted the obvious and have decided to "BURY THE HATCHET" FOR THE TIME BEING. Just because you "FEEL ENTITLED" to receive something DOESN'T MEAN YOU'LL GET IT!!!

757 days ago
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